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How to Share Your Airbnb Calendar with Your Cleaner (2024)

I’ve always struggled with remembering to communicate my booking dates with my Airbnb’s cleaning staff. On top of managing everything else, the extra steps required to inform another person (or team of people) about each and every rental date take up a lot of a host’s time.

Sharing your Airbnb’s actual calendar with a cleaner takes the hassle out of the equation and puts the responsibility of the cleaning schedule in someone else’s hands. Of course, you can’t just give your login information to another person, so below are some easy ways to make sure your Airbnb calendar can be seen by your cleaner.

How to Share Your Airbnb Calendar with Your Cleaner

How can you share your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner?

  • Add your cleaner as a co-host
  • Use an external calendar synced with Airbnb
  • Use a third-party Airbnb management service

Follow along below for more information on how to share your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner and make your job as a host so much easier! 

Adding a Cleaner as a Co-Host

One of the most popular (and simple) ways to share your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner is to add them as a co-host to your listing. This method works well and will give them easy access to your calendar, but keep in mind that they will also be able to do a lot more on the listing as well. 

Co-hosts can do almost everything that the regular host can do, which is why many people are hesitant to add their cleaner onto their account. Co-hosts can edit the listing, respond to and send messages, write reviews, and much more. For these reasons, only a very trusted individual should ever be added as a co-host. 

To add a co-host to a listing, go to the Listings menu on Airbnb. Click the listing you want to add a co-host to, and select the Co-Hosts option. From there, you’ll be able to add up to three co-hosts per listing. 

The obvious downfall of this strategy is that you would be giving your cleaner (or team of cleaners) access to a lot more than just the calendar of the listing. Also, if you list multiple properties, you would need to add a co-host to each individual listing. This takes a lot of time and gives the other person a lot of control over your Airbnb profile. 

Rental Recon Tip: Never share your login information with someone else! With the exception of spouses or other trusted close contacts associated with running your Airbnb, it is almost always a much better idea to add someone as a co-host rather than just having them use your login. Co-hosts can do nearly everything necessary to help run the Airbnb, but don’t have access to payout information and cannot access your private profile. 

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Using an External Calendar Synced with Airbnb

A safer, if slightly more difficult, way to share your Airbnb’s calendar with a cleaner is to use an external calendar that can be synced with your Airbnb account. By far the most popular option is to use Google Calendar, which has a lot of robust features that allow seamless sharing of calendars across multiple platforms with different users. 

Setting this up is a little bit more work than adding a co-host, but it also protects your account as the cleaner will only have access to the calendar itself. To get started, you’ll need to have a Google Calendar account set up for yourself first. This is free and easy.

Next, navigate back to Airbnb. Under the Host menu on the dashboard, click on Calendar. Then click Availability Settings, and find Export Calendar near the bottom of the menu. A window will pop up with a unique URL that you can copy. 

Back on Google Calendar, click the arrow next to Other Calendars on the left sidebar. Then click Add by URL. This will generate a window where you can paste the link of your Airbnb calendar. Click save, and you’ve successfully linked the two!

To share this with your cleaner (who will also need a Google Calendar account set up), click the downward arrow next to ‘Airbnb Calendar’ (or whatever you named it) in the left sidebar. Then a menu will pop up with the option to share the calendar. Input your cleaner’s email address that they used for their Google Calendar account, and you’re done! 

This method of calendar sharing is much safer and gives your cleaning staff minimal access to the account information of your Airbnb profile. Also, it’s super easy to add additional people onto the calendar and your whole team will have instant access to any changes. 

Using a Third-Party Airbnb Management Service

Services like TurnoverBnB are a great option for people looking to easily streamline their Airbnb workflow. TurnoverBnB is a great one-stop platform for all your Airbnb cleaning-service-coordinating needs. They allow you to find, schedule, and pay vacation rental cleaners on one easy to use website.

Other options include more comprehensive management services that can do a lot more than just handle cleaning operations. Tools like iGMS, SmartBNB, Lodgify, and Your Porter allow you to maintain all aspects of your Airbnb listing as well as communicate with staff. Some offer in-website payment processing, but not all. 

I highly recommend using an Airbnb management service, especially if you’re already feeling even a little overwhelmed by your current workload. Operating even just one listing can quickly become tedious and tiresome, and adding a cleaner into the mix gives you another variable to manage.

Some of the above options are free to use, and even the paid ones are usually very inexpensive and definitely worth the money, in my opinion. Remember that your time is worth money, and the amount that you pay a service is essentially the amount that you’re saving by not “paying” yourself to do the same tasks. 

How do I Automate an Airbnb Cleaning?

If you decide to opt for a third-party management service, automating and Airbnb cleaning is much easier than you think. Almost all of the options mentioned above have ways to coordinate cleaning staff, notify them of listings, and sometimes even pay them. The specific way to automate it will depend on the service you choose, but most are very easy to use. 

Related Questions:

How can I link my Airbnb and VRBO calendars?

Figuring out the cleaning schedule of a rental gets even trickier when the property is cross-listed on multiple platforms. Airbnb and VRBO are some of the most popular short-term rental websites, and there are quite a few software options out there that help you sync up your calendars between them. Consider using a channel manager (such as the ones mentioned above) for a much better workflow.

How do you share your Airbnb listing?

The main way to share an Airbnb listing is to add the other person on as a co-host. This will give them many of the same privileges as the host themselves. They can manage the listing, send messages, create listings, and more. They cannot see any message sent before they became a co-host, or access the payout information of the listing. Sharing login information is not recommended unless it is with a spouse, family member, or another property manager. 

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