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The Best Color Sheets for Your Airbnb (2024): Why Color Matters

If you are an Airbnb host who is striving for total guest satisfaction and fabulous 5-star reviews, then this article is for you! Airbnb beds are arguably the most significant investments and can make or break the guest experience. Because of this, one of the most important things to carefully consider is choosing the best color sheets for your Airbnb. 

Best Color Sheets for Airbnb

What are the best color sheets for your Airbnb?

The best color sheets that you can have in your Airbnb is white. White is neutral and naturally compliments any other decor. White sheets are also the easiest to bleach and provides that crispy fresh and clean hotel look and feel that guests will treasure. In color psychology, white inspires feelings of purity and cleanliness, adds space, and creates harmony and peacefulness. 

By choosing white sheets, you don’t have to worry about fading. Faded colors are just plain sad, and they won’t get you the reviews you need. And if fading isn’t their fate, those once charming colored sheets will soon become discolored by the skincare products your guests use.

Acne products have particularly harsh ingredients that reap the color right out of any sheet—spelling disaster! Colored sheets also tend to hold on tighter to stains. Stick with white sheets you won’t regret it. 

If you think the white sheets are just too bland looking for the bed, remember: you have the entire rental space to go crazy with color! The white sheets will provide some visual contrast with the other pops of color around your place. Let it be the foundation for whatever theme your heart desires! Need some inspiration for décor? Take a look at these décor these decor ideas and let your imagination run wild! 

Stain Removal on Airbnb Bed Sheets

Many different things can stain sheets, the most common being make-up, dyes, and wine. There are several top-brand stain removal products you can apply to the sheets before you launder them, along with bleach and hot water.

Borax is an excellent stain remover as well. If you have access to a clothing line and lots of sunshine, the sun will help get your sheets extra white, and the fresh air provides an unbeatable texture.  Line drying also extends sheet life. 

Don’t like bleach? You can also use lemon juice in the wash cycle to get your whites their whitest! When all else fails, you can take the sheets to a dry cleaner and have them work their magic to remove any stains.

Rental Recon Tip: You can also provide a black washcloth so the guest understands they should use this when getting ready to turn in for the night. Another option, if you don’t mind the mini-splurge, is to purchase disposable make-up remover wipes. Guests will surely appreciate this, and it’s a real win-win! They will have clean faces, and you’ll have clean sheets. Curious about more pro-cleaning tips for your Airbnb? Check out our cleaning tips here.

Blue and Other Cool Colored Sheets

If you just can’t get over white, blue is your next best bet. Blue tends to be slower to fade, complements many other colors, and hides stains well. Blue is a soothing color, helping to set the mood for rest and recovery, exactly what your guest needs. Not a fan of blue either? Other calm and relaxing colors in the bedroom can help your guests nod off easier.

Stick with the cool colors, such as purple, gray, silver, green, or neutrals. Cool colors have been proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate, helping the body recover during a decent night’s sleep. Keep the bright colors for other areas of your place like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. One of the best perks of being an Airbnb host is the endless opportunities for you to express your creativity in your own space, so have fun with it and express yourself! 

Best Color Sheets For Your Airbnb

Best Material for Airbnb Bed Sheets 

Choices are abundant to consumers nowadays: cotton, silk, fleece, nylon, you name it! But my absolute favorite bedsheet material is bamboo. Yes, they make bed sheets out of bamboo now! Not only is it a sustainable choice, but its probably the softest! Bamboo sheets also help eliminate allergies by reducing moisture absorbed into the bed.

This material is also naturally antibacterial. They are also more durable than cotton sheets as they are stronger and less likely to tear. Bamboo sheets will certainly look newer for longer. Also, because they do not absorb oils, they are quite difficult to stain!

Best of all, they keep you cool while you sleep. With all these benefits, it’s tough to find an equivalent. Though they are more expensive than regular sheets, they are an excellent investment and remain an unbeatable choice, in my opinion.

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Some of my favorite places to buy good bed sheets include Amazon, Costco, Marshalls, and Home Goods. Amazon remains my number one choice for quick delivery, price comparison, quality, and easy returns! You can also check out my favorite and trusted products in this article.

Related Questions:

How Do I Know When to Get Rid of Sheets?

It is essential for the sheets to look new, like its the first time anyone has slept on them. So in addition to color, you want to make sure your sheets are free from ANY stains or tears, rips. You also want to make sure they stay soft. If they don’t meet this criteria its time to use them for another purpose.

What Can I Do with My Old Sheets When its Time to Change Them Out? 

One of the best things you can do with old sheets is to donate them to your local animal shelter where it will provide comfort and warmth to hundreds of homeless animals. Got a garden that needs protection when the temperatures drop? These sheets can help keep your insulate your plants on a cold winter night. You can also turn them into napkins or rags for guest use, reusable shopping bags, or even sleeping bag liners. The options are endless!

How Many Sets of Bed Sheets Should I Own? 

Back-ups are your best buds! My rule is you should always have three sets of sheets on hand for each bed. One on the bed, one as a backup, and the other to have on hand in case I need to send a set out to the dry cleaners for a few days. Always be prepared and not only will you enjoy peace of mind, but you are more likely to have happier guests.  

Now that you’ve learned which color sheets are best for your Airbnb, you are ready to stock up. But with all the brand choices out there, how do you know you’re going to get the best? You’re in luck as I’ve already researched for you. Please enjoy my article on top picks for the best Airbnb bed sheets here. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check back soon for more great tips to get the most out of your rental!

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