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Airbnb Toilet Paper Etiquette For Hosts (2024): The Stinky Truth

When I started out hosting on Airbnb, I was shocked at the amount of toilet paper some guests use! What I considered an acceptable amount for a guest stay was surprisingly inadequate. For my Airbnb with just one bathroom and two beds, I came up with the following guidelines.

Airbnb Toilet Paper Etiquette

How much toilet paper should hosts leave for their guests?

Amount of Guests:Amount of Toilet Paper Per Night:
1 Guest:One Roll For Every Two Nights of Reservation
2 Guests:One Roll For Every Night of Reservation
3 Guests:Two Rolls For Every Night of Reservation
4 Guests:Two Rolls For Every Night of Reservation

These are by no means set in stone, and this schedule works well for my 2 bed/ 1 bath home. Every host’s situation is different, so adjust as needed.

How Long Do You Provide Toilet Paper?

My rule is after two weeks, guests will need to provide their own toilet paper and paper towels. I make it clear in my Airbnb listing/house rules that guests are responsible for toilet paper and paper towels for stays longer than two weeks. My guests have not had an issue with this rule, and it doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on my guest reviews.

Some hosts in online forums have suggested that they will supply toilet paper and paper towels for up to one month. This sounds excessive to me, but may work for some.

If you live close by to your Airbnb, it may be worth delivering extra toilet paper when guests request more. This will allow you to check on the property, and provide a higher level of service, and may lead to a better review upon guest checkout.

Toilet Paper Usage For Guests

Per, the average person uses 57 sheets of toilet paper per day, with an average of 500 sheets per two-ply roll. I’m assuming most hosts will want 2-ply for comfort. Based on this info, I put together this chart:

Number of Guests:Days Per Roll:
1 Guest8.8 Days
2 Guests4.4 Days
3 Guests2.9 Days
4 Guests2.2 Days

These figures above seem conservative, especially if you have several women staying at your Airbnb. So I plan on providing much more than these amounts to cover excess usage– see first chart in the article.

The source also says that 7% of guests staying at motels/ hotels will steal rolls of toilet paper. So it will be up to you whether you want to take the risk leaving a large amount of toilet paper available for guests.

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Other Toilet Paper Options

If you really don’t want to restock toilet paper, you could leave guests a mega-roll of toilet paper like this one. You’ll also need a support frame for the large roll. These seem a bit tacky to me, but they are an option if you want to cut down on deliveries of toilet paper.

Airbnb Toilet Paper Storage Options

I have looked high and low to find the best toilet paper storage options for my Airbnb. Here are a couple that I stood out when I was searching:

Related Questions:

What is the Best Airbnb Toilet Paper for Guests?

Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Arizona, who specializes in public health research, was interviewed for the Today Show regarding the best toilet papers. Based on her research, here are her selections for the best toilet paper:

Top Pick: Quilted Northern Ultra Plush

Runner Up: Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch

Third Place: Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care Toilet Paper

What Other Airbnb Toiletries Should Hosts Provide?

Hosts should provide enough soap, shampoo and conditioner to make sure guests don’t run out during their stay. Hand soap should be provided in a beautiful soap dispenser similar to this one. Or provide a store-bought bottle of liquid soap for guests. I have used JR Watkins in the past because of the smell, quality, and luxurious graphics on the bottle.

I quit using individually packaged bar soaps due guests taking the unused soaps at the end of their stay. They also left a film in the shower which was harder for cleaners to scrub off.

For the shower, I elected to go with a 3-compartment shower dispenser. The unit comes with silicone packets and stickers to mount it to the wall of your shower.

The cleaner tops off the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner after each guest leaves. As many of the higher-end hotels use these types of dispensers, guests are used to seeing this option.

I do not provide extra toothbrushes and toothpaste for guests. If a guest forgot these items, they can purchase them at the grocery store just blocks away.

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