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What Is A Typical Airbnb Check Out Time? (2024)

One of the perks of running an Airbnb is the flexibility it allows. Hosts can set their own prices, workdays, and even their own hours. This creative freedom is great for those who like to go at their own pace and aren’t a fan of the typical rigid hotel culture.

What is a Typical Airbnb Check Out Time

However, the lack of structure sometimes leaves people in the dark when it comes to what is considered “normal” in the world of Airbnb. Both hosts and guests are often unsure of what to expect when getting started. 

What is a Typical Airbnb Check Out Time?

Times vary widely and are set by individual hosts, but most choose a check out time of 11 am or later. If a checkout time is not stated, it is assumed to be 11 am local time, according to Airbnb. 

Some factors to consider when choosing a checkout time are…

  • Days of the week
  • Type of rental
  • Turnaround time
  • The needs of guests

Read below for more of my in-depth tips on optimizing check out at your Airbnb!

Days of the Week

As you can probably guess, the needs of guests booking on weekdays versus on the weekends tend to be very different. This is especially true if your Airbnb caters to a business crowd.

For this reason, I know that many hosts choose to alter their checkout times based on the specific nights that the guest will be staying. Weekday guests typically don’t mind an earlier checkout since they’ll already be up and about anyways. For them, a checkout time as early as 10am can often be fine, while 11am remains standard. 

On the other hand, weekend guests tend to want to sleep in a little more. Later checkouts usually are appreciated during weekend bookings, and there is no harm in offering them as long as you’re still able to turn the rental around in time for the next guests (if applicable). A lot of hosts will do an evening checkout during the weekends to allow guests to enjoy dinner at their Airbnb if they want.

If you would prefer to take a more relaxed approach, some hosts even choose to not offer a “hard” checkout time at all and simply have guests let them know when they leave. For any guests who might be reading this, remember not to take advantage of your host’s generosity! Nobody likes to get bad reviews, so make sure to follow the best Airbnb guest checkout etiquette possible. 

Type of Rental

To optimize both your guests’ happiness and your sanity as a host, it is important to consider what kind of rental you are operating. It is more of a single night, just-a-bed-to-sleep-on kind of place? Or is it a family vacation destination?

As I mentioned above, you can start to intuit the needs of your guests based on several factors in a booking. One of them is which days of the week guests tend to stay, and another is how many days they are staying. 

Shorter stays tend to indicate people in town for business or something quick. They don’t usually intend to see a lot of tourist destinations, and are probably headed somewhere else the next day. As such, they typically don’t need a later checkout time.

Longer stays show that someone is in town for the purpose of being in town, not for something utilitarian. These types of guests tend to appreciate local recommendations such as restaurants, attractions, and sightseeing. 

Guests staying for longer periods of time tend to prefer checking out later. This is due to a few different factors. 

Vacationing guests prefer to take their time, usually sleeping in later than those in town for business. Additionally, a longer stay means a longer time to make a mess in your Airbnb. This mess will then need more time to be cleaned up, and guests will want extra time to make sure they’ve gathered all of their belongings. 

Always be sure to provide your guests with clear and concise checkout instructions. This will eliminate confusion on the part of the guest, and extra hassle on the part of the host. For my must-have list, check out my Airbnb checkout instructions.

Turnaround Time

This is one area where I see a lot of inexperienced hosts get caught up. They forget to factor in the time that it takes to turn around their Airbnb for the next stay, and end up in the embarrassing situation of having to have their next guest wait while they rush to clean.

This is not ideal for a variety of reasons. First, it causes so much unnecessary stress on the host themselves. Nobody likes to be in a panic trying to get something done! Usually you’ll miss something, and hopefully it’s not something important!

Guests can definitely tell when you’ve rushed through your turnaround. The reason that so many people book with Airbnb over traditional hotels nowadays is the personal touch and feeling of connection with the host and the environment. This feeling just isn’t there when you’re hurrying to get the room ready for the next customer.

If you need time to do laundry or other heavier, more time consuming cleaning tasks, make sure to not have a checkout time that’s too late in the day. If you don’t typically have back-to-back bookings, this isn’t as big of an issue but can still be a factor. 

To efficiently manage turnarounds (and staff, if applicable) I highly recommend using a program designed specifically for rental hosts. Check out our Airbnb management software review for my top picks. 

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The Needs of Guests

Obviously, catering to the needs of guests is what being an Airbnb host is all about. Unfortunately, some hosts fall short when it comes to communication with their guests which leads to a bad experience for everyone involved.

Airbnb makes it incredibly easy to have 24/7 contact between hosts and guests. Their built-in messaging system is the preferred method of communication, and also serves a solid point of reference in case of a dispute. 

Prior to a guest’s arrival at your rental, it is important that you both have a mutual understanding of what to expect from the booking. It’s a good idea to clarify check in and checkout times in the actual listing itself so that guests with specific plans can know which Airbnbs will work best for them.

I like to send my guests their check in information at least 3 days prior to the booking. This is also a good time to discuss checkout procedures, especially if they’re only staying for a short time. This way, any confusion can be cleared up prior to arrival. If you’re a guest and you have any questions about a booking you’ve made, don’t hesitate to contact the host!

Rental Recon Tip: Don’t leave your fellow guests in the dark! Airbnb makes it super easy to share trip details with other guests. This allows you to coordinate plans, itineraries, and arrival times with other travelers in your party.

Just go to Trips, select the trip in question, then click the image of a person with a plus sign over them (if you already have a co-traveler, it may be their photo or initials). You’ll have the option to share the link or send via email. Remember that these links expire after 1 week!

Communication is always key when it comes to being a great host (or guest!). Remember to clarify any questions about your listing or booking prior to arrival if at all possible. 

Finally, don’t forget to leave a review! This applies to both hosts and guests. The review process is part of what makes Airbnb a great and unique platform, so don’t forget to help out your fellow travelers!

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