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[More Guests than Allowed in Your Airbnb?] 2024: Do this First…

As an Airbnb host, you are bound to encounter dishonest guests who push the envelope and disobey your house rules. One common issue that hosts tend to experience is guests bringing additional people with them and exceeding the maximum occupancy of your property. Your guest could be trying to avoid an extra person fee or just wants to have more people stay than you allow. If you experience a dishonest guest bringing more people than allowed to your Airbnb there are several things you can do as a host.

More Guests Than Allowed In Your Airbnb

What Should You Do If More Guests Than Allowed Show Up To Your Airbnb?

You should always contact Airbnb right away if a guest is violating a house rule like maximum capacity or number of allowed guests. Airbnb can help you handle the situation in a way that is best for all parties involved.

Have Clear House Rules

Having clear and easily accessible house rules is the first step to avoid guests breaking those rules. House rules can include information on checking in and out, pets, smoking, using heat and air conditioning, but most importantly, should state the maximum occupancy for your property. Your rules should also include that guests cannot bring additional people who are not included on the rental agreement.

For more tips about what to include in your house rules, keep reading HERE.

Fees for Additional Guests

Airbnb allows hosts to charge additional fees if a guest would like to bring additional people to your property. Many hosts will set a limit for number of guests that is below the maximum occupancy. For example, your property may comfortably sleep four guests, however your agreement is only for two guests. Hosts will do this to avoid excessive utility costs and cleanup costs. However, by adding the option to pay an additional fee, guests can bring more people with the host incurring the costs.

Additional guest fees need to be setup prior to the reservation being made. Follow these steps to add an additional guest fee to your listing:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Navigate to your host’s pricing page
  3. Click the tab for extra charges
  4. From here you can add a fee for extra visitors

The amount of extra people you will allow and the fee you will charge is up to your discretion. By charging an additional person fee you are reinforcing your house policy that additional guests are not allowed without extra payment.

Additional Ideas for House Rules to Avoid Extra Guests

  • Note that parties are strictly forbidden
  • Collect a security deposit in case your guest does break the additional person rules
  • Require that all guests staying be listed on the rental agreement

You’ve Put All Rules in Place, but the Guest Still Brings Additional People

Even with strict house rules and an additional fee policy, you will still encounter guests who try to bring additional people to your property. Follow these tips on how to find out if your guest is breaking the rules.

Security Camera

House security cameras are more affordable and easier to use than ever. Something as simple as front door camera that does not impede on your guest’s privacy will still let you see who is coming and going from your property. This is a great way to see if more people than allowed are accessing your rental.

In addition, video will provide you with evidence for Airbnb should a dispute arise over the number of guests at your property.

It is a good idea to let your guests know that you have a security camera installed. This will deter them from trying to bring additional guests but also show respect for their privacy.


If you have trustworthy neighbors at your property you may be able to depend on them to keep an eye on your property. Your neighbors could let you know how many cars and people are in and our of your property on a daily basis.

Ask Your Cleaning Service

An experienced cleaning service may be able to tell the amount of people staying at your rental based on the size of the mess left behind. Used linens, dirty dishes, number of toiletries, can all be indications of how many people were staying at your property.

If you’re looking for more information about Airbnb cleaning services, click HERE.

In Person Check-In

If you live near your rental, doing an in-person check-in rather than a self-check-in is a great option. This allows you to meet your guests face to face and see who is entering your property. If a guest knows that you are nearby and may check in on your rental, they will be less likely to break your house rules.

What Do You Do If You Know Your Guest Has Brought Additional People?

Party Airbnb

Once you know for sure that there are more people at your rental than allowed, you have a couple of options for action and the option you chose may vary based on the situation. Many hosts agree however that approaching a guest in a polite non-confrontational way usually yields the best results.

Once you confront your guest about the additional people, one option is to allow them to pay the additional person fee and remain at the rental. This option works best if there is only one or two extra people at the rental. It is possible that the guest made a mistake or did not realize there was a fee. This gives them the opportunity to do right by you as a host and still enjoy their stay.

If a guest has brought more than one or two people extra people or if the amount of people exceeds your maximum occupancy, you should call Airbnb to cancel the reservation. Some states have laws that only allow a certain amount of people at a rental property. Violating this law could mean citations and fines for you as the host.

When you contact Airbnb, it is important to have as much evidence as possible like security footage, the rental agreement, and how you found out that the guest was violating your house rules. Airbnb will open a case against the guest to charge the guest with the appropriate fees or withhold the paid security deposit.

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Worried About a Bad Review?

Some hosts may let guests slide on the rules and avoid confrontation about additional guests at the property because they fear getting a bad review. This is not something you should be worried about. If you confront your guest about breaking house rules and they write a retaliatory review, you can contact Airbnb to have this review removed.

Many hosts report that they have had great success with Airbnb supporting them with enforcement of house rules and collecting fees. Do not be afraid to reach out to Airbnb with concerns over a guest breaking your house rules or rental agreement.

Final Takeaway

It is important to remember that as a host, your rules must be followed a respected. You have the right to turn away guests and cancel a reservation if they show up to your property with additional unannounced guests. You have maximum occupancy limits on your property for a reason whether it is state law, safety, space, or not wanting to incur additional expenses.

Enforcing your rules at your property will protect you and your property and ensure a safe and pleasant stay for your guests.

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