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Proper Insurance Vs. Homeowners Insurance: Understanding the Differences

Proper Insurance is a specialized form of insurance designed specifically for vacation rental properties. It provides coverage for a wide range of incidents that are typically excluded from traditional homeowners insurance policies, such as short-term rental activity, vandalism, and theft by tenants.

Homeowners insurance is a type of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s house and assets in the home. It typically covers damage caused by perils such as fire, theft, and natural disasters, as well as liability coverage for accidents that occur on the property.

Key Differences

  1. Coverage Scope: Homeowners insurance provides coverage for your primary residence and its contents, while Proper Insurance is designed for vacation rental properties.
  2. Rental Activity Coverage: Proper Insurance covers short-term rental activity, including damage caused by guests, while homeowners insurance may not cover such incidents.
  3. Liability Coverage: Proper Insurance includes liability coverage for guests and renters, which may not be included in standard homeowners insurance policies.
  4. Customized Coverage: Proper Insurance offers customized coverage options tailored to the unique risks faced by vacation rental owners, such as vandalism and theft by tenants.
  5. Cost: The cost of Proper Insurance may be higher than traditional homeowners insurance due to the specialized coverage it provides.

Why Choose Proper Insurance?

Proper Insurance offers several advantages for vacation rental property owners:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Proper Insurance provides coverage for a wide range of incidents, including damage caused by guests, vandalism, and theft by tenants.
  • Customized Policies: Proper Insurance offers customized policies tailored to the specific needs of vacation rental properties, ensuring that you have the right coverage for your property.
  • Peace of Mind: With Proper Insurance, vacation rental property owners can have peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected against unforeseen events.
  • Liability Coverage: Proper Insurance includes liability coverage for guests and renters, protecting property owners from potential lawsuits.
  • Loss of Income Coverage: Proper Insurance offers coverage for loss of rental income due to covered incidents, helping property owners mitigate financial losses.

Proper Insurance Coverage Details

Proper Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for vacation rental properties, including:

  • Property Coverage: Coverage for the structure of the property, including the dwelling, detached structures, and personal property used to service the rental.
  • Liability Coverage: Protection against claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by a covered occurrence on the rental property.
  • Loss of Income Coverage: Coverage for loss of rental income due to a covered loss that renders the property uninhabitable.
  • Vandalism Coverage: Coverage for damage caused by vandalism or malicious mischief by tenants or guests.
  • Theft Coverage: Coverage for theft of personal property by tenants or guests.


Proper Insurance and homeowners insurance serve different purposes and offer different types of coverage. While homeowners insurance is suitable for primary residences, Proper Insurance is essential for protecting vacation rental properties. Proper Insurance provides specialized coverage tailored to the unique risks associated with short-term rental activity, offering vacation rental property owners peace of mind and financial protection.

Learn more about Proper Insurance and protect your vacation rental property today!

For a detailed review of Proper Insurance and its pros and cons for Airbnb vacation rentals, check out this article: Proper Insurance Review – Pros & Cons for Airbnb Vacation Rentals

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