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Airbnb Bedroom Door Locks: How to Lock Down a Room

Airbnb hosts should be aware of the security in their homes. Whether you are renting out a room or your whole house, you must take precautions for both the safety of your property and for the safety of your guests. In this article, we will explore the different options available to keep your Airbnb guests safe and secure in your home.

Airbnb Bedroom Door Lock Options for Hosts and Guests

Types Of Airbnb Bedroom Door Locks

Locks supply a measure of safety and protection for both the Airbnb host and guest. Here are the most common types of locks you can use in your Airbnb. There are a variety of locks for doors inside the home. Which lock you choose depends on what you want to use it for.

Deadbolt With Lever Handle

This is a lock that has both a key and a lever. It can lock and unlock from either side of the door, which can be convenient for guests who don’t want to bother their hosts with requests to enter the house.

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Deadbolt With Knob Handles

The first lock to consider is the deadbolt with a knob handle. This lock can be installed on the inside or outside of the door. It provides excellent protection against break-ins. It is a lot more secure than a doorknob lock and is easy to install. Lock styles vary from an all-metal look to one that has a painted finish.

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Keyless Entry System (KES)

A keyless entry system (KES) is a door lock that relies on a device with a small display screen as well as a keypad to easily and quickly open the door. The most common type of keyless entry system is one that uses an RFID card. When you enter your guest code, the KES will emit the signal that unlocks the door.

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Standard Hanging Latch

The standard hanging latch door lock may not be ideal if your Airbnb is modern and up-to-date. If you don’t have a deadbolt and want some additional security, a standard hanging latch is your best option. This addition to your door will still let guests in easily, but it’s going to be much harder for someone to break into the room.

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Chain Lock

A chain lock is an inexpensive solution for securing doors when you are staying in an Airbnb room. To use it, place a thin piece of wood or other material between the door and doorframe on both sides of your bedroom door to prevent it from being opened. Then, attach a chain lock to each side of your door. Finally, secure one end of each chain to your bed frame (or some other heavy furniture) with a padlock.

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Pros & Cons Of Airbnb Door Locks

There are a variety of locks available on the marketplace. The door lock mechanism is classified as either a deadbolt or handle-set lock. There are also smart locks which have a keypad, card reader and/or fingerprint scanner to keep the home secure.

The number one thing to keep in mind is that Airbnb door locks are tricky because hosts and guests have different needs. It’s true that both parties need security. Airbnb hosts have different requirements for physical access, privacy, and convenience. Since every Airbnb host will have a different preference, there isn’t one lock that can satisfy all of them.

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Best Airbnb Guest Lock Options

There are many guest door locks to choose from. Some of the best options include the smart lock, the electric door lock, or a combination of the two. The smart lock has been growing in popularity recently as both Airbnb guests and hosts alike want a smarter way to enter a place that’s not their own.

For Airbnb hosts who want to keep their space secure at all times and don’t have time to meet guests in person, it’s an ideal solution. This type of lock connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can use your phone as the key. Simply double-tap on the app once you’ve reached your destination and voila!

Best Airbnb Host Lock Options

Airbnb hosts want to make sure their home is in good hands while they’re away. Here are a few of our favorite door locks for securing your rental unit. The SimpliSafe Keypad Deadbolt is an affordable choice that connects to your existing deadbolt. It even looks like a regular deadbolt and allows you to program keys on your smartphone.

You can also add key fobs for additional backup entry if you’re renting a room or house for short-term guests who don’t have mobile devices. The drawback? This lock doesn’t require a specific smart home hub, but it does need WiFi or cellular service to work with certain features. So there could be signal issues when you travel.


If you are an Airbnb host, you want to keep yourself and your property safe. Choosing the best door lock for your Airbnb requires lots of consideration. Whether you go with basic lock systems or something more technologically up-to-date, your decision will be the best one.

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