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Navigating Airbnb Discount Requests from Guests: A Host’s Perspective

Offering discounts to potential guests can seem like an attractive strategy to boost bookings, especially during off-peak times. However, this approach often comes with significant downsides that can outweigh the benefits.

Challenges with Discount Seekers

  1. Increased Complaints and Poor Reviews Guests who receive discounts often tend to complain more about minor issues and leave poor reviews. This can damage a host’s reputation and lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  2. Unreasonable Demands Discount seekers are frequently more demanding and less satisfied, regardless of the quality of the stay. They may request additional services, make unreasonable complaints, and create more work for the host.
  3. Problematic Behavior Hosts often find that guests who negotiate for discounts are the most problematic. They may take advantage of the discount to justify subpar behavior or to push for further concessions once they have secured a lower rate.
  4. Manipulative Tactics Some guests use manipulative tactics to secure discounts, such as fabricating sob stories or exaggerating issues during their stay to demand refunds or further discounts.
  5. Consistent Patterns Hosts have observed a consistent pattern among discount seekers, who often target new listings or use personal stories to appeal for lower rates. These guests tend to be more trouble than they are worth.

Strategies for Handling Discount Requests

  1. Professional Declines Politely but firmly declining discount requests can be an effective strategy. Many guests will still proceed with the booking at the original rate once they realize the price is non-negotiable.
  2. Controlled Promotions Using platform features to offer controlled discounts during specific periods can help manage bookings without responding to individual discount requests. This approach maintains the integrity of the pricing structure.
  3. Fixed Pricing Policies Maintaining a fixed pricing policy and clearly communicating that the listed price is the best offer helps set guest expectations and reduces the likelihood of discount requests.
  4. Transparency and Honesty Being transparent about the cost structure and the rationale behind the pricing can deter guests from asking for discounts and help them understand the value they are getting.
  5. Selective Discounting Offering discounts strategically during slow periods or to extend stays can sometimes be beneficial, but it should be done cautiously and not become a regular practice.


While offering discounts might seem like a way to attract more bookings, the potential downsides—such as increased complaints, unreasonable demands, and problematic behavior—often outweigh the benefits. By maintaining fixed pricing, using controlled promotions, and handling discount requests professionally, hosts can ensure better guest experiences and protect their business from the pitfalls of discount seekers.

Ryan Drew- Contributor
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Ryan Drew- Contributor

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