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Hostaway Vs. Uplisting (2024): The Surprising Results

Airbnb and short-term vacation rental hosts know that a quality property management software program is key to running a successful rental business. As the property management industry grows in popularity, more and more companies are creating software programs to help hosts run their companies.

Many programs offer free trials to test out features, but how do you choose which program is right for you and your business? Rental Recon is here to help. Keep reading for our in-depth comparison of two popular PMS programs: Hostaway Vs. Uplisting.

Hostaway VS Uplisting
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Overviews of Hostaway and Uplisting

Hostaway and Uplisting are two popular property management software programs. Each program has tools that hosts can use to manage their properties and business. Whether you run a single Airbnb or several rental units, finding the right software crucial to running your company.

9Expert Score
Our Hostaway Review

After using Hostaway to manage our Airbnbs, we rated the software using several criteria like ease of use, dashboard features, value, quality of tools, and customer satisfaction. Here are the results:

Ease of Use
Quality of Tools
Customer Satisfaction
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Ability to Manage Multiple Listings Different Platforms
  • Wide Range of Tools
  • Great Customer Service
  • Interface Can be Clunky While Using Some Tools
  • Customer Service Can be Slow to Respond
8.8Expert Score
Our Uplisting Review

After testing the Uplisting platform for use in our Airbnbs, we rated the software using several criteria like ease of use, dashboard features, value for money, and customer satisfaction. Here are the results:

Ease of Use
Quality of Tools
Customer Satisfaction
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Frequent Updates With Improvements
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Seamless Integration With Other Apps
  • Unified Inbox Only Works With Airbnb
  • No Accounting Software

Hostaway at a Glance

Hostaway is one of the leading all-in-one vacation rental software programs for property managers. Hostaway features reliable technology, top marketing tools, and advanced reporting features. If you use Hostaway, you will have access to tools like channel management, marketing reports, analytics, automation tools, bookkeeping tools, and accounting programs. Hostaway is a preferred partner of Airbnb and also integrates with dozens of additional vacation rental websites and apps.

Hostaway at a glance

Uplisting Summary

Uplisting is a property management software program that has helped hundreds of property managers grow and run their businesses. Features like multi-calendar, a unified inbox, channel management, and a cleaning scheduler make managing multiple properties a breeze. Uplisting is also a preferred partner of Airbnb and can also be used with VRBO and several other apps and websites. Hosts who use Uplisting range from those with a single vacation rental property to prominent managers who are responsible for hundreds of units.

Uplisting summary

Hostaway Key Features

Hostaway has some of the most comprehensive features I have seen from any property management software program. Check out the following helpful tools and features: 

Hostaway Dashboard 

The Hostaway Performance Dashboard allows you to view everything you need for property management in one place and is your portal to your Hostaway tools. 

Bookings & Listing Management 

The Reservations Manager allows hosts to: 

  • Check reservation inquiries and view current reservations
  • Accept payments 
  • Schedule cleanings 
  • Communicate with guests

Hostaway Accounting

Hostaway users will benefit from features like: 

  • Analytics and reporting 
  • Occupancy reports 
  • Dynamic pricing 
  • Owner statements 
  • Expense tracking 

Communication Tools and Unified Inbox

Hostaway features a streamlined, unified inbox, so all your messages from all your listings will go to the same inbox on Hostaway. You also benefit from custom message templates, automated messages, and a portal for your guests.

Calendars: Multi, Monthly & Yearly 

The multi-calendar allows you to view all your property calendars across all channels in one convenient location.

Additional Key Features 

  • Reservations manager 
  • Performance dashboard 
  • Automated messages 
  • Owner and guest portals 
  • Occupancy reports 
  • Dynamic pricing 
  • Expense tracking 
  • Automated tasks 
  • Website builder 
  • Channel manager 
  • Payment processing

Uplisting Key Features


Similar to Hostaway, Uplisting also has a multi-calendar, so you can view all your listings in one place.


Unified Inbox

All of your messages from all your rental platforms in one convenient location make returning messages and checking on guests quick and easy.

Automated Guest Reviews

This feature allows you to automatically post reviews for Airbnb guests. When you review a guest, they are more likely to review you, so you will benefit from more positive reviews and a higher ranking.

Security Deposits

Uplisting allows you to automatically collect security deposits for, VRBO, and direct bookings.

eSign Rental Agreements

If you have long-term rental units that require a lease agreement, your tenants can access the agreement and easily eSign it.

  • Guest identity verification
  • Cleaning scheduler
  • Channel management
  • Direct booking engine
  • Automated guest messaging

What is Each Program Best Used For?

After using both software programs to run my Airbnb rental company, I found that Hostaway is best for an all-in-one property management software experience. The accounting tools, operation tools, and analytics and reporting make it a one-stop-shop kind of program.

Hostaway is best for property managers who have multiple rental units or long-term renters. Features like eSign for lease agreements and automatic security deposit collection make managing multiple tenants easy and convenient.

Are you a new Airbnb host and not sure what tools you may need? Check out our article about the 37 Best Tools for Airbnb Hosts to find out what you may be missing.

Pros & Cons of Hostaway Property Management Software 

Pros of Hostaway

  • Dozens of tools and features
  • User-friendly dashboard 
  • Ability to manage multiple listings on different platforms 
  • Great customer service 

 Cons of Hostaway

  • The interface can be clunky while using some tools 
  • You must pay extra to access all features 

Pros & Cons of Uplisting Software

Pros of Uplisting

  • User friendly
  • Seamlessly integrates with various apps
  • Great customer support
  • Frequent updates with improvements

Cons of Uplisting

  • Unified inbox only works with Airbnb
  • No accounting software
  • The mobile app only allows guest messaging

What Platforms Does Hostaway and Uplisting Support?

When you use Hostaway, you will be able to work with the following rental property platforms:

  • Airbnb (preferred partner)
  • VRBO (connectivity partner)
  • (premier partner)
  • HomeAway
  • Expedia
  • TripAdvisor
  • Homes & Villas by Marriott
Supported platforms

Uplisting gives you access to these rental property platforms:

  • Airbnb (preferred partner)
  • (advanced partner)
  • VRBO
  • Google Vacation Rentals

Typical Customers for Hostaway

Most Hostaway customers are individual property managers who own short-term rental properties and rent those properties using sites like Airbnb or VRBO. Hostaway’s accounting tools make running a small business easy and convenient, so you will find a lot of self-employed property managers using this program.

Who Uses Uplisting?

While Uplisting can be used by individual property owners, it is geared more toward property management companies who have more units and sometimes long-term rental units to manage. Uplisting doesn’t connect with as many short-term vacation rental programs as Hostaway; however, many reputable property management groups like The Wolf Rentals, StayManaged, and Hostminded use this software program.

Customer Support

Hostaway Customer Support

Hostaway has excellent customer support, but sometimes representatives are slow to respond due to different time zones. If you are in the United States and need to contact Hostaway for customer service, you can reach them at 415-825-3034. You can also email Hostaway at one of their two email addresses: or  

Uplisting Customer Support

Uplisting features an experienced team that is eager to help customers. They are easily reached and are knowledgeable, and can help you with any issues. One of the best parts about Uplisting is that they are constantly improving their software and adding new features. If you have any issues with these features, you can contact support at:

How Do I Learn How to Use Property Management Software?

Hostaway Training

If you’re new to property management software, the tools and features may be intimidating. Don’t worry, though, because Hostaway has help for you. Hostaway features a ton of resources like a blog, guide, help center, and webinars.

When you sign up for Hostaway, a knowledgeable sales representative will walk you through a demo of the program. From there, if you have any issues, customer support is always ready to help.

Uplisting Training

Uplisting provides customers with several resources to learn how to use the software to manage rentals. Customers can access blogs and guides, webinars, and even connect with other business owners who also use Uplisting.


Both programs provide customers with videos and step-by-step guides to launch direct booking websites.


The cost of property management software is usually a large factor when determining which program to use. Both of these programs offer flexible pricing options.

Hostaway Pricing

Hostaway offers customized pricing that scales with your company’s growth. Hostaway plans start at $100 a month and are easily customized to fit your business’s needs. There are no hidden fees, and every customer is granted access to all current and future features.

Hostaway offers fixed pricing, but for larger businesses, it also has the option of commission-based pricing. Commission-based pricing incentivizes maximizing marketing exposure for your company. 

Uplisting Pricing

Uplisting plans also start at $100 a month for up to five properties. The more properties you manage, the more expensive plan you will need. I love that Uplisting offers a two-week free trial with no credit card required. This gives you the freedom to try all of Uplisting’s features before committing to a plan.

Integrations for Hostaway and Uplisting

Each of these apps easily integrates with dozens of partners.

Hostaway Integrations

Hostaway integrates with over 100 partner apps. Some integrated partners include:

  • Properly
  • Wishbox
  • BeyondPricing
  • Stripe
  • Operto
  • Wheelhouse

If you don’t see an integration you need, you can use Zapier to access over 3,000 additional apps.  

Hostaway integrations

Uplisting Integrations

Uplisting has dozens of integrated partners as well that allow you to manage, automate and scale your rental business. With Uplisting, you can connect to these partners:

  • Keydata
  • PriceLabs
  • Stripe
  • Wishbox
  • Properly
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Uplisting also uses Zapier to connect to additional apps.

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Alternative Property Management Software Options

Hostaway and Uplisting are just two popular property management software options. If these programs don’t provide the tools and features you need, you can check out these other programs:

  • Buildium 
  • Yardi Breeze 
  • TurboTenant 
  • Propertyware 
  • RentRedi 
  • Rentec Direct 

Each of these programs provides users with different features, pricing plans, and pros and cons. It may take a few trials to figure out which management software works for you. 

Hostaway Company Details

Hostaway was launched in Finland in 2015 by founder and CEO Marcus Rader. Hostaway has headquarters all over the world with locations in: 

  • Helsinki, Finland 
  • Toronto, Canada 
  • Los Angeles, USA 
  • Barcelona, Spain 
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka 
  • Perth, Australia 

Uplisting Company Details

Uplisting was launched in 2017 with the goal of helping property managers successfully grow their businesses. CEO and co-founder of Uplisting, Vince Breslin, states that Uplisting is constantly growing and seeking the best integrations to give customers the best property management software experience.

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Hostaway: Our Review

Hostaway is an excellent all-in-one property management software program. Hosts who use Hostaway will have access to tools and features that will keep them organized, keep guests happy, and assist them in running and growing their rental business.

Hostaway has some of the most diverse features in a property management software program, with everything from accounting tools, customer service tools, marketing tools, and even the ability to create your own direct booking website.

Whether you have one Airbnb property or a network of vacation rental units, Hostaway is a great product to manage your rental property business.

Uplisting: Final Thoughts

Uplisting a trusted, cloud-based property management software program that believes your rentals should be working for you, not the other way around. Where Uplisting lacks in features, they make up for it by using innovative tools that are tailored to manage multiple properties and grow your property management business.

While Uplisting may not be the right program for a self-employed Airbnb property manager with less than five properties, larger property management companies will find that Uplisting’s tools and features are perfect for their business goals.

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