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Lodgify Vs. Hostfully (2024) – How Do They Compare?

If you are looking to manage your vacation rental property, here are two platforms that may help: Lodgify and Hostfully. Lodgify is a free solution for single-room rental properties. Hostfully is an advanced platform for managing many properties. Read on to discover which one is for you…

Lodgify Vs. Hostfully – Our Summary

We have found that Lodgify and Hostfully offer similar features but with different pricing plans. The price of Lodgify starts at $17 per month, while Hostfully starts at $99 per property per month.

 Overall, we think both platforms are solid and offer great features!

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 Logify Vs. Hostfully Pricing

Starts at $0Starts at $99
1. Lower Booking Fees
2. Email Support
3. Property Management
1. Full scale property management
2. Lightweight iCal
3. Full API Sync

Lodgify’s starter plan starts at $17 but they offer a free trial, and one-year and two-year plans are available. 

Hostfully is more expensive, starting at $99 per month with a $400 implementation fee. While it is a bit more costly, Hostfully is more advanced and more scalable.

What is Hostfully?

Hostfully is a complete property management solution that helps vacation rental PMs increase revenues. To get started, you’ll need to sign up for the free LeadGen App trial and create a form. You can choose from more than 100 high-converting form templates or create a custom one.

What is Lodgify?

Lodgify is a website that helps property owners create their own direct booking websites. This eliminates the need to deal with the middleman and allows property owners to manage their properties from their own websites. Lodgify allows users to write overviews of their properties.

What is the Hostfully Guidebook?

Hostfully allows you to create your own guidebooks. You can create a free guidebook or purchase a paid version with more features. The guidebook is available as a PDF for printing or you can share it with a QR code. Each link is dynamic and updates when a new recommendation is made. 

This makes it easy for your guests to view it wherever they are. You can also customize the text in the guidebook and choose what sections you want to print.

Lodgify Vs Hostfully Customer Support

If you need assistance using the Lodgify platform, you can contact the company’s technical support team. A friendly, knowledgeable representative can help you troubleshoot the problems you’re facing. They can also help you adjust your minimum and maximum price limits in the Beyond platform.

The Hostfully customer service team aims to provide an excellent customer experience to their customers. They can help guests with a variety of questions, from finding the best property to arranging transportation. They also provide guidebooks and directions to their rentals.


Customer Support Rating: 4.5/5

Phone Number: US: (+1) 646 760 7133


Customer Support Rating: 5/5


Address: P.O Box 590297 San Francisco , CA 914158-0297

Lodgify Key Features

Lodgify’s system provides a centralized platform for property managers and business owners. Through it, they can check on online bookings, process payments, and communicate with customers. The interface is user-friendly, and the platform can be easily customized with the help of templates. In addition, the system allows users to set up their websites in just a few clicks.

For individuals looking to try out the short-term rental market as a side business, Lodgify is a great choice.

Hostfully Key Features

The Hostfully dashboard also provides a comprehensive set of reports including owner statements, transactions, and financial information. A daily report is also available to keep track of the performance of each property. The analytics section offers insights on occupancy, property performance, and agent performance. A user can also create an individual portal for the owner or partner to manage their property.

Choose Lodgify if…

  • You want multiple pricing plans
  • You want a least expensive software
  • You have under 10 properties

Choose Hostfully if…

  • You want a cost-effective option for larger property management
  • You want more integrations
  • You have 10 or more properties

Our Conclusion 

Lodgify is cheaper. The monthly packages start at seventeen dollars. The yearly and two-year plans offer discounts of up to 35%. They also have more advanced features such as damage pre-authorization and scheduled payments.

On the other hand, Hostfully is more robust and is especially useful for Airbnb managers with more properties.

Whether you’re looking to improve guest satisfaction or streamline the property management process, we believe both will give you the flexibility and features you need to make your business grow.

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