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Whether you have one vacation rental property or manage an entire apartment building, there is never a slow day as a property manager. If you manage rental properties, you will be tasked with booking new reservations or approving new leases, scheduling cleaning and maintenance, collecting rent, deposits, and fees, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly for your renters and owners.

This is a challenging job even for the most experienced property managers. Instead of struggling to stay organized with several apps and outdated spreadsheets, consider trying a property management program like Buildium.

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What is Buildium?

Buildium is a cloud-based property management program that allows you to manage all your rentals from one easy-to-use, convenient app. Using Buildium, you can keep track of your listings, approve lease applications, resolve maintenance issues handle payments, and so much more.

8.5 Total Score
Buildium Review: How Good is this App?

Buildium is a comprehensive app that makes your life as a property manager easier. You will be able to control payment collections, accounting, maintenance management, vendor management, communications, and more, all from one streamlined platform. This program is perfect for managers whether they are taking care of one or one hundred rentals. I have rated Buildium using several categories like value, features, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. Here are my results:

Ease of Use
Customer Satisfaction
  • Extensive accounting features
  • Portals designed for owners and renters for easy communication
  • Access to online rental applications and leases
  • Three membership tier options
  • Educational resources
  • It can be complicated to use
  • Customer service can be difficult to contact

How Does Buildium Work?

Buildium is a cloud-based app that allows users to take control and manage all their properties in one convenient place. It is excellent for managers working from an office or for those who are fully remote. Some features available from Buildium include:

  • Tenant and lease tracking
  • Full general ledger for accounting
  • Automated rent and fee reminders
  • Automated rent collection
  • Online rental applications
  • Tenant screening services
  • Maintenance management

Buildium offers a free trial and an extensive library of resources so property managers can try out this program risk-free to see all the benefits this service has to offer. After your free trial, use our Buildium coupon code / Buildium promo code for great deals on a Buildium membership.

Buildium’s Accounting Features

Keeping track of rent and accounting is a challenging task, especially if you have multiple rentals. Using Buildium’s in-depth accounting tools, you will be able to stay on top of all finances associated with your properties.

Buildium Transactions
A cloud-based property management software that makes it possible for you to take control of every aspect of your rentals.
Buildium Equity Liabilities Assets
The rent collection can be automated with Buildium and allows you to receive online payments via Buildium’s tenant portal.

Property Accounting

Buildium allows you to follow every transaction made for your property, whether rent collected, property fees paid, or a maintenance project bill. You will have access to built-in calculators in your accounts payable to show what you owe your company, property owners, and vendors. The accounting software allows you to change work orders into bills and pay them through the app so you can stay on top of your bills from anywhere.

Buildium allows you to set up autopayments for bills and automatic reconciliation for your bank statements. You will have access to all of your financial reports with just the click of a button.

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Company Financials

In addition to managing your rental’s finances, Buildium also allows you to manage your business’s books. You can get a snapshot of your company’s financials, enter data, and view financial reports like real estate balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow.

Online Payments

Buildium has an online payment platform that allows you to get paid faster. You can use this payment platform to collect rent, deposits, association fees, and bills. Residents can pay using their bank account or credit card and even set up reoccurring payments.

This software allows you to track all financials, along with lease terms, tenants and vendors. 

Retail Cash Payments

Buildium works with PayNearMe to give your residents the power to pay for their rent using cash at a convenient store location. This not only saves time but allows your renters the freedom and convenience of paying how they need.

1099 e-filing

The accounting software on Buildium allows you to generate a 1099 form for property owners and vendors instantly. You can confirm that 1099’s were sent to recipients and track all the data for your tax purposes.

How will Buildium Help Me Manage Business Operations?

Buildium offers extensive operations features that make communicating with renters, vendors, and owners easier for everyone. You can use Buildium to manage maintenance, track work orders, schedule inspections, and communicate with all parties involved.

Using this software you can submit maintenance requests through your Buildium portal and your residents through their own.

Resident Center

Using the Resident Center, your residents and tenants can access their own Buildium portal where they can pay rent or fees, set up reoccurring payments, and submit maintenance requests. The Resident Center is available as an app or a desktop site to your tenants can always be connected.

Owner Portal

In addition to the Resident Center, your owners can also access their own portal to stay updated on financial reports, collect payments, and share important documents. The Owner Portal and the Resident Center streamlines communication.

Buildium Reports
Buildium will provide you a complete general ledger accounting, as well as automated rent and fee reminders and on-demand reports.

Maintenance Request Tracking

You can save time and cut out paperwork by using Buildium to submit work orders for maintenance projects. You will be able to get status updates and track how efficiently your vendors complete their work. Maintenance Request Tracking also allows you to pay vendors and create reoccurring work orders.

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Document Storage

Buildium is cloud-based, so this program allows you to save essential documents like leases to the cloud, so you access them anytime, anywhere, and send those documents to owners, renters, or vendors whenever they are requested.

Property Inspections

Buildium has partnered with Happy Inspector to provide users easy access to inspections that you can track from your mobile or desktop app. Customizable inspection reports will be generated and available at your fingertips whenever you need them. The best part is that Buildium seamlessly syncs with Happy Inspector’s app so that reports will stay up to date.

Analytics, Insights, and Integration

You will be able to use Buildium to generate property management data analytics and insights so your company can thrive. You can see real-time performance, set future goals, and create strategies to grow your business. Buildium provides you with industry benchmarks so you can see how you stack up to the competition.

One of the best features of Buildium is that it has an open API so you can integrate data from your other applications to get the best overall view of your company and properties.

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Pricing Platforms for Buildium

Buildium offers several membership packages at various prices, so you can pick the management software that best suits the needs of you and your company. You can take advantage of Buildium’s free trial, then use our Buildium coupon codes for a great deal.

Included in every plan, you will have access to:

  • Accounting
  • Maintenance
  • Tasks
  • Violations
  • Manager, owner, and rental portals
  • Resident & Board Member Communications

For additional features, you can upgrade to the Essential plan, Growth plan, or Premium plan.

Essential Plan

In addition to the above features that are included with every plan, users with the Essential membership will also have access to:

  • Basic tenant screening
  • Online payments (there are fees associated with transactions)
  • Standard reports
  • Ticket customer support

The essential plan starts at $50 a month and allows additional purchases like property inspections for $40 and eLeases for just $5 per document.

Growth Plan

The Growth plan starts at $160 a month and is perfect if your goal is to expand your property management company. Property inspections and unlimited eLeases are included with this membership. You will also have access to:

  • Premium tenant screening
  • Waived transaction fees for incoming EFT transfers
  • Performance and analytic insights
  • Live phone customer support

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Premium Plan

For experienced property managers with a large-scale operation in place, the Premium plan offers access to all of Buildium’s advanced management features. In addition to everything included in the previous memberships, a premium plan provides users with the following:

  • Business analytics and insights
  • Open API
  • Buildium rewards
  • Priority customer support
  • Dedicated growth consultant for new client leads

This plan is $460 a month but is eligible for a 15% annual discount when managers use selected services.

CLICK HERE to visit Buildium and learn more about plan pricing and what each plan offers, and don’t forget to use our Buildium coupon code / Buildium promo code for additional savings!

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Final Thoughts

Buildium is an invaluable tool for rental managers. It is one of the most comprehensive property management platforms on the market, and even the lowest-priced membership tier offers valuable features you won’t find with other apps.

This program is excellent for managers whether they oversee a single Airbnb or have the responsibility to supervise hundreds of rentals. Buildium allows users to keep track of finances, daily operations, and leases. The renter and owner portal will enable managers to easily stay in contact with their customers providing better service and more opportunities to successfully grow their business.

You can try Buildium’s free trial to check out all the features the program has to offer. After your trial membership, use our Buildium coupon code / coupon codes to unlock instant savings on a Buildium membership.

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