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Essential Tools Should Every Landlord Have in 2024

Being an Airbnb Superhost means going the extra mile. It also means that you need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and take care of your property at a moment’s notice. We’ve pulled together a list of the best tools every landlord should have.

Basic Tools

These basic tools are a great first step in being prepared to handle the minor problems, breakages, and quick fixes that come with property ownership. When possible, we recommend purchasing packages that include many different kinds of tools and relying on high-quality brands that you can count on.

While you might hire someone to do complex home improvement jobs, having some basic knowledge of home maintenance can save you money, time, and effort in the long run.

Power Drills and Bits – This highly rated Black & Decker drill comes with a wide variety of bits to suit almost any circumstance. Easy to use, you’ll be able to hang pictures and replace old screws in no time.

Screwdriver and Screws – If you are looking for a more manual solution, this multi-screw pack is just the thing. With a variety of heads and sizes, you’ll be able to maneuver in even the tightest spaces and find a match for almost any screw.

Tape Measure – As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once! A tape measure has a variety of applications, from replacing old boards to determining appliance dimensions, and even making sure your furniture will perfectly fit in its intended space.

Wrenches – This 24-piece master wrench set comes with a handy roll-up pouch so it’s incredibly easy to store. With a variety of sizes, you’ll be able to quickly address any plumbing concerns quickly.

Pliers – Perfect for any DIY project or last-minute touch-up, having these affordable and versatile pliers on hand will save you many home improvement headaches.

Utility Knife – Whether opening a package, cutting off furniture tags, or marking wallpaper strips, this utility knife is a versatile tool that has many household applications.

Duct Tape – Well known for being a multi-use household staple, duct tape is a useful tool to have on hand. Whether providing a temporary fix to damaged furniture, repairing a tear in an umbrella, or simply being on hand for guest shoe or wardrobe malfunctions, duct tape is a useful resource.

Hammer and Nails – This kit comes with a large hammer and a variety of nail types and sizes. The larger hammer is great for large or outdoor projects, but you might want to also purchase a smaller hammer that can easily maneuver tight spaces.

Saw – In choosing the perfect saw, you want something that can be used on many different projects. Our recommendation works well on pvc pipes, wood, drywall, and more.

Safety Equipment

Whether you, your co-host, or even a hired contractor is working on your property, safety is of the utmost importance. By having just a few of the essentials on hand, you can reduce the danger of DIY. Moreover, you can also ensure that if a guest has a mishap, they’ll have immediate access to safety gear that can make them safer and more comfortable.

Goggles & Mask – Protecting your eyes and lungs from harmful chemicals is a must. These goggles will keep harsh chemicals and debris from irritating your eyes while working. Use this mask while painting or cleaning with harsh chemicals to keep your lungs safe.

Gloves – Tear and cut-resistant gloves will prevent splinters and reduce damage from saws, drills, and errant hammer strikes.

First Aid – However, if you do accidentally cut yourself, having an all-in-one first aid kit on hand is a lifesaver. Even better, you can leave this in a guest-accessible area so if any scraped knees, burnt fingers, or even broken nails happen during their vacation, they can immediately tend to their wounds.

Fire Extinguisher – A crucial safety item for any home, but especially a rental, is a fire extinguisher. This two-pack is perfect for equipping the kitchen and backyard simultaneously, with an easy-to-clean aerosol spray.

HVAC Supplies

Few things are more important to the comfort of a home than the temperature. Especially for Airbnbs in very warm or very cold climates, ensuring that your HVAC system is working perfectly is crucial. Moreover, making sure your HVAC system is clean can reduce allergens and unpleasant smells from ruining a guest’s vacation.

Air Filters & Extra Furnace Filters – Every homeowner knows the importance of replacing their air filters throughout the year. Buy extra air filters so that if you unexpectedly run out or need an emergency change, you don’t need to make a last-minute trip to the store before a new set of guests arrives.

Duct Spray – Feel like your short-term rental starts feeling a little musty in between guests or during the slow season? This spray will quickly deodorize your ducts and help spread cleaner, fresher-smelling air throughout the home quickly.

Painting Supplies

This painting kit comes with everything a landlord needs to touch up, redesign, or get creative in their short-term rental.

It comes with two different-sized paint rollers with several replacement rolls for large coverage or narrow spaces along with matching roller trays. A brush is also included for minor touch-ups…inevitable with the wear and tear a typical Airbnb undergoes on a regular basis.

The included tarps and painter’s tape will keep your edges sharp and your furniture safe. Lastly, you’ll find a gentle sander designed to buff out dents or rough areas where the paint might not lay flat.

Rental Recon Tip: However you decide to paint your Airbnb, always be sure to buy at least one extra can of paint. This will be incredibly handy for touch-ups and will ensure a perfect match if you need to purchase more in the future.

Plumbing Supplies

Some of the most urgent and alarming guest emergencies include plumbing emergencies like small leaks, lack of hot water, or even minimal water pressure. By having a few basic plumbing supplies on hand, you can avoid a hefty off-hours plumbers fee and keep your guests in a comfortable home.

Caulk – Perfect for resealing bathtubs, reducing mildew buildup, and filling in counter gaps, durable caulk and a caulk gun are crucial plumbing tools for any property owner.

Plumbing Snake – Unfortunately, hair going down the drain is an unavoidable reality. Luckily, an easy-to-use drain snake can save you money and time by letting you remove disgusting clogs yourself before it becomes a serious problem.

ABS Pipe Cutter – Pipe cutters are important to have on hand for many plumbing and electric emergencies. This multi-size set is perfect for making cuts to different sizes of piping or tubing.

Teflon Tape – In order to thread pipes correctly, you will need Teflon tape. Simply wrapping this around the threading of a pipe before screwing them together can make the difference between a tight seal and a steady leak.

Channel Locks – While wrenches and pliers can be very versatile, channel locks are even more adaptable and easier to use for those with more limited mobility.

Solder & Soldering Gun – If you need to make last-minute fixes to metal or electrical elements in your home, this soldering gun kit will be incredibly helpful.

Soldering Torch – If a soldering gun doesn’t suit your needs, a torch might be a better fit. This butane torch has a refillable tank, a variety of tips, and a handy carrying case.

ABS Cleaner & Cement – With any plumbing job you do, you’ll want to make sure the pipes are sealed perfectly against further damage or leakage. This primer and glue set is a perfect way to maintain any changes made to internal plumbing or even the sprinkler system at your Airbnb.

Electrical Supplies

In this day and age, guests need to have access to fast internet, working air conditioning, and enough light to live and work by. By having a few basic electric supplies on hand you can be sure that your guests are staying in a safe and comfortable environment.

Extra Light Bulbs – These are easy items to keep on hand so that Airbnb guests might be able to replace or use them if a light in the house goes out.

Wire nutsIf you aren’t comfortable with soldering, these wire caps are a safe and efficient way to connect electrical wires.

Wire Stripper – For precision and affordability, look no further! Whether trimming extra rubber covering electrical wires or flexing your electrician skills, this wire stripper is a valuable addition to your landlord toolkit.

Headlamp/Flashlight – Sometimes property management can take you to some pretty dark places…such as crawlspaces, attics, or even just cabinet corners requiring maintenance. Shining a little extra light on the situation can give you a better perspective and ensure you don’t miss any additional details.

50 Feet of Wire – If ever you need to replace or re-wire something in your home, having a reliable replacement on hand can keep things operational without breaking the bank.

J-Boxes – You’ll want to protect vulnerable wiring points, such as splices or junctions, so having a few extra junction boxes on hand can ensure your wiring system remains secure.

Switches – In case of breakage, damage, or malfunction, having a few spare light switches on hand can facilitate a quick fix so guests aren’t left sitting in the dark.

Cleaning Supplies

Of utmost importance is the cleanliness of your property. Beyond the necessity of cleaning in between guests, you should also keep your cleaning supplies well stocked not only for your cleaning crew but so that guests have what they need to clean up after themselves.

Everyday basics such as dish soappaper towelssponges, and all-purpose cleaner are easy to keep on hand. Bundles that include sprays and dust pans are an affordable and efficient way to keep your rental well-stocked and sparkling clean. You might also want to keep dishwasherlaundry, and toilet cleaning supplies on hand for guest convenience.

Spare Keys and Bolt Cutters

If you have physical keys, a guest will inevitably accidentally fly home with one in their pocket, lose it while out on the town, or even snap it off in the lock itself.

By having spare keys hidden on the property and on your personal key ring can save an expensive and inconvenient visit from the locksmith. And in the case the lock malfunctions or the key breaks off inside, Bolt Cutters ensure you are able to access your property with ease.

Inspection Checklist for Tenants

A property inspection checklist is an easy way to make sure that your rental is ready for guests. Moreover, by double checking that your Airbnb is clean, well-maintained, and in good condition, you establish its status prior to guest check in so if there are any issues upon guest check out, you can definitively say who is responsible for the damage or mess.  

Lease Agreement

As a property owner who is sharing their home with strangers, a notice form is crucial. This document establishes a mutual understanding between host and guest about the expectations for staying in your property. This protects both you and the renter. A lease agreement lets the guests familiarize themselves with safety instructions and important details (such as curfew or noise restrictions) that are important to know ahead of time. By eliminating the unknown, you can reduce potential conflict and ensure a smooth rental process for both parties.


A final consideration is whether you want to use any surveillance equipment such as a Ring Camera. Not only will this make guests feel safer staying in a home away from home, but it can give you an idea of when guests arrive or depart, whether unapproved guests or pets have been added to the reservation, and more.

You may also want to take pictures of your property periodically. This would help establish any new wear and tear between guests so if there is significant damage or mess, you know who to follow up with for compensation.

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