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Where Can I Store My RV for Free? (2024): 11 Great Options

Owning an RV is a great way to enjoy traveling and camping. The draw of “RV life” has gained a lot of traction over the past couple of years and more people than ever have invested in an RV to explore the country.

While life in an RV can be great, RV owners often run into a common problem and find themselves asking, where can I store my RV for free? Finding free storage is tough, but it is possible.

Keep reading for some great options on where to store your RV for free.

How to Store My RV for Free

Where Can I Store My RV for Free?

Free RV storage is hard to find, however, you do have options. If you cannot store your RV on your own property, you can store it on a friend’s property, ask your church to use their parking lot, or even rent your RV out to avoid storage fees and earn some extra cash.

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1. The Garage

When you aren’t traveling in your RV, the best and safest place to store your vehicle is in your garage. A standard-sized two-car garage should fit most Class B and Class C motorhomes as well as smaller RVs, campers, and trailers.

A garage provides your RV with protection from the elements, theft, and vandalism. The best part about garage storage is it’s free! On the downside, you may have to park your car in the driveway if your garage isn’t big enough for both your car and RV.

2. The Yard

If you don’t have a garage or your RV is too big for your garage, your yard is a great option for long-term RV storage. Your RV will be safe on your property, and you will have access to it whenever you want.

Unfortunately, your RV will be vulnerable to bad weather like storms or snow, so you need to make sure it is protected. Some people invest in a carport to make sure their RV stays out of the elements.

3. The Driveway

If you aren’t subject to deed restrictions or homeowner’s association rules, your driveway may be an option for RV storage. Most driveways are long enough for even a large Class A motorhome so space shouldn’t be an issue.

The downside of using your driveway is that it may block access to your garage or take up space usually used for your car. In addition, having a large fancy RV in your driveway may attract unwanted attention to your house.

4. A Friend’s Property

If your property can’t accommodate your RV, you may have a friend who can help. Think about people you know who have land, large shops, or barns. Many people will let their friends store an RV for free, but you should always offer some kind of compensation whether its payment or even help around the property.

Where Can You Store an RV

5. Church Parking Lot

Many churches have large parking lots that are often unused most of the time. If you belong to a church and have a good relationship with the management, they may allow you to park your RV on their property.

This is a great free option, but it does have some downsides. Your RV will be left unattended in an open parking lot which may make it vulnerable to theft and vandalism. A church parking lot is a good option if your church is close to home.

6. RV Dealers

Some RV dealers provide free storage to their customers. When you buy an RV from a dealer, inquire about storage options or try and negotiate storage as part of the deal. If you can get the dealership to agree, you will have peace of mind knowing that your RV is locked up and safe while you’re not using it.

7. School Parking Lot

If you need RV storage in the summer months, your local school’s parking lot may be the perfect spot. Most schools are empty during the summer, so their parking lots are left unused.

You will need to get permission to park your RV on school grounds, but if you live in a smaller community there is a good chance you know your local school’s principal or members of the school board. Be aware though, many schools lock their parking lots when not in use so you may not have access to your RV whenever you want.

8. Campground

If you live in an area with seasonal campgrounds, you may be able to store your RV for free in the off months. Many of these campgrounds sit empty and aren’t open to the public in winter months so it would be a great spot for free storage.

You can contact the campground directly to ask about out-of-season storage options. Some campgrounds may charge you but there’s a good chance it will be a cheaper option than traditional RV storage facilities.

9. Rent Your RV

Instead of storing your RV and letting it sit empty, some RV owners are learning to turn a profit. RV rentals are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to avoid storage costs and make some extra income when you’re not traveling in your RV.

Websites like provide RV owners and potential renters with a rental marketplace. Owners can list their RVs for nightly or weekly rentals much like an Airbnb.


Finding free RV storage can be tricky. Sometimes it works out but sometimes you will end up having to pay for storage. If you want to avoid a large storage facility, may be a good place to look for inexpensive RV storage.

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The best part about is that you are dealing with your actual neighbors. You may even be able to strike a deal with someone to negotiate free RV storage in exchange for another type of service.

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10. RV Storage Lot

If you still can’t find a safe place to keep your RV, you may have to pay for storage at an RV storage facility. These facilities are very easy to find and provide storage options for RVs of all sizes. You can choose an outdoor spot or even have the option of indoor climate-controlled storage.

Although you will need to pay a monthly fee, most of these facilities are gated and have 24-hour security. Your RV will be safe from theft, damage, or vandalism.

Storage units are great options for RVs, trailers, and personal possessions, but there are plenty of alternatives you may not know about. Read our article, 7 Best Alternatives to Storage Units to learn about all the other storage options available!

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What is the Cheapest Way to Store an RV?

If you have to pay for RV storage, there are some cheap options available. Many storage facilities will have low-cost options that involve storing your RV outside without any special amenities. You can also use a storage marketplace like to find personally owned cheap storage options.

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