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The Ultimate Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Checklist: Supplies for a Five-Star Guest Experience

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Airbnb bathroom essentials! As an experienced Airbnb host, I’ve learned the importance of creating a welcoming and comfortable space for guests. A well-stocked and thoughtfully arranged bathroom can significantly enhance the guest experience, leading to glowing reviews and repeat bookings. Let’s dive into the essentials that will make your Airbnb bathroom stand out.

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Checklist
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Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Checklist
Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Supplies Checklist

1. Luxurious Bath Towels: Nothing says comfort like plush, soft bath towels. I personally recommend these Luxury White Bath Towels for their exceptional quality and feel. They’ve been a hit with my guests, and many have even asked where they could buy them for their homes!

2. Quality Hair Care Products: A good hair day starts with great products. This Shampoo and Conditioner Set not only smells divine but also caters to all hair types, ensuring your guests feel pampered.

3. Bar Soap & Hand Soap: Individual soap bars are a good essential to include in your Airbnb. Not only are these ECO Amenities Soaps very sanitary, but they also are not animal tested and have no perfumes or harsh chemicals, making them a perfect option for the conscientious host. If you prefer to use refillable hand soap in a bottle, this hand soap is a great option. The hand soap smells amazing and is made from plant-based ingredients.

4. Refreshing Body Wash: A refreshing shower experience is incomplete without a nourishing body wash. I’ve chosen this Body Wash for its gentle formula and invigorating scent.

5. Sensitive Shampoo Speaking of special considerations, it is always your best bet to go with a sensitive, non-irritating option for any shampoos or soaps you’ll be including. This sensitive shampoo looks and feels luxurious all while being a gentle option that everyone will appreciate.

6. Hygienic Hand Soap: Hand hygiene is paramount. This Hand Soap is both effective and gentle on the skin, making it a bathroom staple.

7. Essential Oral Care: Offering toothpaste and disposable toothbrushes is a thoughtful touch. This Toothpaste and these Disposable Toothbrushes are perfect for guests who might have forgotten theirs.

8. Shaving Supplies: A Razor and Shaving Cream are often overlooked but highly appreciated amenities.

9. Cotton Balls and Q-Tips: These Cotton Balls and Q-Tips are a small addition but show your attention to detail.

10. Makeup Remover Wipes: These gentle Makeup Remover Wipes are a thoughtful touch for guests who wear makeup.

11. Reliable Hair Dryer: A quality Hair Dryer is a must-have. It’s a small convenience that makes a big difference.

12. Non-Slip Bath Mat: Safety and comfort are key. This Bath Mat is both stylish and functional.

13. Durable Shower Curtain: A clean and attractive Shower Curtain can uplift the entire look of the bathroom.

14. Soft Toilet Paper: Never underestimate the power of soft Toilet Paper. It’s a small luxury that goes a long way.

15. Practical Trash Can: A sleek and practical Trash Can is essential for keeping the bathroom tidy.

16. Plunger and Toilet Brush: Be prepared for any situation with a Plunger and Toilet Brush.

17. First Aid Kit: Safety first! This compact First Aid Kit is a must-have for any unexpected minor injuries.

18. Handy Sewing Kit: A small Sewing Kit can be a lifesaver for last-minute fixes.

Additional Essentials:

19. Plush Beach Towels: For properties near the beach or with a pool, providing beach towels is a thoughtful gesture.

20. Bathroom Hooks and Towel Rack: Ample hanging space for towels and clothes is a must for guest convenience.

21. Air Freshener: A subtly scented air freshener keeps the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

22. Hand Lotion: A quality hand lotion can be a soothing addition, especially in colder climates.

23. Bathrobes: Offering plush bathrobes can elevate the guest experience to a luxury hotel standard.

24. Good Bathroom Lighting: Adequate lighting is essential for a functional and inviting bathroom space.

25. Towel Warmer: A towel warmer adds a touch of luxury and comfort, especially in colder regions.

26. Scented Candles or Essential Oil Diffuser: These create a relaxing and inviting ambiance.

27. Magnifying Makeup Mirror: A magnifying makeup mirror is a thoughtful addition for guests who use makeup.

28. Soap Dispenser; A soap dispenser isn’t something you’d typically find in most homes, but it makes perfect sense in a functional Airbnb. This one has three compartments that I usually fill with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Fun labels or a small sign in the bathroom can inform guests on the products you’ve included in case anyone has any special allergies or other considerations.

29. Lighted Wall Mirror: Go all out and provide a lighted wall mirror for extra wow-factor.

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