21 Must-Have Airbnb Beach Essentials [2022] for Hosts

Airbnb Beach Essentials

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As an Airbnb Superhost, I have a lot of experience with anticipating and meeting the needs of my guests (for my top recommendations, see my Airbnb Essentials article). However, the needs of specific vacation rentals can vary widely based on location, time of year, and type of rental.

Guests usually have a certain experience in mind when booking a beach vacation, and making sure that they leave feeling satisfied is our main priority as hosts. In this article, I’ll share my top 21 recommendations to make your beach Airbnb shine.

So, what are the 21 Airbnb beach essentials for hosts?

Outdoor Space

Be sure to read our in-depth review of each of these beach must-haves down below. By the time we’re finished, you should have everything you need to create an unforgettable beach Airbnb experience!

Living Room Beach Essentials

The living room is the landing point of any beach rental. It is likely the first room guests will see upon entering, and it is certainly the room that will leave the biggest impression on them. Décor in any sort of themed or special purpose rental is absolutely crucial and beach rentals are no exception. For more information on general décor advice and recommendations, check out my Best Décor for Airbnb article. 

Natural Fiber Rug

Your beach rental should exude beachy, natural vibes and make your guests truly feel fully immersed in their beach vacation experience. To help draw the experience together, I recommend incorporating lots of natural-feeling décor into your Airbnb.

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This natural fiber rug by Safavieh uses neutral beige coloring and textured woven grass-like material to make your living room feel like a true beach getaway. The wide variety of trim color options allow you to add a little pop of color to your space without it feeling overwhelming. 

Beach-Themed Decor

Another beach-themed décor item I would strongly recommend is this sea glass-inspired windchime. Hanging it in front of an open window and allowing the natural breeze to create unique and relaxing sounds is a surefire way to immerse your guests in the beach experience.

Hand Vacuum

On a more practical note, beach rentals tend to get messy very quickly. In fact, guests may even feel that the space is getting a little too messy during their stay and would appreciate a way to quickly tidy up. Who wants to deal with sandy floors, sheets, and furniture? A sturdy hand vacuum such as this one by Black and Decker allows guests to lightly clean up any unwanted dirt or sand during their stay (not to mention saving you time cleaning down the road)!

Bedroom Beach Essentials

While guests tend to notice things in the living room based on how they’re presented visually, in my experience they remember the bedroom of an Airbnb based on other sensory factors such as smell and overall feel. After all, the bedroom is where they will go to relax after a long day of swimming, picnicking, and sunbathing. The bedroom’s vibe should be as soothing as possible. Luckily, I have a few easy additions that will help you amp up your bedroom rental experience.

Cool Sheets

The focal point of the bedroom is, of course, the bed. It should be decorated simply and in the same style as the rest of your beach home, and you should always use the nicest linens you can. For some tips, head over to my Best Sheets for a Vacation Rental.

More specific to beach rentals, I would highly recommend going with some nice sheets that will stay cool. Nobody likes to be hot at night, and nothing is more unpleasant than spending all night tossing and turning trying to find a nice cool spot! Check out these sheets by Mellanni. Wrinkle, fade, and stain-resistant, these sheets should last you quite some time. They’re also hypoallergenic, which is an absolute must with vacation rentals.

Beach-Scented Candle

To further enhance the sensory experience, I strongly recommend including something lightly scented, such as a candle. I would choose a candle over something similar like scent beads or perfume because guests can choose whether or not to light it and therefore control the level of scent in the room.

Consider this Beach Walk candle by Yankee Candle. It has notes of salt water, sea musk and citrus and burns for (literally) days! It’s also something you could include in other rooms, such as the bathroom if you wanted.

Flowy Curtains

When envisioning a beach vacation, many people have an image of an open window with billowing, light curtains flowing in a light breeze. This vision can be a reality in your rental by adding something like these flowy curtains by MIUCO. They are available in a huge range of colors, but I would recommend going with a classic white curtain to open up your space and keep things looking light and airy. 

Bathroom Beach Essentials

Stone Bath Mat

Unfortunately, many people overlook decorating the bathroom of their rentals or believe it to be a waste of time. This is not the case at all! Again, guests are looking for an immersive beach house experience and will appreciate that everything in your rental ties into this image.

A simple inclusion that really puts the beachy feel forward is this stone bath mat. It can be used either in or out of the tub, but I would advise using is outside as a non-slip stepping point. Its suction cups will keep it firmly in place and washing it is as simple as can be! Guests will feel like they’re right at the beach before they even get there.

Multi-Soap Dispenser

Once in the shower or tub, guests always love when the host has a variety of soaps and washes available. Thankfully, this is made all the more simple with these 4-in-1 soap dispensers. You can have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and something extra like lotion available at the touch of a button. This hotel-like amenity is something guests have come to expect recently, and you certainly don’t want to miss out on such an easy inclusion.

Small Hair Dryer

After exiting the shower (or returning from the beach), it’s important that guests have a way to quickly dry their hair. You don’t have to break the bank on a salon-grade hair dryer, though. This compact hair dryer by Revlon is just $10, but your guests will never know! They will, however, notice and appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

Towels and Towel Rack

Another post-shower comfort that cannot be overlooked is high-quality towels. This is definitely one of those places where guests will notice if you skimp on quality. Thankfully, these luxury fluffy towels are made of high-density fleece and ultra-soft.

I would go with white as it’s much easier to bleach clean than other colors. Also, since your guests will probably be going through towels fairly quickly, a multi-towel rack is a must-have. A nice place to keep damp towels all together will keep your guests from having to resort to hanging them on your doors or furniture.

Kitchen Beach Essentials

You’re probably already fairly familiar with what normally goes in an Airbnb kitchen. However, there are some specific amenities that really should be included in any beach rental. 

Picnic Basket and Blanket

Your guests will want to spend lots of time enjoying the outdoors, and you can maximize their time and comfort by offering them a nice picnic basket like this one. An insulated basket means they can take their lunch with them for long days at the beach, or even drinks with them for a late-night bonfire. The perfect partner for a picnic basket is this picnic blanket. It’s water-resistant and very durable. Also, they’ll be able to shake the sand right off when they’re done, eliminating a lot of frustration later on during cleanup. It folds up into a handy carrying case, so trekking out to the water with it is no problem.

Grilling Tools

If you’ve decided to make a grill available to your guests, be sure and include some basic grilling tools so they can enjoy the outdoor cooking experience to the fullest. This set has everything they’ll need to get started and more! It even comes with its own neat case to put everything away in when you’re done. Your guests will have a blast grilling, skewering, and roasting their own food by the water and you’ll be on your way to a great review.

Bar Cart

If you don’t have the greatest outdoor space (or even if you do) a bar cart is a great way to let guests enjoy a fun evening in your rental. Stocking it with some nice glasses and a few bottles of wine and beer (bonus if it’s a local brew!) will not only add a conversation piece but an interactive experience to your beach Airbnb.

Outdoor Space Beach Essentials


If you’re fortunate enough to have outdoor entertaining space at your beach rental, use it to you and your guests’ full advantage. In my Extra Amenities to Win Over Guests article, I mentioned that a grill is a great addition to any rental. One like this is very low-maintenance on your part but will certainly wow your guests. I would recommend a charcoal grill over propane to minimize having to replace parts over time. 

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are probably the most quintessential “cottage” furniture out there. Having a few on your deck or lawn exudes a nostalgic atmosphere. This model even folds up, allowing for easy storage in the offseason. 

Tiki Torches

Another classic piece of porch décor is tiki torches. These are waterproof solar LED lights that flicker like real flames but don’t involve any of the potential risks or hazards. Guests won’t have to light them but will surely be delighted by the surprise of them flickering on once the sun goes down.

Shade Umbrella

Even if your outdoor space isn’t in direct or full sunlight, shade is still extremely important. A really valuable addition to any outdoor entertaining space is a shade umbrella. Guests shouldn’t have to contend with the sun to have a comfortable outdoor experience at your rental. This umbrella even includes solar LED lights so that when it’s open at night your renters can still have pleasant ambient lighting. 

Outdoor Speakers

Speaking of ambiance, guests trying to relax outside will definitely appreciate a way to play music other than on their phone speakers. Outdoor speakers like these are compatible with nearly all smart devices and even also function as a lamp.

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Consider posting instructions on how to connect to your speaker system the same way you post your WIFI password or other important information in your rental.

Folding Beach Chairs

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure you’ve included everything your guests could possibly need to enjoy the part of your beach Airbnb that they’re most excited about: the beach! 

Folding beach chairs like these are very inexpensive but invaluable to guests looking for a comfortable, relaxing beach experience. They have a handy cupholder and are very lightweight so they’re easy to bring along down to the water. Buying a set will make sure that families and groups all have somewhere to sit and soak up the relaxation.

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