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Airbnb List Of Supplies (2024): Essential Items For Vacation Rental Hosts

Through the trials and tribulations of being an Airbnb Superhost, I’ve come up with a list of tried-and-true Airbnb list of supplies that work really well for our rentals. I thought I’d share these products with you in case they are of use. Here we go!

Airbnb Essentials List

Here is the break down on each Airbnb supply mentioned above:

Comfortable & Durable Mattress & Bed Frame For Airbnb

Having a comfortable and durable mattress and sturdy bed frame is essential for your Airbnb. A good mattress can make all the difference in how your guest’s body feels when they wake up. Making sure your guests have a great sleep will lead to five-star reviews for you.

Last update was on: June 19, 2024

Quality Bed Sheets For Airbnb

These 500 thread count sheets are the sheets that I use in my Airbnb. They are durable, haven’t faded over time, and have luxurious 2-inch sateen stripes. If I need to replace them, they are industry standard so they are easily replaceable.

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Last update was on: June 19, 2024

Airbnb Mattress Protectors

You will want to provide a mattress protector for your beds. This will ensure your mattress stays clean. You really won’t want dust mites to bed bugs making a home on your mattress. Make sure the protector is made to protect against bed bugs.

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Last update was on: June 19, 2024

Airbnb Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers are an inexpensive solution that will provide your Airbnb guests with a more comfortable sleep experience. A mattress topper is a two- to four-inch layer of memory foam, latex, down alternatives, wool, or other material added on top of your mattress for added support and comfort.

Airbnb Pillows- Hypoallergenic

A happy night’s sleep for your guests will likely lead to better reviews. So make sure to provide two pillows per bed. This is a requirement if you get to list your property under Airbnb Plus. But it is a good standard even for regular Airbnb listings. Provide one thick, and one thin hypoallergenic pillow for different options for your guest.

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Last update was on: June 19, 2024

Airbnb Pillow Protector

Airbnb pillows should be protected against bed bugs as well. Use a good-quality pillow protector with a tight zipper.

Hypoallergenic Comforter For Airbnb Guests

I love this hypoallergenic comforter. It is light and can be easily washed. I can use it year-round, and I haven’t had any guest complaints about the bedding.

Rollaway Folding Bed For Airbnb Guests

A rollaway bed is a folding bed with wheels. Rollaway beds are easy to set up and stow away and allow you to accommodate more guests. You can even charge more for the additional person per night, provided you put that in your listing. It is a great alternative to an air mattress, which is prone to damage.

USB Alarm Clock for Your Airbnb

Having a USB alarm clock is an essential Airbnb supply. I have one in each of the bedrooms in my Airbnbs. They have three USB ports so that multiple devices can be charged if needed. There are also outlets right on top of the clock for adapter use.

Airbnb Luggage Rack

An extra place to rest your suitcase will be greatly appreciated by your guests. Place one of these racks in each of your bedrooms. You will also need a place for guests to hang their dresses and dress shirts, so provide closet space, or get a wheeled hanging rack like this one.

Airbnb Hangers & Closet (or Mobile Rack)

After guests have pressed their clothes using your handy iron and ironing board, they will need a place to keep their clothing. Provide hangers, and a closet, or at a minimum provide a mobile clothes hanging rack like the one that I provide in my Airbnbs.

Iron (& Ironing Board) for Airbnb

One of the listing options for hosts to select is an iron. I provide both an iron and an ironing board in all my Airbnbs. This is an essential that every host should have. Guest’s clothes will most likely need a little touch-up after being in a suitcase for an extended period of time.

End Tables for Airbnb

Provide end tables on either side of your couch and also nightstands in the bedrooms for the convenience of your guests so they can put their glass of water or cell phone on.

Airbnb USB Table Lamps

Guests always need places to charge their devices so make sure you supply USB table lamps in the living room and bedrooms that have USB fast charging ports built in for charging phones and other electronic devices.

Airbnb Full-Length Mirror

Full-length mirrors are super essential to your Airbnb. They serve many purposes, not just to show us what our outfit looks like on us. They brighten the spaces, multiply light, and make spaces look larger!

White Noise Machine for Airbnb

White noise machines are a great amenity to provide for your guests. If there is a lot of noise in your area that can cause disturbed sleep or you just want to offer it as an option, white noise machines are an inexpensive way to help your guests relax and have a more restful sleep.

Crib for Airbnb Guests

If you want to attract families with small children, a crib or pack-and-play and a high chair are must-have amenities for your Airbnb. Most hotels offer these as options when you check-in. They are inexpensive items that show you care about your guests.

Plush Towels for Airbnb Guests

Plush towels are a must for guests. They needed to be quick-drying and absorbent, and these towels have exceeded my expectations. I started with white towels, but have decided that light grey is more host-friendly as they show fewer small stains and don’t show tiny lint fuzz that may show up over time.

Airbnb Black Makeup Washcloths

These black makeup washcloths have been a lifesaver for my Airbnb. Before I bought these, guests were constantly staining my towels with makeup and tanning products. Now I just roll one of these up and place it on top of my towel stack. This really cut down on buying new towels constantly.

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Last update was on: June 19, 2024

Shower Walk-Off Mat for Airbnb

Provide a shower walk-off mat in your bathroom. Guests expect that you’ll have this creature comfort. I prefer the simple terrycloth type that can be easily thrown into the washing machine with the towels.

Airbnb Shower Curtain

Many Airbnb hosts use a two-layered approach for their shower curtains. They use a clear or white plastic curtain with weights at the bottom for the inside and a fabric one for the outside. Then you can wash the fabric one and replace the plastic one every few months. Make sure your outside curtain matches your bathroom decor.

Airbnb Toilet Plunger

A toilet plunger is a must for every Airbnb listing. This essential item will cut down on guest calls to the host at 3 am in the morning.

Hairdryer for Airbnb

Most guests expect that a hairdryer will be available when they show up for their stay. Mention this essential in your listing, so guests know you will have one available for use.

Airbnb Shower Soap Dispenser

For my Airbnbs, I have decided to use 3-compartment shower soap dispensers mounted to the shower walls. There are compartments for shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.

This has reduced the expense and waste of providing individually wrapped soap and small shampoo bottles. Guests are used to seeing these types of dispensers in hotels, and they are easy for cleaners to quickly top off.

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Last update was on: June 19, 2024

Toilet Paper for Airbnb Guests

Toilet paper is a basic that should be supplied in your Airbnb. Airbnb notes items that guests consider important for a comfortable stay include toilet paper, towels, linens, pillows, and hand and body soap.

Super-Fast Airbnb Wi-Fi Router

You’ll want to provide your guests with very fast wi-fi service. Part of this is having a very fast router. This one fits the bill, and guests love it.

Key Lockbox or Smart Lock for Airbnb

For now, I’ve decided to just go old-school with a key lockbox. This one is simple to operate with enough room for two regular-sized keys. If I do upgrade to a smart lock, I’ll probably use this one, as I have heard great things about it.

Airbnb Smoke Detectors

The safety of your property and your rental guests is a top priority so make sure you have smoke detectors on every level of the property, in all stairwells and hallways, and inside each bedroom. Smoke detectors have an expiration date and typically require replacement every 8-10 years.

Airbnb Carbon Monoxide Detector

I forgot to mention this essential supply. A carbon monoxide detector is a critical item to have to ensure your guests are protected against the silent killer. All homes should have one, whether you have a new or old furnace, as all improperly functioning heating units can leak carbon monoxide.

Fire Extinguisher for Airbnb

Provide a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. I leave them on the countertops in my Airbnbs, but if you decide to conceal it in a cupboard, label its location on the exterior of the door. I elected for a more expensive extinguisher for added peace of mind.

First Aid Kit for Airbnb Guests

A first aid kit is an essential item for your Airbnb listing. Place it in an obvious place for easy access, and provide a label identifying the location. This essential should be clearly noted in your listing.

Outlet Protectors for Your Airbnb

As a family-friendly host, you want to ensure that you are doing all you can to make your property as safe as possible. Install outlet protectors to prevent children from sticking their fingers or other objects into electrical outlets.

Airbnb Cordless Blinds

Not only are cordless blinds safer for children and pets, but they are also easier to use, longer lasting, offer a cleaner and stylish look, and are easier to clean than traditional blinds.

Smart Television with Safety Straps for Airbnb Guests

A smart television is essentially a TV with an internet connection. Make sure your Airbnb TV is a smart TV capable of accessing streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, while also being user-friendly. This is a sure way to keep your guests happy.

To avoid accidents in your Airbnb, anchor TVs and other appliances and furniture with safety straps.

Airbnb DVD Player

DVD players are not completely obsolete yet, so you may want to include one in the house. Perhaps one Smart TV and one TV with a DVD player. It’s an inexpensive option to add to your Airbnb.

Colorful Throw Pillows for Airbnb

Colorful throw pillows can upgrade the vibe of your Airbnb. Little touches, such as throw pillows and blankets, can create a high-end feel with minimal cost.

Airbnb Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are not only easy to use for your guests, but they can save you money on your utility bill. They allow you to have more control over the temperature in your house while keeping your guests comfortable.

Airbnb Charging Station

Include a multi-port charging station for your guests so they can charge multiple devices at the same time, including their smart watch and earbuds. This is an expensive way to make your guests happy.

Ozone Machine for Airbnb

I highly recommend an ozone machine for your Airbnb to remove strong smells. Close all windows and doors, clear out any people, pets, or plants, and air out the space for at least 30 minutes after you use it.

Airbnb Coffee Maker & Supplies

I have a very simple, yet elegant coffee maker that makes an amazing cup of coffee. This model also has a beautiful glass platform with the coffee pods elegantly presented to guests.

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Last update was on: June 19, 2024

Airbnb Pots & Pans

An Airbnb with a full cookware set can help your guest save money on food and supplies. Include pots and pans in various sizes in your Airbnb so guests can do their own cooking.

Dish Drying Rack, Dish Soap, & Dish Towels for Airbnb

Supply your guest with a dish drying rack, dish soap, and dish towels so they can wash up after cooking, even if your Airbnb has a dishwasher.

Other Essential Kitchen Supplies for Your Airbnb

Provide the following to your guests in your Airbnb kitchen so they have the best home away from home experience:

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