23 Must-Have Airbnb Living Room Essentials, Supplies List & Checklist

Even if your Airbnb guests are adventurous and the weather is gorgeous, they’ll still spend a lot of their time in your living room. As a host, outfitting your rental with everything a guest could need is something you’ve likely put a lot of thought into already.

Living Room Essentials Supplies Checklist

Making the living room as comfortable and welcoming as possible should also be at the very top of your list. The living room is often what creates a valuable first impression on your guests. As a Superhost, I’m excited to share my tips on making that impression a stellar one. 

What are the Airbnb Living Room Essentials that Every Host Should Have?

Keep reading for a detailed look into why your Airbnb’s living room should definitely include these items. 

Practical Airbnb Living Room Must-Haves

Super Fast Wi-Fi

We all live in the 21st century, your guests included. They’ll be expecting super-fast WIFI just about anywhere they stay. The speed of the Wi-Fi depends partially on your cable company, but also on the hardware you choose.

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This TP-Link router allows users to stream 4K video and online gaming simultaneously if desired. It also has a far-reaching signal length, so there won’t be any pesky dead zones in your rental. Be sure your network name is easy to recognize and that your password is included in your house manual 

Key Storage Lockbox

Safely entering and exiting your Airbnb is critically important, both for guests and any staff or workers you may have. A quality key storage lockbox like this one by Master Lock protects your rental and your guests from unwanted visitors. It allows you to easily set and reset your own combination and can hold up to 5 house keys. It’s super durable and fits most standard doorknobs. 

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide detectors are unfortunately often overlooked when it comes to rental safety features. You’d want one in your home, so why wouldn’t you have one in your Airbnb? Most detectors are very compact and can be plugged into any standard wall outlet, and they rarely cost more than $20-30. Make sure you have one on each level of your home to ensure you get accurate readings! Check out our article What is the Best Carbon Monoxide Detector to Buy.

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TV Straps

TV straps are another all-important safety feature that most hosts tend not to consider. If your TV’s dimensions are greater than 20 inches, I always recommend them. They serve two purposes: protecting your TV and protecting your guests. 

Rowdy renters can accidentally bump into an entertainment center and send your pricey Smart TV tumbling to its demise. Even worse, it could land on a guest, which could end in injury or even a lawsuit against you. These straps cost just under $14 and can secure your TV to either the entertainment center or the wall. 

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Video Doorbell

The widespread use of all sorts of technology has made our lives as hosts so much simpler. After all, where would we be without easy-to-use, short-term rental sites like Airbnb? Video doorbells are another such handy item that can drastically reduce your workload and increase the security of your rental property. 

The Ring Video Doorbell for Airbnb is one of the most popular options out there. It can be connected with your existing Alexa and can alert you when someone is at the door. You can even speak to the people outside via your smartphone! This makes check-in a breeze and allows you to know when your guests arrive and when they leave. 

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Charging Station

With the multitude of devices most people carry, a charging station in your rental’s living room is an absolute must. Many devices require a USB charging port, which is not standard in the vast majority of homes, leaving your guests having to use clunky adapters or simply go without. 

This charging station by Simicore only needs to be plugged into the wall in one spot but allows for charging of up to four devices at once. Compatible with both Apple and Android plugs, with this charging station your guests won’t have to wrestle with cords or fight over wall outlets anymore. 

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Ozone Machine

An Ozone machine isn’t something I had thought to include until some rule-breaking guests left my Airbnb smelling like cigarette smoke and I had more renters on their way the next morning! Thankfully, these machines efficiently get rid of all kinds of odors ranging from smoke to pet odors and even paint fumes. 

This machine, by Enerzen, is ultra-low-maintenance and has no filters to clean. You can even set a timer to control the length of Ozone production time, but keep in mind that all Ozone machines must be used while the building is unoccupied.

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Even if your Airbnb unit allows guests to control the temperature via thermostat, a fan is always a welcome inclusion. Some guests within the same party may feel comfortable at different temperatures, or maybe some rooms within your rental heat or cool at varying rates.

Either way, this sleek tower fan comes in both a 40-inch and 17-inch size to fit any rental’s needs. It has an energy-saving eco-mode and a programmable timer, perfect for those who like to sleep with the fan on. 

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Airbnb Living Room Décor Needs


Nobody wants to spend time refinishing your nice end table because somebody left a coffee ring on it. A decent set of coasters will save you so much time and money that they’re practically worth their weight in gold! 

This stylish set is showcases a cute sandstone pattern that fits well with any decor, and the durable stone material means they’ll diffuse heat easily. Their natural cork backing also protects your furniture from scratches. 

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Full-Length Mirror

Everybody needs a place to do a quick once-over on their way out the door. Guests will appreciate you having a full-length mirror placed strategically in your living room or entry so they can do a last-minute outfit check before heading out to dinner.

This one has legs, so it can be a standalone piece. For living rooms that are a little more tight on space, one that mounts to the wall or the back of a door are excellent options. 

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Rental Recon Tip: Consider having an umbrella stand (or even a hook) near the door with one or two compact umbrellas for your guests to use. These are almost never packed by guests but will certainly be very appreciated during that unexpected downpour!

House Plants

Decorative Plants can really change the look and feel of a room. An otherwise plain and boring space can become classic and minimalist with the addition of a few select houseplants. You can even use high-quality faux plants, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice! 

Real plants have the added bonus of cleaning the air and sometimes flowering beautifully, however, guests with allergies may not be so appreciative of this. Also, be sure to consider whether or not you have to time to keep up on watering or repotting if necessary (nobody wants to see a dead plant!). 

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Throw Blanket

Throw Blankets are an absolute must-have for your Airbnb’s living room. Unless you have very minimal seating, just one blanket is usually not sufficient. I would recommend including at least two, if not more, as long as it doesn’t crowd your space.

You can always have extras available in a linen closet or hidden in a storage ottoman. I like to have at least one heavier one and one lighter option to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Check out our article on the best Airbnb blankets here.

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Airbnb House Manual

Your Airbnb House Manual is critical to ensuring that each booking goes smoothly. It helps guests to understand what to expect, and it functions as your first line of communication with them if you aren’t personally checking them in. I like to use a nice binder or portfolio with clearly labeled sections. You can even have one that doubles as a guest book.

You should obviously include your house’s rules in the manual, but it is also helpful to include things like the WIFI password and a guide to using the TV and other streaming devices, if available. It’s also nice to have a list of your “must-visit” places in town. You can even have categories like restaurants, family fun, and outdoor adventures.  

Rental Recon Tip: Sometimes a thorough house manual can be tedious and difficult to read. Use handy tools like colorful dividers and a table of contents so your guests can find what they need quickly. A “fast facts” cover page makes sure your most important information gets conveyed. 

Colorful Throw Pillows

Colorful Throw Pillows allow you to add an easy pop of color to your living room without making any permanent changes. These pillows have abstract, whimsical flowers on them and come in a set of four. You can use all of them together or rotate them out for a fresh look. 

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As with all the fabrics in your rental, make sure you use cotton or another non-irritating material that is easily machine washable. Cheaply made pillows may have colors that rub off onto clothing, which is a big no-no. 

Durable Rug

A durable rug is a game-changer from a host’s perspective. You should choose a color that doesn’t show dirt or stains prominently, often a patterned texture is helpful in this as well. This rug will see a ton of foot traffic, so make sure it isn’t too high-pile or you’ll quickly be able to see paths getting worn down. 

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Airbnb Living Room Supplies Essentials

Another thing to consider is the size of the rug and whether or not it is machine washable. Get a rug that covers your living space adequately, but ideally isn’t so big that you can’t fit it into your washer if at all possible. Being able to wash it yourself and not having to hire a carpet cleaning company saves a lot of money over time. If you can’t machine wash it due to size constraints or other factors, consider investing in a small carpet cleaner of your own. 

Appealing Lighting

Lighting can make or break the ambience of a room. A nice multi-brightness lamp like this one lets guests choose their own settings and takes the guesswork out of your hands. This lamp features a beautiful farmhouse appeal and has USB outlets for your guests.

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Ottoman and/ or Coffee Table

Space permitting, your living room should have a functional ottoman or coffee table. Guests will need somewhere to set books, remote controls, laptops, food, and more. My favorite kind are the classy leather (or fake leather) ottomans with a lid that lifts up for extra storage. This is a great place to store extra pillows, blankets, or even board games. Just make sure to let guests know that it’s there!

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If you have a nice ottoman or Airbnb coffee table, you’ll probably want to protect its surface from spills or other messes with a simple tray on top. This one is nice and large, and its stylish wood won’t snag or splinter. It even has a stain-resistant finish, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. It’s also a great place to store your coasters and a few display books. 

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Fun Things to Include in Your Airbnb Living Room 

Games for Guests

Whether or not your Airbnb specifically caters to families, games and activities for guests are still a good idea to have. These can range from things as simple as a deck of cards to an entire board game collection. Many tables or trays have a chessboard top, making it easy for your guests to enjoy a game on a rainy day. If you have lots of table space, puzzles are a great option to keep people of all ages entertained. 

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Smart TV

A Smart TV is sure to keep even the pickiest guest entertained. This one is a super-affordable option and comes in a variety of sizes and price points. It is even compatible with Alexa and Google Home, allowing your guests the convenience of hands-free browsing. 

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High-Quality Speakers

Even the fanciest TV can’t be enjoyed if the sound doesn’t reach everyone in the room. Some nice high-quality speakers can fix these bad acoustics or further enhance an already great entertainment center. This portable speaker has 360-degree surround sound and is water-resistant, meaning it can be used both for cozying up with a movie out or outside at a pool party. 

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A streaming device will allow your guests to enjoy services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more with ease. This Amazon Fire TV Stick can plug into almost any HDTV and pairs with Alexa to allow voice controls. If you aren’t ready to shell out for a pricier Smart TV just yet, devices like this make great, affordable alternatives. 

Streaming Device

Many hosts are now choosing to purchase a few streaming subscription services instead of a cable service. It can be a lot more cost-effective and allows guests greater flexibility in choosing what to watch. Additionally, some streaming services now offer cable subscriptions as part of their plans, giving you even more options to choose from. 


Books, to me, are a big part of what sets Airbnb rentals apart from traditional, impersonal hotels. There’s nothing warmer and more inviting than a well-stocked bookshelf and a nice chair to cozy up in. 

But you don’t have to keep an entire library’s worth on hand to please your guests, a small selection will do just fine. Lots of hosts choose to keep a few classic options around, like Harry Potter or a set of Charles Dickens novels. It is also a nice touch to feature local authors, if possible, or a book or two specific to your location that details its history.

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Airbnb Living Room Essentials Checklist Supplies List

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Related Questions:

Should I be wary of letting my guests use expensive tech items?

It’s generally not an issue. If a guest were to damage or break something like your speakers or Smart TV, it should be covered under your short-term rental insurance or Airbnb’s protection program. Guests have come to expect that these higher-tech streaming devices and other items (or at the very least, a TV) will be available, so it is better to offer them than to not. 

What if my guests will be using the living room as another sleeping area?

Consider outfitting the living room to be a little more multifunctional. It can still be a normal hangout area during the day, but at night the guests sleeping in it will appreciate a few more creature comforts. Things like regular bed pillows and extra blankets in varying weights can make it significantly nicer for them. You could even include blackout curtains if your living room has an abundance of natural light. 

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