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The Best Color for Airbnb Towels (2024): White Vs. Color

When I decided to use my property as an Airbnb, I couldn’t wait to decorate the rental space for my guests. For me, picking out the theme and décor was the most fun. This included sheets and bedding, accent pillows and blankets, kitchen supplies, and of course, towels.

Best Color Towels for Airbnb Vacation Rental Short Term

Airbnb notes that one towel per guest is an “essential item” that must be included in each rental, however the type of towel and color you provide is your choice. One question I have encountered a lot as an Airbnb host is whether to stock your rental with all white towels or color towels.

So, What is the Best Color for Airbnb Towels?

After years of rental experience as an Airbnb Superhost and speaking with other hosts, I use white towels in all my rentals and suggest that new hosts do the same. Although color towels can look great in a bathroom, white towels are more practical, easier to clean, and stay fresher longer.

Why Do I Use White Airbnb Towels?

You Can Use Bleach

The number one reason I recommend white towels over color towels is because they can be bleached. Bathroom towels are a breeding ground for bacteria. After being used even once, a towel that still smells and feels clean can be contaminated with coliform bacteria, E. coli, or even MRSA. With various people using the towels in your Airbnb rental, you want to be sure they are properly cleaned.

To keep bathroom towels clean and sanitized, it is recommended that they are washed in hot water with bleach to kill germs and bacteria. If you have color towels in your Airbnb, you cannot clean them with bleach, and they may not be as clean as they should be for your new guests.

Washing towels with bleach will not only kill bacteria but also any mildew which will keep your towels smelling fresher for longer.

White Towels “Feel” Cleaner

Ever notice that almost every hotel you’ve ever stayed in uses white towels? There is a reason. White towels and linens feel cleaner because you can be sure there are no stains hiding in a dark color. When you unfold a fresh white towel, you will immediately notice if it clean or not. Guests in both hotels and Airbnb rentals tend to prefer the transparency of white towels and linens.

Best Airbnb Towel Color

Do White Towels Get Dirtier?

There is a long-standing myth that white towels get dirtier than color towels. The truth is, they are equally dirty- you can just see it more on the white towel!

A colored towel will have the same make-up stains and dirt streaks as a white towel but because you can’t see it as easy, you don’t realize how dirty your towel actually is. In a way, having white towel ensures cleaner towels because you are more likely to put your towel in the wash when you start noticing stains.

How to Keep White Towels Clean

If you do choose to go with white towels in your rental, you will want to be able to keep your towels fresh and looking like new. This is simple with a few easy tricks.

As stated earlier, you can use bleach in your white towel wash cycle. This should remove any tough stains like make-up, self-tanner, dirt, and grime. Some hosts like to use chlorine bleach while others opt for a gentler oxygen bleach.

Instead of drying your towels in a dryer, consider hanging them on a clothesline in the sun. This will also help remove any stains and kill bacteria. Just be sure that your towels are completely dry before putting them away to avoid mold and mildew.

If you are not a fan of bleach, you can try these alternatives for a greener way to keep your towels white, fresh and bacteria free:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Dishwashing Soap (powdered)
  • Borax
  • Oxy Clean
  • Baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Tea tree oil
  • Castile soap

Here’s are some helpful tips for getting towel super fresh and white:

Our Recommendations for Bath Towels

Have you picked a color option for your Airbnb towels but can’t decide what type of bath towel to buy? After vetting several towel options for maximum comfort and durability, these are our top picks for towels for your Airbnb rental:

  1. Luxurious Turkish Cotton Towels: These towels hold up great to repeated bleaching and maintain their plushness. They are great value for the money which makes them our number one pick.
  2. Glamburg 100% Pure Organic Towels:We like these towels because they are organic cotton and have a unique waffle weave pattern. They are absorbent and dry quickly.
  3. Chakir Turkish Linens:These towels provide your guests with a luxury hotel or spa experience because they are soft and plush. They stand up well to bleaching and have great reviews.
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Last update was on: July 14, 2024

Beach Towels

If your rental includes a pool or jacuzzi or is near a beach, providing your guests with separate beach towels is a great idea. This keeps your bath towels in the house, so they are less likely to pick up dirt and more likely to last longer.

For beach towels, we recommend the Kaufman Beach Towels that comes in a four-pack of fun different colors. These towels are a great value and retain their color well over time.

Last update was on: July 14, 2024

For more details about our towel recommendations, pros and cons, and towel tips and essentials that you cannot miss out on, read our article about the 5 Best Airbnb Towels.

Washcloths and Make-up Towels

Many hosts concur that washcloths and makeup towels endure the most wear and tear in their rental. These are the towels that are most often stained with makeup or used to clean up a messy spill in the house.

Although I still recommend white washcloths because of their ability to bleach, many hosts opt for a different color. Some hosts use washcloths as the opportunity to add a pop of color to their bathroom décor. Because these towels are small, they can be replaced inexpensively so if a towel is ruined by makeup or the peroxide in a facewash, it won’t break the bank to replace.

Another option for face towels are these ones which come in a stylish black. They have the word “Makeup” embroidered boldly in white so your guests will know what to use them for!

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Color Towel Options

If white towels just aren’t for your and your space, it is perfectly okay to stock your rental with color towels. Our top towel recommendations even come in great color options.

If you do opt for color towels, I always suggest a neutral color like grey, taupe, or beige. Like white, these colors are easy to maintain, and you will be less likely to notice fading.

If you choose to use color towels and are unable to bleach them, consider adding a color-safe cleaner to your wash to kill bacteria and germs like lemon juice, white vinegar, or baking soda. Any of these additives will keep your bathroom towels clean, safe for your guests, and smelling fresh.

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose classic white towels for your rental or decide on a color towel to match your décor, the most important thing is that the towels you provide for your guests are clean, fresh, and stain-free. Making your guests feel comfortable and pampered in your rental is key to a successful Airbnb.

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