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Awesome Bedding for Airbnb: Sheets, Mattresses, Covers & More

As an Airbnb host, it is important to remember that having a high-quality bedroom is one of the most important, if not the most important, elements of your Airbnb. Having quality bedding incorporated into your Airbnb bedroom will ensure your guests have a great night’s sleep, resulting in a highly-rated stay.

Here are the Factors to Consider When Selecting Airbnb Bedding


Choosing comfortable bedding is essential for ensuring a great guest experience in your Airbnb. You’ll also want to invest in high-quality bedding that feels soft and cozy against the skin. But first, it’s important to note that comfort starts with the mattress that you choose. While there are a ton of options on the market, this memory foam mattress is sure to make sure your guests have a comfortable stay.

Look for sheets made of high-quality materials, as this will provide a luxurious feel that your guests will appreciate. Cotton sheets or bamboo sheets are highly recommended as they are breathable and moisture-wicking, helping to regulate body temperature for a better night’s sleep.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the pillows and comforters you provide in your vacation rental. Your pillows should be soft and fluffy, but also supportive. Guests should be able to sink their heads into the pillow without feeling like their head is hitting the mattress.

As for comforters, look for those that are lightweight yet warm, making them suitable for all seasons. Natural materials such as down, feather, or wool are great options as they are warm and breathable. If your short-term rental property is in a place with four seasons, adding a duvet cover and insert is also a great option.


When selecting bedding for your Airbnb, you should also consider its durability. Your bedding should be able to withstand frequent use and washing without losing its quality. Look for bedding made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. Investing in high-quality bedding may be a little more expensive upfront, but it will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to replace your bedding as often.

Furthermore, consider using protective covers for your mattresses and pillows. Protective covers can help extend the lifespan of your bedding, protecting it from spills, stains, and dust mites. They are easy to remove and wash, making it easy for you to maintain the cleanliness of your Airbnb.

Ease of Cleaning

Nobody wants to stay at an Airbnb with dust mites trapped in their mattress. As an Airbnb host, you need bedding that is easy to clean and maintain. Look for bedding that is machine washable and can withstand frequent washings. Bedding made from materials that don’t easily stain or wrinkle, such as microfiber, can save you time and money in the long run. It’s best to avoid bedding that requires dry cleaning, as this can be costly and time-consuming. You want to choose products that make property management a breeze.

To make washing more manageable, you can provide your guests with instructions on how to strip the bed and leave the used bedding in a designated area. You can also provide a laundry basket for guests to use. Easy cleaning = happy hosting!


When selecting bedding for your Airbnb, it’s essential to consider the color and design. Neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray are timeless and can work with any room décor. These colors also help create a sense of cleanliness and comfort in your Airbnb.

Brightly colored or patterned bedding may be attractive to some guests, but it can also be challenging to coordinate with the rest of the room décor. As an Airbnb superhost, we prefer to use white bedding because it makes cleaning up easier. Moreover, it may not appeal to all guests as some may prefer a more subdued aesthetic. Also, white is great because it doesn’t fade.

Rental Recon Tip: White bedding can be washed together and bleached to remove stains. Also, white will make your rental property feel more luxurious.

If you do not like the thought of white sheets, then I recommend going with a darker blue. Blue fades slower than most colors and creates a clean and harmonious feel as well. That being said, both white and blue are great options to pair with most decorating styles.

Overall Aesthetic

Your bedding should complement the overall aesthetic of your Airbnb bedroom. When selecting bedding, consider the style of your room. If your room has a minimalist or modern design, choose bedding with clean lines and a simple design. Neutral colors such as white, beige, or gray will also work well with this type of room design.

Alternatively, if your room has a cozy or rustic vibe, opt for bedding with a warm and inviting texture. You can use bedding with warm colors, such as earthy browns, oranges, and reds, to create a cozy ambiance in your Airbnb.

Our Airbnb Bedding Inventory List

Comfortable Mattress

The best mattress you can have in your Airbnb is a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are comfortable, form-fitting, and not harsh on guests who may have physical irritations like joint pain.

Our recommendation for a mattress is the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress. This is the mattress that we utilize in our rentals. It comes in multiple sizes, ranging from 6 to 12 inches, and is available in all sizes. In addition to its comfort, its variability makes it easy to bring into your rental, as you can be sure it will fit any bed frame that does not require a box spring.

The added green tea extract infused into the mattress fibers will keep your mattress fresh, increasing its lifespan. This Zinus mattress is easy to assemble (just unroll from the box and wait 48 to 72 hours to inflate fully) and is durable, comfortable, and stylish.

Elegant Bed Frame

Having a high-quality bedframe is important in any Airbnb because it makes the bedroom feel more luxurious. Our recommendation for the best bed frame in an Airbnb also comes from Zinus. The Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed is sleek and stylish, durable, and can fit in nearly any space. It is available in twin, full, queen, and king, and pairs perfectly with a memory foam mattress that does not require a box spring.

When choosing a bed frame you want to make sure it fits your space and decor. This bed frame has been popular in our Airbnb properties and is the best because it can fit well into any design style. The metal frame and solid wood pieces make it look sleek and modern, but because of its color, it can easily fit into cozier styles as well.

Mattress Protector

A mattress protector is an essential item to have to complete your Airbnb bedding needs. We recommend this hypoallergenic mattress protector. As an Airbnb host, the goal is to have a full calendar of happy guests. That means tons of people will be using your Airbnb bedding. Mattress protectors not only allow you to keep your mattress clean but ease your guest’s mind as well.

Using a mattress protector is a good practice for maintaining the quality of your mattress. A quality mattress can be an investment, and protecting it can extend its lifespan. With a mattress protector, you can avoid spills, stains, and damage that can ruin the mattress and require costly replacements. This will save you money in the long run, and also ensure that your guests are sleeping on a clean and comfortable mattress every time.

Hotel-Quality Sheets

Choosing quality sheets for your mattress means your guests will be getting a good night’s sleep. Our top choice for bed sheets are these Hotel Sheets from Hotel Sheets Direct. These sheets are made from rayon that comes from bamboo. This makes them both super soft and hypoallergenic. This helps to eliminate dust mites and is great for guests who may have allergies. These sheets are well-liked and versatile.

These sheets are also anti-piling, so they will last you for a long time and help prevent fading should you choose colored sheets. They fit mattresses up to 15 inches, so they will fit most if not all, memory foam mattress

The Hotel Sheets can withstand the changing seasons because they are thermoregulating. They are cool sheets when it is hot outside and warm when it is cold. You will not have to think about changing them out when the seasons change. 

Protective Mattress Cover

As an Airbnb host, one of the most important items you need to have in your Airbnb bedding inventory list is a protective mattress cover. This item is essential because it protects your mattress from spills, stains, and bed bugs. It creates a barrier between the mattress and the sheets, providing your guests with a clean and hygienic sleeping surface. A mattress cover is meant to go on directly on your mattress and below your fitting sheet.

Be sure to invest in a high-quality cover that is both waterproof and breathable to ensure maximum comfort for your guests. When choosing a mattress cover, look for a high-quality one that fits your mattress size, is breathable, and is easy to clean. You should also add luxury sheets with a high thread count to create a more comfortable and luxurious sleeping experience for your guests.

Duvet Cover, Insert, Comforter, or Quilt

Choosing the right duvet covers, bed linens, or quilt is crucial to create a comfortable and inviting sleeping space for your guests. One option to consider is triple sheeting, which involves layering all the sheets on the bed for a clean and luxurious look. If you take a look at the HGTV video below you will see how to make your Airbnb bedding like a hotel so that guests feel more comfortable.

Additionally, consider investing in high-quality bedding, such as Egyptian cotton or bamboo sheets, to create a more luxurious sleeping experience for your guests. Make sure to include duvet covers that are comfortable, breathable, and match the decor of your rental property. This way, you can create an inviting and cohesive atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

You can check out our article on The Best Duvet Covers for Airbnb (2023) for a detailed guide on how to choose the best duvet cover.

Comfortable Pillows for Sleeping

Providing comfortable pillows for your guests is essential when creating your Airbnb bedding inventory list. Our choice for the best pillows are these COZSINOOR Bed Pillows that are both breathable and cool. Be sure to buy two of these and two pillows with different thicknesses.

Rental Recon Tip: Aim to have four pillows per queen bed – two of one thickness and two of another thickness/ comfort level.

When choosing pillows, consider investing in down or down alternative pillows that are soft and supportive. Additionally, you can add luxury pillowcases that match the color scheme and decor of your rental property. You can also add additional comfort by including extra pillows such as decorative or body pillows. Having comfortable pillows will help your guests get a good night’s sleep and increase their satisfaction with their stay.

Matching Pillowcases

Matching pillowcases are an essential part of any Airbnb bedding inventory list. This is because pillowcases create a clean and inviting look in your rental property. You can also choose different colors or patterns that match the decor and color scheme of your rental property. But, choosing white pillowcases will allow you to wash your pillowcases together and use bleach to get rid of any stains that you may have.

Additionally, consider investing in high-quality pillowcases made from materials such as Egyptian cotton or bamboo. These materials are soft and comfortable, providing your guests with a luxurious sleeping experience. By providing matching pillowcases, you can create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Pillow Protectors

While pillow protectors are optional on your Airbnb bedding inventory list, but they can be a great addition for hosts who want to ensure that their pillows stay clean and hygienic. When selecting pillow protectors, look for materials that are breathable and comfortable, such as cotton or bamboo.

Some materials can make pillows feel stiff and uncomfortable. By providing high-quality bedding and pillowcases, you can create a comfortable and memorable stay for your guests.

Decorative Pillows

As an Airbnb host, you know that the guest experience is paramount. One good practice to implement is to use decorative pillows to help create an inviting and stylish atmosphere in your bedrooms. They add an extra layer of coziness and can even help to elevate the design of the room.

When selecting decorative pillows, it is important to follow the same rules as for sleeping pillows. Soft pillows are always a good option, but make sure to also provide firmer options for guests who prefer them. It is best to have a variety of sizes and styles to give your bed a stylish and comfortable look. Consider mixing patterns and colors to add visual interest to your bed.

Decorative Throw Blanket

A throw blanket is a must-have in any Airbnb bedroom. Not only do they add an extra layer of warmth, but they also add texture and visual interest to your bed. When selecting throw blankets, it is important to consider the different fabrics and weights to accommodate all guests.

We recommend having a good mix of lighter and heavier weight blankets, as well as a variety of fabrics that are not too itchy or irritable. Cotton is always a great option, as it is soft, breathable, and easy to care for.

For even more bedding information you can check our or article about The Best Vacation Rental Bedding.

How to Make a Bed for Airbnb

Making a bed for an Airbnb should be more intricate than making a bed at your own home. It is all about comfort and presentation. And the details matter. No matter why your guests are traveling, they will want a comfortable bed at the end of their day.

  1. First, place the mattress cover on the mattress. This will add comfort and extra protection, increasing the longevity of your mattress.
  2. Next, place the fitted sheet on top and add the regular sheet in accordance with the triple sheeting method (more on this later.)
  3. Then, place the duvet cover, add the pillows, and any decorative pillows, and throw blankets on top. 

While adding extra decorative pillows and blankets aren’t a necessity, they will add a special touch to the overall feel of your Airbnb, making your guest’s experience pleasant and memorable. And in turn, make you an Airbnb superhost.

Here are more videos on how to make and decorate an Airbnb bed:

Triple Sheeting

Triple sheeting is the best way to optimize both comfort and style in your Airbnb. It gives your bed a nice, polished look, much like how hotel beds are made, and, your guests will not have to fidget much with the sheets to climb into bed.

Here’s how-to triple-sheet a bed:

  1. Take the fitted sheet, over the mattress cover, and tuck it in.
  2. Take the flat sheet, and bring it to the top of the mattress, just shy of the bed frame.
  3. Take a blanket (heavy or light, depending on the climate and season) and place it on top. Be sure to leave 6 inches of room between the top of the blanket and the bed frame. 
  4. Take ANOTHER flat sheet and place it on top of the blanket, bringing it all the way to the bedframe.
  5. Fold both the bottom and top flat sheets 6 inches, so that they fold down in line with your blanket.
  6. Take the flat sheets and the blanket and fold them all down together 6 inches. 
  7. Finally, tuck everything under the mattress, creating smooth edges on the corners of the bed, and flatten out any wrinkles.
  8. Place your duvet cover on top, and then add pillows and decorative pillows and blankets.

See this video from ComphyCo for a video tutorial on triple sheeting: 

Airbnb Bed Size & Type 

This is a common debate among Airbnb hosts, queen-or king-sized bed? Both provide comfort and space, but which one is best for your space?

Consider the available space in your vacation rental, your budget, and your guests’ needs when selecting the right bed size and type.

King Sized Airbnb Beds

If a king-sized bed fits in your room, I highly recommend choosing this. King-sized beds are the largest and most luxurious option for your Airbnb. If your space can accommodate a king-sized bed, this can be an excellent marketing point when listing your Airbnb. The extra space and comfort that a king-sized bed provides will undoubtedly grab your guests’ attention. Make sure to invest in quality bed sheets that will match the luxury feel of your king bed.

Queen Sized Airbnb Beds

If a king-sized bed is not a feasible option for your space, consider a queen-sized bed instead. Queen-sized beds provide ample space and comfort for guests without taking up as much room as a king-sized bed. It is also a more budget-friendly option for property management as queen-sized beds are generally less expensive than king-sized beds. Look for bed sheets that match the décor of your room to provide a cohesive look and feel.

Bunk Beds for Airbnb

If you are managing a vacation rental with a small space, bunk beds or twin beds can be an excellent option. Bunk beds provide more bed options in a smaller space, making it perfect for accommodating families with children. Make sure to invest in sturdy and safe bunk beds to ensure your guests’ safety. Additionally, twin beds are a budget-friendly option that can be paired together to make a king-sized bed if needed.

Rental Recon Tip: We recommend storing an air mattress in your rental property. An additional air mattress is a great option for smaller rooms that are more suited for a twin or full-sized bed.


High-quality Airbnb bedding is crucial in providing a comfortable and memorable guest experience. Guests value a good night’s sleep and appreciate high-quality, comfortable bedding. When selecting bedding for your Airbnb, consider factors such as comfort, durability, ease of cleaning, color, and overall aesthetic. Investing in high-quality bedding that meets these criteria will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your Airbnb, resulting in positive reviews and repeat bookings.

If you’re ready to become an Airbnb superhost and get your Airbnb bedroom up in running, check out this article for a list of Airbnb bedroom essentials:

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