The 7 Best Duvet Covers for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

A duvet cover is an essential piece of your Airbnb’s bedroom. Not only do duvet covers protect your comforter from getting damaged, but they also help keep your guests comfortable and warm throughout their stay.

Best Duvet Covers for Airbnb

While it can be difficult to find the best duvet cover for your Airbnb, we have gathered a variety of options that provide a great amount of comfort and look beautiful in any setting.

Which are the 7 Best Duvet Covers for Airbnb and Vacation Rental Properties?

Bedsure Cotton Duvet Cover
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Keep reading to learn more about why we chose these options as the best duvet covers for Airbnb and other short-term rental properties.

Our Top Pick: Bedsure Cotton Duvet Cover

During our search for the best duvet cover for Airbnb, we have found a variety of options, but we found the Bedsure Cotton Duvet Cover to be our top choice.

This duvet cover is 100% cotton and features a unique waffle pattern design. Your Airbnb guests will appreciate this duvet cover’s simplicity while staying at your Airbnb rental.

9.6 Total Score
The Bedsure Cotton Duvet Cover Review: Here's How it Stacks Up

We rated the Bedsure Cotton Duvet Cover on five different categories: comfort, durability, value, lightweight, and easy-to-clean.

  • 100% cotton
  • Textured waffle design
  • Hidden-button closure
  • Machine-washable
  • Spare button included
  • Two pillowcases are included
  • Lightweight
  • Shrinks after washing it multiple times
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When looking for a new duvet cover for our Airbnb, we wanted one that was lightweight and that can be used throughout the year. We were very impressed when we came across the Bedsure Cotton Duvet Cover.

While its 100% cotton, we also loved its beautiful, yet simple white waffle weave design. It added another layer to our Airbnb property. While the design is simple, it provided our Airbnb with a clean, modern look, which made it easy to match it with bright-colored blankets and quilts.

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The duvet cover features a hidden-button closure and 8 individual ties that help maintain the duvet’s shape and help the insert stay in place. Even if one of the buttons fall off or get damaged, it comes with a spare button that is sewn at the end of the closure.

The duvet cover is machine-washable and won’t wrinkle even after you wash it. The bedding also gets softer after each wash, however, we found that it may shrink over time after multiple washes.

If you aren’t a fan of the white, it comes in six other colors that still give off a modern, clean appearance.

Runner-Up: Wake In Cloud – Botanical Duvet Cover

Another one of our favorites is this Botanical Duvet Cover. This duvet cover has a unique flower and green leaves pattern, printed on a white background. For us, we found that the design’s color didn’t fade over time, even after multiple washes, which was a huge plus.

The duvet cover is made with 100% cotton, which makes it both soft and breathable. This allowed us to use the duvet cover for all seasons.

$54.99 $89.99
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While the zipper closure wasn’t well-hidden, it did make it convenient to get our insert in and out of the cover. The four corner ties help keep the duvet insert in place as well.

If you need to find sheets that match the floral design, we recommend matching it with white or yellow sheets made from 100% cotton to highlight the duvet cover’s pattern and make it even more comfortable.

The Trendy, Boho Option: Grey Stripe Boho Duvet Cover

If you are looking for a more trendy, modern duvet cover, then look no further than this Grey Stripe Boho Duvet Cover.

This duvet cover is made with 100% cotton, which makes it soft to the touch. The duvet cover also has moisture absorption, air-permeability, and heat preservation qualities that will help your guest wake up feeling refreshed.

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We love how this design has a geometric pattern with triangles, circles, and lines. And, if you ever grow tired of this bohemian, Aztec-style pattern, the duvet cover is reversible, so you can easily change up the look of your duvet cover set to a solid color.

The material is wrinkle-resistant and fade-proof, even after multiple washes. The duvet cover features a hidden zipper to keep the insert in with securities located on all four corners of the duvet cover, which prevents the insert from bunching up.

One of our duvet covers’ hidden zipper broke just after the first wash. But, because their customer service is 24/7, we were able to get a replacement for the duvet cover right away.

For Those Who Love Color: NexHome Duvet Cover

You may want to have a bright, colorful duvet option to make your Airbnb bedroom stand out. If this is the case, then you may like the NexHome Duvet Cover the best.

This duvet cover comes in 19 different color options, some of which are bright while others are muted and neutral. We have chosen the more colorful options for our Airbnb properties, including their rust/burnt orange and teal.

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In addition, the natural wrinkle design helped make our Airbnb properties seem more like a home away from home.

The material of the duvet cover is 100% microfiber and gets even softer after each wash. A few of our guests have mentioned how cozy and breathable this duvet cover was in their reviews.

We did notice, however, that the duvet cover had a couple of pulls after multiple washes. Though, we learned that running the dryer on low heat can prevent these pulls from occurring in the first place.

Our Favorite Textured Duvet: M&Meagle White Duvet Cover

Having a duvet cover with a textured design can make a huge difference in your Airbnb property. One of our favorite duvet covers with a textured design is the M&Meagle 3 Pieces White Duvet Cover.

This duvet cover is made with high-quality fabric, as both sides are made with 100% stonewashed microfiber. Like some of our other choices, this duvet cover uses a durable zipper to make taking the insert in and out easier.

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The simple, textured design made our Airbnb appear like a luxury hotel. We recommend pairing the duvet cover with large, hotel-quality pillows.

The M&Meagle duvet cover held up well after washing it multiple times with our machine, but we did find this duvet cover set to be too thin.

This duvet cover is an excellent option for the summer and spring seasons, but in the fall and winter, you may need to include a couple of throw blankets to make sure your guests are kept warm throughout the night.

The Breathable, Cozy Option: JELLYMONI Green Cotton Duvet Cover

Next on our list is the JELLYMONI Green Cotton Duvet Cover. This duvet cover is available in 19 different neutral colors, which will bring a more relaxed style to your Airbnb.

We didn’t need to iron the duvet cover at all to maintain its natural wrinkled appearance, and the color of the duvet cover never faded after washing it multiple times.

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The material is also made with washed cotton, which makes it both comfy and breathable. We also liked that the material was skin-friendly, so it won’t feel scratchy against your guests’ skin.

Security buttons are used to secure the duvet cover over your Airbnb comforter or bedding set, which helped hold the duvet in place.

We did notice that the sham pillowcases are sized too small for our pillows, but we were able to contact their customer service regarding this issue. JELLYMONY has a 1-month return and replacement service to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Bedsure Cotton Duvet Cover
To learn more about the Bedsure Cotton Duvet Cover, click the button.

Budget-Friendly: Luxurious Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover

For those looking for a more affordable duvet cover, the Luxurious Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover is the best choice.

Though this option is cheaper than the others on this list, it is still made with top-quality material. The material is 100% microfiber polyester, which will ensure your guests’ comfort throughout their stay.

$30.99 $32.99
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The textured, pinch pleated design is a unique addition to the duvet cover as well. Our guests mentioned in their reviews that they appreciated the luxurious touch this duvet cover provided.

However, we found that after using it multiple times, the insert inside the duvet cover would slip underneath or bunch up. Also, the pintucks are a little delicate and can be undone over time. However, the duvet cover is easily replaceable.

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