[The 5 Best Blankets for Airbnb and Vacation Rental Hosts] (& Quilts)

Looking for the best blankets for Airbnb? How about quilts? Here are our favorite go-to options that we use in our vacation rentals. These are all quality blankets and quilts that we have had good success with. Keep reading to see why you need one or all of these options for your guests.

Best Airbnb Blankets and Quilts for Vacation Rental Hosts

What are the Best Airbnb Blankets for Vacation Rental Hosts? How about Quilts?

By the end of this article, you should have everything you need to assemble a cozy, 5-star, Superhost-worthy room that will make your guests never want to leave!

Reversible Quilted Duvet

A good duvet is a must-have in any climate, even warmer ones. Although guests may not always choose to sleep under it, a duvet still serves as a landing point in a room. The bed is what guests’ eyes are drawn to upon entering, and it is what will make the most powerful first impression.

Guests will drop luggage, souvenirs, and belongings on top of the bed after a long day of travel or shopping. Of course, they’ll also use the top of the bed for lounging and relaxing. This is why a durable, easy-to-wash duvet that maintains a stylish look is such an important piece in any Airbnb.

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I highly recommend the Linenspa Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Duvet (available on Amazon). It is available in a plethora of colors that will match any décor. All of the varieties are reversible, and most have a solid color on one side and a light striped pattern on the other side. Personally, I love my grey and white striped one.

The stripes are subtle enough to not overpower any other patterns I might be showcasing in the room but also provide the slightest bit of contrast that both adds visual interest to my space and hides discoloration.

It also features several discreet loops around the edges which makes it incredibly easy for me to attach a different duvet cover and completely change the look of the room if I want. It is machine washable and made of a hypoallergenic microfiber down alternative which appeals to both eco-friendly guests and those with sensitive skin.

Microfiber Fleece Blanket

Everybody loves to snuggle down in a luxurious plush blanket after a long day of travel. Unfortunately, sometimes these blankets can be a host’s worst nightmare from a maintenance perspective (I once lost my favorite plush fleece blanket to a fluffy-lint-fueled explosion in the dryer), but we still need to provide options to keep our guests feeling as comfortable as possible. Luckily, I have a blanket that makes laundry a joy (well, sort of) and keeps your guests feeling like royalty.

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The Sherpa Microfiber Fleece Blanket not only looks great draped over the back of my armchair but also keeps my guests warm and cozy during those frigid Idaho winters. It is available in standard bed sizes, and a twin size works great as a throw blanket.

There are a variety of colors, but I think the off-white option provides the most classic look and fits in with nearly any style. This blanket will not shrink over time, even with many washings, and will stay looking good as new for years. As a bonus, the blanket is anti-static, anti-pill, and anti-dryer explosion.

100% Cotton Check Throw

Although solids and subtle patterns are certainly crowd-pleasers, a little bit of variation will really help set your Airbnb apart. Additionally, a heavy, Sherpa-style blanket is not really appropriate during the summertime or in warmer regions. Guests want something light to cover up with that won’t smother them or have them asking you to crank the air conditioning.

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The Check Throw is a classic and stylish checkered blanket that comes in a few differing color patterns like black, red, pink, and red and black. It’s definitely not as warm as some other options, but is amazing in more mild climates or as an accent piece atop other fluffier blankets.

I personally really enjoy the red and black checkered pattern. It looks great on the foot of the bed in a cabin-style rental and helps evoke the lumberjack vibes that guests love. As it is 100% cotton, remember to wash it on cold and dry without heat if possible. Nobody wants a shrunken throw blanket!

Fleece Blanket

For transitional seasons like fall and spring guests will appreciate blanket options that are warm, but not necessarily as heavy duty as some of the others mentioned here. This also applies to more temperate locations where winters are cool, but not necessarily cold.

Basic, middle-of-the-road blankets can be a dime a dozen, but guests can and will notice if you’re cutting corners. Don’t skimp on something if you can help it, especially not something the guest will be cozying up with for an extended period of time. Fortunately you don’t have to break the bank to find great options that guests will love.

The Utopia Bedding Fleece Blanket is absolutely perfect for these scenarios. Although it is a fleece blanket, it is extremely lightweight and breathable. It comes in several colors and with two different trim style: sewn edge or sateen edge. I would recommend the sewn edge for using the blanket as a throw and the sateen edge for using it as a bed linen like I do. The sateen feels luxurious when pulled up to the chin in bed but is a bit distracting when displayed on its own in a room.

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Thankfully, this is another option that will not shrink, even after multiple washes. It would be a great idea to purchase two: one for a throw and one for the bed. That way guests can double up if needed (and they probably won’t even notice it’s the same blanket!).

Weighted Blanket

Part of being a great Airbnb host is staying updated and trendy. After all, most guests will be booking sight-unseen and have to rely on the photos and description of your rental to make their choices. One of the biggest relaxation trends right now is weighted blankets. They claim to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and even help you sleep longer and better. We all know that it can be hard to relax in an unfamiliar place, so offering guests an amenity like this is sure to make your rental all the more appealing.

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The Weighted Blanket is the priciest recommendation I’ll be making today, but it is certainly worth the investment. In fact, compared to its competitors, it is priced very affordably. It comes in dozens of sizes, weights, and patterns, so there is definitely an option perfect for your space. Even better, it has a three-year warranty so that if any damage occurs the manufacturer will repair it for free! The ability to offer your renters such a luxurious perk is sure to attract even more busy travelers seeking relaxation to your Airbnb.

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Microfiber Lightweight Quilt Set

A lightweight, soft-colored quilt set is the perfect addition to any Airbnb rental. For those hot summer nights, your Airbnb guests are going to want to lay down with something that is soft and breathable, not something that is heavy. 

Many of my properties are in locations that can be humid or warm, especially in the summer, which is why we enjoy using this quilt at a number of my Airbnb rentals. This particular quilt comes in three different sizes: queen, king, and twin, and it is also 100% made with microfiber material.

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The material is pre-washed, meaning that it already has a soft surface, and will also soften after washing it again. I love how this quilt comes in neutral, solid colors. These colors provide my Airbnb properties with a rustic, chic atmosphere that even my guests enjoy! The spots that are also stitched into the material give the quilt a more modern touch.

This quilt set is also easy to care for and the material is both durable and resistant to wrinkles. In addition, none of the quilts that I have bought for my Airbnb properties have faded or shrunk, even after multiple washes. If you are looking for a lightweight quilt set that is also soft and durable, I highly recommend this one.

Versatile Easy-To-Wash Quilt Set

In some of my Airbnb properties, I wanted to use a quilt set that added a nice, modern touch to my rooms, which is why I enjoyed using this quilt set in my rentals. Not only does this quilt set come in solid, dark colors like grey and black, but they also come in unique and fun patterns that are bright and versatile.

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I’ve used both the solid grey and unique patterns throughout my Airbnb properties, making each of my rooms have a different personality for my guest. These quilt sets can also be used all year-round and some of my guests were very impressed with how comfortable and soft these quilts were in their reviews.

Another thing that appealed to me was how easy it was to care for the quilt. It’s machine-washable, and I didn’t have to worry about the quilt getting ruined from our washer machine as well. The quilt’s durable, micro-fiber material is lightweight and breathable, so I was able to use it for every season. 

I did come across an issue with one of the quilts I bought for my property, but the company’s customer service team was easy to work with. They have a 30-day return and replacement policy, and the customer service team is available 24/7. I was able to get a replacement fairly quickly after returning mine.

Reversible Cabin-Style Quilt

Quilts are meant to enhance and add to the aesthetic of any room on your property. One of my personal favorites that I have used in a few of my Airbnbs is this cabin-style quilt set. I love how it comes in a mix-match of plaids and solids. 

It’s featured with various color patterns, but I’ve mainly used the sunset/red and the winter plains/taupe colors because of the unique, plaid patchwork appearance. The quilt is also reversible! So, if you prefer to have a solid color in your rooms, you have to simply turn it around. The reversible cover is also great if you want to switch up your Airbnb’s decor.

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This quilt is lightweight as well, so there’s no problem using it in the spring and summer. For winter months, I typically layer it on top of my mattresses with other matching blankets to make sure my guests are comfortable. In addition, the quilt set is 100% cotton. 

I did find that it was oversized, meaning the corners hung off the bed and touched the floor. However, when this happened, I would make sure the top of the quilt is folded just enough for the bottom of the quilt to be lifted off of the ground. 

How many Airbnb blankets is too many?

In our rentals, I always make sure the bed has 3 blankets minimum: a sheet, another blanket (usually fleece), and a duvet comforter. I also always make sure to include a stylish throw on the end of the bed as a functional accent piece. If there is a chair in the room, especially a comfy chair, I would make sure to have a throw nicely placed along the back of that as well. Essentially, anywhere a guest might land in the room should have a blanket easily accessible.

Is it better to choose patterns or solid colors for your Airbnb blankets?

You know what looks best in your rental and what style you’re curating. As a general rule, I would only include one pattern on an accent piece as large as a blanket and make sure the rest are solid colors. Visual overload can make the room appear smaller and less well-thought-out. If you do have multiple patterns, make sure they are in the same color family to maintain a cohesive look that isn’t overwhelming.

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