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Our In-Depth Utopia Bed Bug Encasement Review-(2024): Here’s How This Mattress Protector Stacks Up

Utopia Bed Bug Encasement Review- Mattress Protector

Bed bugs are universally reviled pests and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Exterminators sometimes even have difficulty eradicating them, which makes it necessary for homeowners to take their own steps to help solve the problem.

The Utopia Bed Bug Encasement is an overall great option for anyone looking to protect against these pesky little bugs. Perfect for both regular homeowners and those operating rental properties such as an Airbnb, this mattress protector is one of the most popular bed bug products on the market.

Our Utopia Bed Bug Encasement Review: Is This Mattress Protector Worth the Price?

The Utopia bed bug encasement provides good protection from bed bugs and dust mites due to the complete encapsulation of the mattress. Utopia claims the protector is waterproof but has proven to be more water-resistant than waterproof. But it does provide more protection than its competitors.

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement - Waterproof Mattress Protector (Twin)
Total Encasement Mattress Protector for Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, and Spills
$17.99 $19.99

Keep on reading for an in-depth look at where this product shines, where it falls short, and what others are saying about it. 

9.4 Total Score
Our Summary Review: Quality Mattress Protector for the Money with Few Drawbacks

One of the best total-encasement mattress protectors on the market for the money. Good protection against stains, bed bugs and dust mites, at an affordable price. Read More Below....

Spill Protection
Bed Bug Protection
Dust Mite Protection
Overall Value
  • Waterproof
  • Noiseless
  • Machine Washable
  • Zippered Enclosure
  • Can Make the Bed Hot
  • Users Have Mixed Reviews
  • Not Hypoallergenic
  • Uncomfortable for Some

Utopia Bed Bug Encasement Pros

This Mattress Protector Waterproof

Although it is advertised as a bed bug mattress protector, it actually protects against messes and spills as well. This is due to its TPU backing, which creates a waterproof polyurethane membrane on all six sides of the mattress. Some do report that this TPU backing makes the bed uncomfortably hot to sleep on, more on this below. 

If you’re in need of a mattress protector that does “double duty” and can protect against both pests and messes, this one is definitely for you! This also makes it a great option for users with kids who are notorious for ruining sheets and bedspreads. 


A lot of plastic-lined mattress covers create an annoying crinkling sound when you move around on them. Obviously, this is not ideal for a space that you’re trying to use to get some rest! Not only are these typical plastic barriers annoying, but they’re also famously uncomfortable to sleep on. 

Thankfully, this product is advertised as being virtually noiseless so you can still get a good night’s sleep in peace. The polyurethane liner is also supposed to be very breathable, which should keep users cooler than similar products. 

Machine Washable

Products designed for home use are not very convenient if they can’t be maintained in the home as well. Instead of having to hassle with hand washing or dry cleaning, you can simply throw this mattress protector in your own washing machine. This saves time and money.

A tip that some reviewers mentioned is that, for quick and easy cleaning or replacement, you can double up on your mattress covers. Place one over top of the other and launder the top one as needed. This will keep you protected and is much more convenient than having to wait for the washing machine to finish before you can hop in bed! 

Zippered Closure

One of this product’s biggest features is its zippered closure. Some similar mattress protectors out there function just like a standard fitted sheet. This might be okay for some uses and applications, but is not really suitable for bed bug protection. 

If the mattress is not covered on all sides, it is not truly protected from pests. They can obviously get around it easily, and if they aren’t fully sealed in you can bet they’ll find a way out! They even included a “zip guard” that creates a tab over the end of the zipper where you would usually find a gap. This way the entire mattress is fully sealed. 

$17.99 $19.99
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Last update was on: July 13, 2024

Utopia Bed Bug Encasement Cons:

This Mattress Protector Can Make the Bed Hot

One of the most common complaints when it comes to any kind of mattress protector is that it is uncomfortable to sleep on and that it makes the user sweat. This is due to the fact that unlike most sheets which are made of highly breathable and cooling cotton, it uses a polyurethane barrier. This is a type of plastic that traps moisture. 

While this barrier is necessary to keep the mattress protector waterproof, it is nonetheless annoying to have to sleep hot and sweaty. Trapping moisture on top of the mattress means that it will also trap your body’s moisture, which is why so many people report having night sweats when using this mattress protector. 

One solution to this is to use an additional, regular fitted sheet on top of your mattress encasement. This is not super convenient, but might be enough to keep you comfortable while you sleep. The fitted sheet is also easier to remove and launder than an entire, 360-degree mattress protector. 

What Users of the Utopia Mattress Protector Have to Say…

While the product is highly rated by most reviewers, there are some issues that people have in common.

It is difficult to gauge how good of a job this product does at protecting against bed bugs and dust mites. These are both longer-term issues and are much more tricky to track than a visible spill or accident. 

A couple of reviews noted that they were still getting bit by bed bugs even after they had put the protector on. They inspected it, only to find out that there were actually holes along the seam that they hadn’t noticed before.

While there aren’t a ton of these stories, there are still several accounts of the same thing happening. It is important that the company stand behind its products and commit to providing customers with an excellent experience. 

This Mattress Protector is Not Hypoallergenic

While many users purchased this product mainly because they suffer from dust mite allergies, the cover itself is not hypoallergenic. This might not be a deal-breaker to many users, but often people who have one environmental allergy have several. 

If you’re one of those who suffer from multiple allergies, especially allergens that contact your skin, it would be worth investigating whether or not this mattress protector will work for you. The plastic liner shouldn’t present an issue for most people, but the knitted fabric material may not work well for some. 

Uncomfortable for Some

This ties in with the previous discussion about this product causing some users to become uncomfortably hot when sleeping. The plastic liner is to blame for this, as it does not allow moisture to be wicked away the same way it would be with traditional cotton sheets. 

Others say that the plastic liner is not, in fact, noiseless like the company claims. It can still be heard when moving around, which is very disruptive to sleep. Some even say that it has a strange, crinkly texture that makes it unappealing to sleep on. 

Besides the plastic issue, some reviews claim that the actual fabric portion of the mattress cover is very uncomfortable to them. They say that it isn’t anywhere near as soft as a regular sheet, and this has even caused some to return it. 

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement - Waterproof Mattress Protector (Twin)

Free shipping
Last update was on: July 13, 2024
$17.99 $19.99

User Impressions: What Are People Saying About the Utopia Bed Bug Encasement?

The reviews of this mattress encasement are very positive overall, so it’s no wonder that this mattress protector has been very popular on Amazon. There are a few recurring points of contention that we’ll cover below. 

Uncomfortable to Sleep On

Unfortunately, it is difficult to have all the benefits of a good mattress protector without a lot of the drawbacks that tend to come with the territory. Due to its plastic polyurethane liner, there are quite a few reviews that state that this product can make people hot when they sleep on it, as we’ve covered above. 

There are also a small number of complaints about the softness of the fabric and how it compares to a regular fitted sheet you’d normally have on a bed. It is made with 90GSM knitted fabric, which is fairly generous for an otherwise utilitarian product. Some tradeoff between comfort and functionality is to be expected, however. 

Does Not Work as Advertised

Some users have had issues with the product, and most of these issues are in regard to it being waterproof. Several have reported that they purchased it for use with an incontinent person or child and it has not held up to its waterproof claim. Similarly, some have posted pictures of pet accidents on the bed that soaked through the cover. 

Nobody wants a ruined mattress, especially one that they’ve purchased something to protect! If you’re primarily in need of a waterproof mattress cover and anticipate there being multiple, heavy-duty spills or accidents, it might be best to opt for a different product. 

There are a couple reviews of the product stating that the protector was not up to standard and either arriving ripped or ripping easily once in use. Of course, this would completely defeat the purpose of an all-encasing bed bug mattress protector as they could simply go through the holes. 

Better Than Similar Alternatives

One of this product’s strengths is that it fully protects the mattress on all sides and from all angles. Other mattress protectors on the market work like fitted sheets and leave the bottom of the mattress exposed. This makes them pretty terrible at preventing or controlling a bed bug infestation since the bugs can just go around! 

The fact that it also protects against dust mites is a huge plus as well. The small holes in the plastic liner of the cover do not allow even these tiny creatures to get through, making it great for dust mite allergy sufferers. 

The zipper enclosure is a great security feature, as we talked about earlier. The tab that they’ve incorporated to cover the extra space left at the end of the zipper was a thoughtful and functional inclusion that helps give you that extra layer of defense against pests. 

Good for Dust Mite Allergies

Multiple customers have mentioned that they purchased this product for use as protection against dust mites. Dust mite allergies are very common, and dust mites can be incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to protect yourself from. 

Since this mattress protector fully encases the mattress, dust mites are trapped inside, and the user is protected from contact with them. Most sheets might provide a tiny barrier between you and the dust mites, but since this one is lined with a TPU membrane it provides enhanced protection against these microscopic allergens. 

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement - Waterproof Mattress Protector (Twin)
Total Encasement Mattress Protector for Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, and Spills
$17.99 $19.99

Very Cost Effective

If you’re dealing with an active bed bug infestation, you’ll likely need the help of a professional exterminator as well as your own in-home protection. One reviewer mentioned that her exterminator sold her a $200 mattress protector to try to help with her bed bug infestation! 

Obviously, this mattress encasement is at a much lower price point and seems to be extremely effective and secure. While it can’t be said whether or not an exterminator’s expensive, professional mattress cover would have worked even better, the price difference alone might be enough to make some people consider opting against it. 

Additionally, prevention is always cheaper than treatment. If you are someone who travels frequently, you might be at a higher risk for bringing bed bugs home with you. This is every homeowner’s nightmare but can be easily avoided for a relatively low cost. This is another reason why it is a great option for owners of rental properties, as it would be terrible to lose out on income while treating for pests! 

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In Conclusion

To sum it all up, the Utopia Bed Bug Encasement seems to be one of the better products in its category. Unlike a lot of similar bed bug mattress protectors, it actually encompasses the entire mattress and doesn’t just sit on top like a fitted sheet. This is pretty much the only way to ensure that all the pests are trapped and can’t just walk around the outside of the cover. 

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement - Waterproof Mattress Protector (Twin)
Total Encasement Mattress Protector for Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, and Spills
$17.99 $19.99

Users report overwhelmingly positive feedback on the mattress encasement, with a few recurring negative aspects that stand out. It’s not as comfortable as a standard fitted sheet, and the feel might bother some people. It can also cause excessive sweating due to its plastic liner. 

It may not be as waterproof as some other mattress protectors that are designed more specifically for spill or accident protection. It’s probably fine for most everyday messes, but a heavier-duty option might be better if you anticipate having more than that.

Everyone loves the zipper enclosure system, but this does make it a hassle to take on and off. However, considering its superior security and effectiveness, this bed bug encasement is definitely worth the purchase to anyone suffering from or looking to prevent an infestation. 

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