[The 3 Best Alarm Clocks for Airbnb] [2023]: Guests Will Love These!

Alarm clocks are the simple touch your Airbnb home needs to ensure your guests have a five-star experience. While phone alarm clocks are gaining popularity, multipurpose alarm clocks are not leaving anytime soon. When you have devices in your home that can cater to more than one need, it is sure to elevate the overall experience your guests will have in your Airbnb. 

Best Airbnb Alarm Clocks

So What Makes for the Best Alarm Clock for Airbnb & Vacation Rentals?

The best alarm clocks have multiple USB ports. They need to be versatile and serve more than one purpose in order to accommodate more of the guests’ needs. So, what are the best options?

Top Choice – Alarm Clock by Yostyle

The YoStyle Alarm Clock features three USB ports and two extra outlets, so it is great for any room, but its compact size makes it ideal for secondary bedrooms. I have found that alarm clocks with USB ports are the most well-received by my guests, especially those with large groups.

Before I used this alarm clock, there never seemed to be enough outlets for guests to charge their phones, laptops, or to plug in their hair styling tools, so when I started using this model by Yostyle, my guests were much happier with their stay. 

USB Alarm Clock Airbnb

Another great feature is that you can adjust the brightness of the digital screen, so guests who have trouble falling asleep with light can still be accommodated. There is also a backup battery generator (AAA batteries that are not included with the purchase) that is helpful in the unlikely chance that the electricity shuts off (this proves to be the most helpful in storms.) 

However, this alarm clock has a loud siren-like alarm, which guests can find unpleasant when they are on vacation. There is no way to adjust the volume, so let your guests know ahead of time what to expect. 

Runner Up – Digital Alarm Clock by MKROYO

The Digital Alarm Clock by MKROYO is an option best suited if you frequent guests traveling from different climates, as it shows the temperature on the LED screen. This is beneficial for guests who may not be used to local weather and it has a convenient location under the time and date that ensures they will not forget about the outside climate.

 It also has a dual alarm feature, which is perfect for rooms with more than one guest, which allows each individual (or groups of people, depending on how many guests you have, or how your home is set up) have their own alarms. Guests love how easy this one is to use and also love the dual USB ports. 

The only downside to this alarm clock is that there are not many options in changing the alarm tone, but you do have the option to set up the radio as an alarm. This is a good selection if you are looking for something sleek and simple or are not wanting bulky decoration.

First Runner Up – Wake up Light Alarm Clock by FITFORT 

The Wake-up Light Alarm Clock is the best fit for kid’s rooms, as its bright color options excite the kids, and the sunrise alarm option allows for easy morning routines. 

Another useful feature is that there are alarm settings for the weekday, holidays, and weekends, allowing up to four alarms to be set at once. Even adults seem to love this alarm clock for its adjustable light settings (there are up to 20 features.) 

Another well-reviewed feature is that you can change the alarm sound and volume. From ocean waves to piano keys, there are 7 different sound options with 16 different volume level adjustments. 

While the kids love the colors, you might want to stay away from this alarm clock if you are going for a more mature decorating style. This alarm clock is lightweight and compact, but the brightness of the different shades can stick out among sleeker decorating styles.

Second Runner Up – Digital Alarm Clock by Fitfirst

The Digital Alarm Clock by Fitfirst is an inexpensive, but multi-faceted alarm clock. You have five different options to play sound; Bluetooth, FM radio, u-disk (also known as a USB hard drive disk or flash drive,) TF card (also known as an SD card,) and an aux cord. This is a great option to place into a room that you know guests will be sleeping in and also playing music. 

With its dual USB ports for phone and electronics charging, light features, and an ultra-compact design, this one is a good fit for rooms that double as lounge areas or in studio apartments. This alarm clock can run off battery power, so you can place it exactly where you want, even if there is no charging outlet nearby.

The only downside is that the volume can be inconsistent, so you may have to frequently adjust to get the volume you actually want. 

Third Runner Up – Homtime Alarm Clock by Homtime

The Homtime Alarm Clock’s most unique feature is its appearance manufacturing. Made with a subtle spray paint treatment and a scratch-resistant LED display. This alarm clock will last a while, so it is a good option in rooms designed for children.

The Homtime Alarm Clock also has a Bluetooth speaker, and you can connect your smart devices from up to 66 feet away. The Bluetooth function even works when running on battery power, so you will not have to worry about wireless features not working. 

Its downside is that is the least user-friendly of the alarm clocks on this list. Some users have difficulty setting the alarm upon first use, however, once you get past the initial learning curve, this alarm clock is a great option for any Airbnb bedroom.

Now that you know the best options for alarm clocks, you are ready to add great touch-ups to make your Airbnb home go from good, to great!

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Related Questions:

What makes for a great Airbnb bedroom?

You do not need to go overboard with decorating and amenities. Keeping an area simple and organized is sufficient enough to accommodate your guests’ needs. Remember that they are away from their own homes, and most likely do not want to spend time digging around clutter and unnecessary decoration to find what they need and settle in. 

It is also very important to keep things as clean. Make sure you dust everything, down to the blinds. Guests will appreciate your attention to cleanliness, and consequently, this will enhance their overall experience. 

You want to keep the room cozy as well, so adding in extra throw blankets or throw pillows and ambient lighting will help. Things like folding back the comforter neatly, fluffing up the pillows, or even adding in a candle on the dresser can make a big difference.

Ultimately, your main focus is to ensure your guests have a welcoming experience in your Airbnb. 

What are other bedroom amenities for an Airbnb?

There are many simple options that can make a big difference in enhancing the experience of your guests while staying in your Airbnb. Keep in mind that guests are looking for a comfortable experience for bedrooms.  

Amenities such as televisions can be a great asset to Airbnb bedrooms. Though not everyone watches TV at night, guests who do will appreciate you adding the opportunity for them to have an extra bit of comfort away from home. Though large TVs are common practice in living rooms, a smaller size around 24 inches will work well. 

Make sure to add an HDMI adapter so guests can plug in their own devices, such as a laptop, that can provide a streaming service. Add a smart TV device such as a Roku or Apple TV for extra convenience.

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