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Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed Review (2024): How Do These Beds Stack Up?

I was recently trying to figure out how to add extra beds to a smaller kid’s room in my Airbnb. After spending hours searching for the perfect space-saving bunk bed, I came across the Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed.

After reading all the positive customer reviews, I decided to give this bed a try. It turned out to be the perfect addition to my rental property.  

Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed: Here’s a Quick Summary

The Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed is the perfect way to maximize sleeping space in a kid’s room or guest room. This bed is sturdy, safe, and kids love it. It is made from solid pine wood, and the dark cappuccino color will look great with any décor.

DONCO Kids Triple Bunk Bed, Twin/Twin/Twin, Dark Cappuccino
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Donco Kids Bunk Bed Review

I rated the Donco Kids Bunk Beds using several criteria like sturdiness, quality, ease of assembly, value. Here are my results:

Ease of Assembly
  • Made from sturdy solid pine
  • Option to remove the top bed and use it separately
  • It doesn't require a box spring or Bunkie board
  • Space-saving design
  • Competitive price
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Requires additional tools to assemble
  • Concerns about wood density
  • No storage space

Our Overall Impression of the Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed

The Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed is the perfect way to increase sleep capacity in your home without taking up a lot of space. In a kid’s room, you can have three kids sleep comfortably and still have plenty of floor space for toys and games.

I purchased this bunk bed for the smaller children’s room in my Airbnb, and now I can accommodate larger families in my rental.

DONCO Kids Triple Bunk Bed, Twin/Twin/Twin, Dark Cappuccino

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Last update was on: May 29, 2024

Key Design Features

The design of the Donco Kids Bed is very streamlined and classic. I like to “no-frills” style because it looks great in any room with various color schemes and décor.

The only finish available is dark cappuccino which looks beautiful, but I would have liked other color options like white or grey.

Is this Bunk Bed Durable?

I am impressed with how sturdy this bunk bed is for the price. It is made from pine, and although I feel like the quality of wood could be better, it still feels very durable.

Durability is especially important in a kid’s room where I know it will be subject to extra wear and tear.

If a triple bunk bed isn’t right for your space and you need more bed recommendations, check out our bunk bed review article for more options for sturdy and elegant bunk beds.

Bunk Bed Specifications and Details

The Donco Kids Bunk Bed is 80 inches long, 44 inches wide, and 77 inches tall. All three bunk bed frames are standard twin size. I was surprised at how compact this piece is, yet it still offers plenty of space in each bed. It is an excellent choice for a smaller bedroom.

Each twin bed frame fits a standard twin mattress. I purchased 6-inch foam mattresses, and they work great. A 6-inch mattress is thick enough to be comfortable and maximize available headspace between each bed.

Even better, the mattress-ready slat system eliminates the need for a box spring or Bunkie board.

If you are looking for mattress recommendations, check out our article reviewing our top picks for comfortable, affordable mattresses.

Safety Features of the Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed

This bed meets or exceeds the American Society for Testing Material (ASTM) standards and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards. Each bunk bed has a sturdy railing, and both ladders are very secure.

Another great feature is that the bottom bed basically sits on the floor. This low bed is perfect for a toddler or young child who isn’t yet ready for an elevated bed. If you have different age kids all sharing a bedroom, this Donco Bunk Bed allows kids of all ages to sleep safely.

The Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed: Putting It Together

Putting this bed together was complex and a bit of a hassle. It is shipped in three separate boxes, and I recommend taking inventory of all the parts and hardware before beginning assembly.

When reading other customer reviews, some people noted missing hardware. I was fortunate to have everything, including directions, shipped to me.

The hardware comes with an Allen wrench, but you will also require some of your own tools like a Phillips screwdriver. I also recommend a drill to make the process quicker.

The directions are not very user-friendly, and the pieces aren’t labeled, so if you don’t have experience with furniture assembly, you may need some help.

I recommend having two people put this together anyway because the assembled weight is about 200lbs. An extra set of hands are helpful when moving around large, awkward pieces.

It took about 4 hours, but once the Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed was all put together, I was very happy with the final product. It is sturdy, stable, and fits in the small kid’s bedroom great.

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Pros and Cons of the Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed


This triple twin bunk bed has many positive attributes that really make it stand out from other bunk beds. First, fitting three beds in the footprint of just one bed is invaluable if you need to increase sleep capacity and save space.

The bed is 100% solid pine wood, so it is heavy, sturdy, and durable. Beds I have purchased in the past are particle board or plastic pieces, and you won’t find that with this Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed.

This bed is priced fairly and competitively compared with other bunk beds on the market right now, and most other bunk beds only have two beds. I am pleased with the value of this piece of furniture.

Durability is essential to me because I have these beds in a rental home where it will be subject to more wear and tear than in a typical home. Anyone with kids will probably have the same concerns about durability. This bed is solid, and from my first impression, it will hold up over time.

Some other positives of the Donco Kids Triple Bunk Beds include:

  • Meets and exceeds safety standards
  • The bottom bunk is great for toddlers
  • It fits standard twin mattresses without a box spring
  • Very sturdy
  • The top bunk can be removed for use on its own

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So far, there are only a few negative aspects of this bunk bed:

  • The hassle of assembly
  • The density of the pine used
  • Lack of storage space

Once put together, I am overall very impressed with the bed’s quality, stability, and value; however, the wood doesn’t feel as dense and tough as it could be.

When furnishing a smaller bedroom, I would have liked to have additional storage space like other model bunk beds provide. Having the third sleeping space, however, removed the option for extra storage.

As time goes on, I will be interested to see how this triple bunk bed holds up to everyday use.

Final Thoughts

The Donco Kids Triple Bunk Bed is the perfect space-saving bed to increase the sleeping capacity in a room without taking up a ton of space. My guest room can now comfortably sleep three kids with plenty of floor space left over for playing. This bed is sturdy and looks beautiful with any décor.

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