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Harper and Bright Designs Bunk Bed Review (2024): Is This a Quality Bunk Bed?

When I was redoing my guest room, I needed a way to increase the bed count in my house to host more guests without sacrificing comfort. My guest room isn’t the biggest, so I knew a bunk bed would be the best option. I searched for a bunk bed that would provide me with max versatility and found the Twin Over Full Bunk Bed by Harper & Bright Designs to be the perfect option.

Harper and Bright Designs Bunk Bed Review: Is this a quality bunk bed?

The Harper & Bright Designs bunk bed is an excellent quality bunk bed that is sturdy and built to last. The twin over full bunk bed design is an innovative space-saving design that is the perfect addition to a kid’s room or guest room. 

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Twin over Full Bunk Bed by Harper & Bright Designs Review

I rated the Harper & Bright Designs bunk bed using several criteria like sturdiness, quality, ease of assembly, value. Here are my results:

Ease of Assembly
  • Made from solid pine and very sturdy
  • Storage draws under the full bed
  • Option for bunk beds or two separate beds
  • Competitively priced
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Need to use a thin mattress
  • Drawers do not attach to the frame

The Harper & Bright Twin Over Full Bunk Bed is the perfect bed frame if you’re trying to add additional sleeping space to your house. I needed a bunk bed in my guest room but knowing that I will sometimes have an adult or a couple staying with me, the bottom full-sized bed was a must-have.

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The Twin Over Full Bunk is 6’7” in length, which is an excellent fit for smaller rooms. It is made from sturdy pine wood, and I am very pleased with the feel and quality of the bed. The weight capacity for the top bunk is 175lbs, and the weight capacity for the full-size bottom bed is 400lbs.

Modern Style with Tons of Options

My favorite aspect of this Harper & Bright Designs bunk bed is the number of options available to customize this bed to your room. The twin over full bed comes in four color options:

  • Espresso
  • Walnut
  • White
  • Grey

I went with the espresso finish for my guest room, and it is a deep, rich dark brown color that looks better than pictured. I like that it looks both elegant and stylish and is versatile enough to complement any décor. 

Harper & Bright offers various styles of this bed, so you can pick the option that works best for your room. Style options include:

  • Twin over full with a ladder
  • Twin over twin with stairs
  • Twin over full with storage drawers
  • Twin over full with a trundle bed

I love the option to forgo storage drawers for a trundle bed. This option provides you with another bed without sacrificing any additional space. The twin over full with a trundle would be perfect for increasing the bed count in an Airbnb rental.

For my space, I chose the twin over full bunk bed with a ladder and storage drawers. It is a more modern design, and it was important for me to have a full-size bed and storage space. The full-size bed is comfortable and large enough for two adults to get a great night’s sleep. I use the storage drawers for extra sheets and blankets for my guest. 

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If you decide that bunk beds aren’t the right fit for your room, you can detach these beds and set them up as two separate units. This is a great feature that allows this bed frame to grow with your needs. 

The Positives of the Harper & Bright Designs Bunk Bed

This bunk bed has a ton of great features and positive aspects that make it the perfect addition to a kid’s bedroom or a guest room. In addition to the versatile options, this bed meets or exceeds all American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) standards and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards.

I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy this bed is. Once it was put together, it felt sturdier than beds I looked at in furniture stores. It definitely feels like a high-quality bed. At the competitive price, you are definitely getting great value for your money. 

Neither the bottom full-sized bed nor the top twin bed requires any box spring. Both frames come complete with solid supportive wooden slats ready for a mattress.

Other positive features include:

  • Great quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Two large storage drawers
  • All hardware included

The Harper & Bright Twin Over Full Bunk Bed has a unique and innovative space-saving design, which is the perfect option to add additional beds to a smaller space.

Putting Together the Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

The bunk bed was shipped in two large boxes. It was well packaged, and nothing came broken or scratched. Every piece was clearly labeled, which made following the instructions easier. 

Before I began putting it together, I used the instructions to inventory all the parts to ensure I had everything I needed. I have heard stories of people ordering furniture and not having all the pieces or missing hardware. I didn’t want to get halfway through construction to find out I was missing something.

Assembling this bed is complicated and will take some time, especially if you are inexperienced with building furniture. The company only provides an Allen wrench for assembly, so I highly recommend having your own tools. This makes the process easier and faster.

The instructions lack detail, so if you have never put furniture together, I recommend you ask for help or hire a handyman to complete the assembly for you. It is vital that you complete each step before moving on.

Although the assembly is complicated and can be viewed as a negative aspect of this bed, when finished, the bed is extremely sturdy. I would be apprehensive if I purchased a bed that only needed a couple screws and bolts to hold it together.

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Downsides to the Harper & Bright Designs Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is a quality piece of furniture that provides excellent value for the price, but I think there are some negative aspects worth mentioning. 

The top bunk includes a guard rail that protects younger kids from rolling out of bed and falling. The guard rail, unfortunately, feels a little flimsy. Although this bed meets and exceeds all required safety standards, I still wouldn’t allow a very young child to be on the top bunk without supervision.

The storage drawers below the full-sized bed are not connected to the frame, so they roll around freely. They do have a stopper that prevents them from rolling too far back under the bed, but this style drawer feels a little cheap.

I used the recommended 5-inch mattresses on both beds, but I do wish this bed would fit a thicker mattress for additional comfort. Unfortunately, any mattress over 5 inches thick on the bottom bunk will leave minimal headspace and could be uncomfortable.

To solve the issue of a potentially uncomfortable mattress, I added a mattress topper to both beds. Read this article about our choices for the best Airbnb mattress toppers for great recommendations.

Final Thoughts

The Harper & Bright Designs twin over full bunk beds is a high-quality bunk bed. It is solid and sturdy and has various options that allow you to purchase the perfect bed for your space. Despite a few downsides, this bunk bed is priced very competitively, so you are getting great value for your money.

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