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Here’s How to Create the Perfect Airbnb Coffee Station in 2024

Coffee is a creature comfort and a big part of the Airbnb experience. We’ve put together some straightforward steps for a great Airbnb coffee station. Let’s get started!

Why Should You Have a Coffee Station in a Short-Term Rental?

Whether for work or vacation, staying in a short-term rental should feel welcoming and comfortable. A coffee station is a simple and impactful way to make guests feel at home. As a Superhost, providing my guests with an enticing coffee station is my way of showing hospitality and creating a memorable guest experience.

A coffee station is a low-cost amenity with a significant impact. For many, nothing is more enjoyable than starting the day with a rich cup of coffee. When faced with a long day of sightseeing or navigating an unfamiliar work environment, our guests can turn to the coffee station for that extra pick-me-up that helps them take on whatever their day holds.

Offering quality coffee products presented in an eye-catching way is a small investment with a significant return. Your guests will appreciate the thought and the convenience and will remember that hospitality when making their next booking or leaving a review.

Here are the Simple Steps for Creating a Spectacular Airbnb Coffee Station

There are many ways to make a great coffee station to attract guests while also reflecting our personality and hospitality as hosts. Considering the following elements when crafting a coffee station can make it an engaging part of any short-term rental.

  • Location 
  • Size
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Organization and Design

The goal of creating the perfect coffee station should focus on giving our guests the opportunity for a great cup of coffee that is effortless to make.


Consider locating the coffee station in a prominent space near a sink and refrigerator. Make sure your station’s size is proportional to your guest space.

Size & Space

It’s easy to create clutter with too big of a coffee station, but a lonely coffee maker doesn’t make an impression either.

Supplies & Equipment

Next, build out your coffee station with quality items and equipment. Providing your guests with a coffee station doesn’t have to break the bank, but you should be sure not to choose cheap or low-quality equipment.

Organization & Design

Finally, keep it organized and appealing to the eye with fashionable accessories, mugs, and storage containers. This shows your guests that you took the time to create the perfect amenity and that you really care.

Locate the Perfect Space for Your Coffee Station

Selecting the perfect location for your coffee set-up is essential. The ideal space for your coffee station will usually be near the kitchen or a breakfast counter. Find a focal point in the room that catches the eye of the guests, is easily accessible, and gives them a welcoming feel.

Make it easy for the guests to fill the coffee maker with water by locating it next to the sink. Wherever you put your station, ensure there is enough room to keep it organized and that it doesn’t clutter up valuable counter space.

Product is Key

Our guests frequently love suggestions and recommendations. Find local coffee options that are popular beyond regular coffee chains. Add a bit of flair by offering personal favorites next to national brands.

Offering alternative coffee options is a beautiful way to appeal to several different tastes. The addition of hot chocolate and tea or adding a french press in the mix will appeal to a variety of guest preferences.

Organize the Coffee Station

A uniform coffee station appears both sensible and stylish. It’s as much for utility as it is aesthetic. Whether simple or ornate, an organized coffee station is a welcome amenity.

Here’s How to Decorate Your Coffee Station

Decorating your coffee station adds personality and charm. While many might hang some coffee-centric art, make it more personal by designing your station with items that reflect who you are as a host.

Find an appealing, cozy color scheme that matches the rest of the space. Incorporate stylish storage solutions that are both easy to use and eye-catching. Here are a couple of our favorites:

What are the Top Airbnb Coffee Station Ideas to Truly Impress Your Vacation Rental Guests?

Finding inspiration for your coffee station is easy! The next time you are at your local favorite coffee shop, take a look at what appeals to you and makes you a return customer. Consider the atmosphere, how they organize their offerings, and the general vibe.

Take those elements and incorporate them into your Airbnb coffee station. Check out Pinterest and other social media sites to see what influencers are saying about coffee!

We recommend building out your coffee station by following these considerations:

  • Coffee maker
  • Product
  • Location
  • Organization
  • Design

What Should be Included in Your Airbnb Coffee Station?

There are many elements to consider when putting together the perfect coffee station. As a host, hospitality is always at the forefront of our minds.

No matter what type of coffee maker you decide on, pulling together the perfect supplies and creating an enticing and inviting coffee bar will be worth it when the reviews come rolling in! The following list is an excellent guide to getting started:

So What Is the Best Coffee Maker for an Airbnb Coffee Station?

Quality and ease of use are what our guests are looking for. Current trends in coffee makers make it easy for our guests to grab a cup and get their day started.

The coffee maker should be contemporary, easy to use, and clean. It may feel like a machine with many bells and whistles would impress your guests, but a simple, well-made coffee maker is the better option. We don’t want our guests to have to read a manual just to understand how the coffee machine operates.

 Here are our three top coffee maker performers:

Our Top Pick & a Household Name: Keurig K Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker

A Keurig is a household staple nowadays. Guests love how easy it is for them to pop in a K-cup and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in minutes. Hosts love them because they’re easy to clean and hard to break.

$139.99 $149.99
7 new from $109.00
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Last update was on: May 29, 2024

Top Features of the Keurig K Classic: Easy to Use, Easy to Clean, & Versatile

The beauty of the Keurig Classic is the ease of use, ease of cleaning, and versatility. No guest will have trouble navigating its operation and the clean-up is incredibly easy

I personally love how you can stock lots of different flavored pods to use so that there’s always something that someone will like. Just be sure to keep up on topping off the water reserve and cleaning regularly.

Already have a Keurig, or want to see if your current coffee situation is up to par? Come check out Rental Recon’s best coffee makers for Airbnb!

Accessories for your Coffee Station: K-Cup Display

I use a K-cup carousel like this one to display my coffee pod offerings to guests. It’s almost like a decorative item because it shows off all the fun, brightly colored packaging. Show off your impressive variety of coffees, teas, and hot chocolates so guests can enjoy the coffee house feel while staying home.

The Runner-Up: French Press for Simpler Vacation Rentals

This easy-to-use (and clean) French press is fantastic for when you want to offer your guests a more specialized way to make their morning brew. Not everyone will know how (or want) to use it, so a little instructions manual next to it on your coffee cart definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Last update was on: May 29, 2024

This one comes with everything you’ll need to get started including a measuring spoon, cleaning brush, and even a milk frother. Coffee-minded guests will absolutely love that you’ve put the effort into giving them an extra-special way to enjoy their coffee.

Top Features of the French Press: Flavor, Luxury, & Quality

French press coffee is famously richer and more delicious than typical drip coffee. Your guests will appreciate the simple luxury of a high-quality brew that they can make themselves. French presses are easy to operate once you know how and are worth the extra effort.

Airbnb Coffee Bar Ideas & Inspiration

Rental Recon Tip:  Making your Airbnb as homey as possible is what will earn you top reviews and keep your guests coming back for more. After you’ve secured the ultimate coffee station, ask yourself what else you can do to make your guests feel safe and cozy. Maybe it’s finding the right color palette, expanding natural lighting sources, or changing up the fabrics in the living spaces. Check out our article on Airbnb decor for inspiration…>>

Fun, Durable Mugs to Add Some Pizzazz to Your Rental

I try and use restaurant-quality mugs in my Airbnb. I don’t like having to replace things after just a few bookings, and so much ceramic wear just isn’t built to withstand heavy-duty use.

I try and find durable and fun accent mugs that have character and are closely tied to my home’s location and theme. Here are a couple of examples of cabin and beach-themed mugs.


There are a number of ways that you can ensure your guests feel catered to and special during their stay. A designated coffee station is an easy way to create a welcoming and homey environment.

Selecting the right location, stocking it with high-quality equipment, choosing delicious coffee, and accessorizing it to complement your kitchen theme can all contribute to the perfect coffee station. This is your chance to stand out against the competition and give your guests a little insight into who you are.

We hope that these tips and lists help you design the best coffee station for your Airbnb!

What else makes a good vacation rental kitchen tool? In short, something durable, functional, and eye-catching. Check out my list of kitchen essentials HERE!

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