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Selecting the Perfect Dishes for Your Airbnb: A Guide to What Works and What to Avoid

When it comes to dishes, Airbnb hosts want something that is attractive, durable and not super expensive.  Through trial and error at our rentals, we have come up with a list of dishes that have worked well for us.  Keep reading to see our list of recommended dishes, utensils, and glasses that we think will suit your rental well.

Our Favorite Dishes for an Airbnb or Vacation Rental

We’ll go into more detail below on each of our selections, giving you more insight into why we chose these products. 

Best Dish Set for an Airbnb:

If you’re looking for a dish set that will truly impress your guests, get these square-themed ceramic dishes. We have these in all of our rentals, and guests love them. In addition to being quite striking and elegant on the dining room table, they are also very sturdy and quite durable. There haven’t been any food stains like you get with some plates.

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Last update was on: May 26, 2024

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Our Review of the Porlien 24-Piece Classic Square Dinnerware Set for 6

These are our go-to plates and bowls for all of our rentals. Durability and a sleek look of modern make for a great guest dining experience.

Resist Staining
  • Durable
  • Attractive
  • Perfect Size for a Dinner Plate
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Great in Microwave
  • Bowls are Smaller in Size
  • A Little Uneven When Stacked

Colorful Plates to Add Some Fun

We like to throw in some pizzazz with our dishes.  This is just fun for guests and makes a guest’s dining experience a little more memorable.  We use these plates in several of our rentals.  They are durable, and provide a pop of color on the dining room table. We wanted plates that were somewhat gender-neutral, so that they’d work for a girl’s weekend, or a guy’s fishing trip. We felt that these fit the bill.

What are the dishes you should avoid for your Airbnb rental?

  • Melamine
  • Anything plastic

Melamine is manufactured using formaldehyde that can leach into acidic foods when placed in the microwave. These plates could also melt or off-gas, so it’s better to stick with ceramic dishware.

We tried melamine dishes for a short time, until we realized that guests were microwaving the dishes.  This led to misshapen dinnerware, and also some lovely plastic smells permeating out rental. 

Our Choice for the Best Airbnb Coffee Mugs

We love these coffee mugs. The clear glass really elevates the coffee experience, especially with a big dollop of foam on top. In addition, they are really sturdy/ durable and hold a lot of coffee.

We also like that the base of the cup keeps the hot liquid away from the bottom. So there are less heat marks on your wood Airbnb coffee table. We know that guests won’t use the coaster!

Last update was on: May 26, 2024

We also like to keep a couple fun mugs in the cabinet that are specific to your locale.

If you have a logo for your Airbnb, you might consider adding a logo to the side of your mug. This would definitely make guests aware of your short-term rental brand.

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The Best Glasses for an Airbnb

We have had great success with these ribbed drinking glasses. The three main characteristics that we appreciate are the elegant look of crystal, really durable, and easily replaceable. The set comes with eight of the 17 oz. glasses and 8 of the 13 oz. rocks glasses.

The smaller glasses can be used for orange juice in the morning or a cocktail in the evening. After ordering multiple boxes of these glasses, we have never had a glass show up broken in the box. They have had no problems with hot drinks or being microwaved.

The glasses don’t have any tight spaces inside, so they are easy to clean as well.

Last update was on: May 26, 2024

The Best Utensils for Airbnb (We’ll Include these Since They are Related to Dishes)

For Airbnb utensils, we prefer the less expensive variety, as utensils seem to wind up disappearing over time.  Our rentals all have a sleek yet somewhat traditional look like these ones. 

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