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The Best Speakers for Airbnb (2024): Awesome Sound for Your Guests

One essential item that every Airbnb or vacation rental should have is a good-quality Bluetooth speaker. Whether a guest wants to relax to their favorite music or listen to their morning news podcast, they will be grateful for this thoughtful touch in your Airbnb.

After adding a Bluetooth speaker to each of my Airbnb properties, I was amazed at how many guests commented they had forgotten to pack their speaker and were elated to find one at the property.

There are hundreds of Bluetooth speakers on the market, so it can be tough to find which ones have good sound quality, long-lasting battery life, and fit in your budget. After testing out dozens of speakers, these are my top 5 picks.

Best Speakers for Airbnb

What are the Best Speakers for Airbnb?

Our Top Pick: Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

After reviewing several speakers for Airbnb, I found that the Bose S1 Portable speaker is the best all-around Bluetooth speaker for any Airbnb or vacation rental.

1 new from $699.00
4 used from $629.99
Last update was on: April 21, 2024

Standout Features of the Bose S1 Speaker

The Bose S1 Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. It has the sound quality that customers love and trust from Bose in a compact portable design. It provides up to 11 hours of playtime with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it can also be plugged in for unlimited play.

Combination Speaker and PA System

One feature I really love about this Bose speaker is that it doubles as a PA system or amplifier. The speaker has inputs for a microphone or an instrument like a guitar or keyboard. This double function is great for get-togethers and adds value to this speaker.

Multi-position Design

The Bose S1 has a unique multi-positional design, so it doesn’t matter if you place this speaker on the ground, a countertop, or elevate it. Everyone listening will get the same great sound quality. This speaker has a built-in auto EQ that adjusts the sound and tone, so music always sounds great.

Your guests will be able to move this speaker from room to room, enjoy it while sitting by the pool or out by a bonfire. The possibilities are endless.

The Bose Connect App

To get the most out of this Bose speaker, make sure you leave instructions for your guests to download the Bose Connect App. This app gives them access to more options and features.

Negatives of the Bose Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose S1 is one of the more expensive speakers on the market, and some customers have found that the value isn’t worth the hefty price tag. When using this speaker, I have noticed that once you start increasing the volume over 50%, you begin to lose the sound of the bass.

Overall Thoughts on the Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to provide your guests with one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market, the Bose S1 Pro is your pick. With this versatile and durable speaker, your guests can enjoy music anywhere in your Airbnb or vacation rental. This speaker is one of the most expensive on the market, so if you are on a tight budget or looking to buy several speakers, you may want to check out more affordable options.

The Runner Up: Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar with Speaker System

If you are interested in installing a high-quality speaker system in your Airbnb, this Samsung Surround Sound Speaker Package is a great deal. In this package, you get three separate speakers: a soundbar and two rear speakers, and they are all conveniently wall mountable.

Last update was on: April 21, 2024

3D Surround Sound for Your Airbnb

With this speaker set, you can turn your Airbnb or vacation rental into a theater. Each powerful speaker is equipped with Samsung Acoustic Beam technology to deliver sound that seems to come from where the action is happening. Your guests will feel like they are right in the action when they watch their favorite movie.

Features of the Samsung Soundbar and Speakers

The Samsung Soundbar and speakers have some great features that your guests will love and are sure to bring your Airbnb or vacation rental to the next level.


When I buy items for my Airbnb rentals, I always look for things that serve a dual purpose. I love that these speakers work with your Samsung QLED TV but are also Bluetooth so you can connect your smart devices.

The Bluetooth pairing with these speakers is especially easy and fast. Your guests can use these speakers to stream music or podcasts from their cellphones or tablets. You can even save your smart devices and easily switch between two connected devices.

Adaptive Sound

Adaptive sound technology optimizes sound for every scene when you’re watching a show or movie. This allows you to enjoy loud action scenes and quiet talking scenes without adjusting the volume.

Pros of the Samsung Speaker Package

After using these speakers in one of my Airbnb rentals, here are the positive elements of the Samsung soundbar and speakers:

  • Mount easily to the wall
  • Quick connection for Bluetooth
  • Great sound quality

Cons of the Samsung Speakers

These speakers will only work with a 2020 or newer Samsung QLED TV. If you have an older model TV, you will need to upgrade before purchasing this speaker package. These speakers will also pair with other brands of TVs, but it can be more challenging to set up.

These speakers are great for a living room or entertainment area, but some Airbnb guests may prefer a portable Bluetooth speaker that they could enjoy in other rooms or outside.

Do you need to upgrade the TVs in your Airbnb? Don’t miss out on the latest Smart TV technology. Check out our article for tips for a great Smart TV.

Overall Thoughts on the Samsung Soundbar and Speaker System

The Samsung soundbar and speaker system is a great option to enhance your home entertainment system. You can easily mount the speakers to the wall and create a 3D theater-like sound experience. These speakers can be used with your TV or separately to stream music from any smart device.

If you do choose to install these speakers in your Airbnb, I would recommend providing a smaller, portable Bluetooth speaker as well. This way, guests can enjoy their favorite music in any room or even outside

Our Outdoor Choice: Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers

Does your Airbnb have a great outdoor space like a pool or patio? If so, the Polk Atrium Outdoor Speakers are the perfect way to enhance your guest’s outside experience. Whether they are lounging by the pool or enjoying coffee on the porch, a set of durable outdoor speakers will allow your guests to always have access to their favorite music.

$144.83 $199.00
14 new from $120.00
6 used from $103.87
Free shipping
Last update was on: April 21, 2024

Features of the Polk Audio Speakers

The Polk Audio Outdoor Speakers are durable, provide great sound, and withstand all weather and seasons. These little speakers are packed with some big features.

Powerful Bass

The sound quality of the Polk Audio speakers is excellent, and these speakers have no problem cutting through background noise. I mounted these speakers on the pool deck at one of my Airbnb rentals, and even with kids playing, or people talking, you can clearly hear music.

All-Weather Performance

Summertime in Florida can be unbearably hot. I was worried if these speakers could withstand the extreme temperatures on my vacation rental’s pool deck, and so far, they have had no issues. These speakers have even endured the heavy afternoon rainstorms. They are made to military specifications and can withstand salt and corrosion.

Baffle Design for the Best Sound Quality

Polk Audio uses a steep-angled baffle design to maximize mid and high-frequency sound dispersion over large areas. These compact speakers provide broad sound coverage without sacrificing sound quality.

Pros of the Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers

Some notable positives of these speakers include:

  • Available in white or black
  • Easy to mount with 180-degree speed-lock mounting system
  • Aluminum and stainless-steel hardware to prevent rust
  • Durable and able to withstand extreme weather
  • Great sound quality

Atrium Outdoor Speaker Cons

My only complaint with these speakers is not with the speakers but with Polk customer service. I ran into some issues while installing these speakers and had a tough time contacting customer service. While the speakers work great, you may have trouble getting a resolution if you do have issues.

Overall Thoughts on the Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers

These all-weather outdoor speakers are a great Bluetooth speaker option for an outdoor space at your Airbnb. They are durable and rugged, so they can handle extreme weather and temperatures. The sound quality is great, and so far, they are holding their value.

For a Smaller Space: Sony Compact Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A compact Bluetooth speaker is an excellent option if you’re looking to provide guests with an easy-to-use Bluetooth speaker without breaking the bank. While the Sony Compact Speaker won’t have all the bells and whistles of a larger speaker, it has the benefit of being easily portable.

4 used from $61.54
Free shipping
Last update was on: April 21, 2024

Little Speaker, Big Sound

Despite its size, this little speaker provides great sound with strong bass. It has a passive radiator that works with the full-range speaker to enhance low tones and give the bass a boost. Sound diffusion technology allows this little speaker to spread sound in big spaces.

Features of the Sony Compact Speaker

Customers enjoy the following features:

  • 16 hours of battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Convenient carrying strap
  • Built-in mic for hands-free calls

One feature that I find really useful is that you can wirelessly connect two of these speakers to work together to provide stereo sounds.

Pros and Cons of the Sony SRS-XB13

The biggest pro of this speaker is portability. Your guests can move this speaker from room to room or even take it with them on the go. It is waterproof, so it is a great speaker to take on a beach trip. I also love that it comes in a variety of colors. This speaker is small, light, and easy to carry.

The only negative is that it may not be loud enough for all situations because it is a smaller speaker. I recommend this speaker for personal listening. If you are in a noisy area like a party, the sound will not be loud enough.

The Budget Option: Samsung Acoustic Beam Soundbar

If you want to add a Bluetooth speaker to your Airbnb, but you don’t want to install an entire sound system or break the bank, the Samsung Acoustic Beam Soundbar is the perfect option. This easy-to-install soundbar will enhance your TV sound and provide your guests with a Bluetooth speaker to stream their favorite music and podcasts.

2 new from $217.95
2 used from $193.95
Last update was on: April 21, 2024

Features of the Samsung Soundbar

This soundbar is packed with great features that Samsung is known for providing.

Side Horn Speaker

The dual-sided horn speaker with acoustic beam will fill any room with sound. This speaker provides improved audio quality and will take at-home movie watching to the next level.

Built-In Center Speaker

The center speaker is dedicated to dialogue and enhances every word. When watching an action-packed movie, you won’t have to turn down the action and turn up the audio for each scene.

Alexa Compatible

This soundbar comes with Alexa assistant built-in so you can always stay connected. You can use Alexa to play music, check the weather, or set reminders. You can also connect any smart device to this soundbar for audio streaming.

Pros and Cons of the Samsung S60A S Series Soundbar

Some positives of the Samsung soundbar include:

  • Optimized sound
  • Easy to set up
  • Tap and play technology with supported Samsung devices
  • Compact size with more speakers

Negatives of this soundbar include:

  • It May not be suitable for larger rooms
  • Sound delays when connected via Bluetooth

If you’re searching for other items to add to your Airbnb living room, check out our article featuring 23 must-have Airbnb living room essentials.

Overall Thoughts of the Samsung Soundbar

If your Airbnb or vacation rental has a smaller living room and you’re looking to enhance your TV sound quality and add a Bluetooth speaker for your guests, this soundbar will do the job. It is reasonably priced, and the quality is exceptional.

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