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The Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors for Airbnb (2024): Keep Your Guests Safe

Carbon monoxide detectors are an important device to have in your Airbnb or vacation rental since this deadly gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. Employing the use of a carbon monoxide protector can keep your guests safe around the clock. 

We will look at the best carbon monoxide detectors for your Airbnb to help you decide.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Carbon Monoxide Detector for Airbnb

Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in central locations on every level of your rental and outside sleeping areas. Airbnb hosts have said that they have received negative reviews or complaints from guests if there were no carbon monoxide detectors in the house even if there are no gas appliances.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider to help you make the best and most affordable choice for your Airbnb:

Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

What many Airbnb hosts do not realize is that a regular smoke detector will not detect carbon monoxide. However, you can buy a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector, which will save you money and space. Then you only need to test and change the batteries on one device instead of two. 

Battery-operated, Plug-in, or Hardwired

A hardwired carbon monoxide detector integrates into your Airbnb’s existing electrical system, which eliminates the need to change the batteries frequently and frees up an outlet. Hardwired detectors are going to be more expensive but will last longer, usually around 10 years. They will have a battery backup in case the power goes out.

Plug-in models easily plug into any standard electrical outlet, and will also include a battery backup that is utilized during power outages. Plug-in detectors usually have a life expectancy of around 5-7 years.

Battery-operated detectors are going to be the easiest to install and the most affordable option. However, you will need to replace the batteries more frequently. In addition, these detectors have a lifespan of about 2-3 years.

Display Options

The most affordable carbon monoxide detectors will be ones with no display or minimal display. However, some models will have an LED display that gives you a reading of the carbon monoxide levels, displays a history of the carbon monoxide readings, battery life, operational status, and will even tell you the room air temperature.

Voice Warning

All carbon monoxide detectors will have an audible alarm when carbon monoxide is detected. However, some models also include voice alarms that may announce the specific danger detected (smoke or carbon monoxide) and the location of the threat.

Interconnection Abilities and Smart Device Integration

If you own a larger Airbnb with multiple levels, an interconnected smoke/carbon monoxide detector may be the way to go because your guests will hear the alarm in different parts of the rental. If one detector goes off, they will all be triggered.

Your carbon monoxide detector can also be interconnected with other smart devices in your Airbnb, including your thermostat. This allows you to receive a notification on your phone if the alarm goes off. It can even alert you to where the threat is and inform you on how to respond.

A smart device notification system is especially helpful if you live far away from the rental, as it will even notify you if the device goes offline.

What Are the Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors to Buy for your Airbnb?

Here’s a quick chart showing some of the features for each of these carbon monoxide detectors:

First Alert BRK SC9120B Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector: Most Innovative

The First Alert BRK SC9120B we looked at for your Airbnb detects both smoke and carbon monoxide. It uses electrochemical CO sensing technology to detect carbon monoxide. While this product is hardwired into your home, it also comes with a 9V backup battery, in case the power goes out.

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Last update was on: April 21, 2024

The First Alert has two lights. One indicates that the reason for it going off was that it sensed smoke, and the other light indicates that carbon monoxide was the problem.

There is also an arm that points to indicate whether smoke or carbon monoxide was present. This arm will remain in position, even after the alarm is no longer going off.

If you think the alarm has gone off errantly, the beeping can be stopped with the push of a button. This same button will also run a scan to check to see why the alarm went off when it should not have.

This product is capable of connecting up to 18 other BRK or First Alert detectors, so all of the smoke or carbon monoxide detectors in your Airbnb can be linked. This is especially helpful if you have a larger rental home with many bedrooms.

Airbnb Host Impressions

We used the First Alert BRK SC9120B in our Airbnb and found the detector was easily installed and did a wonderful job of picking up on any smoke or carbon monoxide in the home.

We also enjoyed the fact that all of their detectors could be connected, so that they all went off when there was a threat present. This safety feature was appreciated, as the whole rental was alerted if there was a problem.

Some Airbnb hosts complained that there were way too many false alarms, particularly in the middle of the night. In this instance, the fact that all of the detectors went off after the first one went off was not appreciated by the guests and the hosts heard the complaints the next day.

Also, we found that the backup batteries did not last long, so there was also constant chirping from each unit.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector C0400: Most Effective

The First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector C0400 has an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. This product is not hardwired into the wall. Instead, it uses a 9V battery, which is convenient for Airbnb hosts.

We also found this detector easy to install and replace. Being battery-powered, these First Alert Detectors will work, even if there is a power outage.

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The First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector C0400 detects even small amounts of carbon monoxide in your rental from sources like fireplaces, generators, and other appliances. Carbon monoxide is tasteless and does not usually present with a smell, so without a detector, you are not protected from this deadly gas.

In the event of a false alarm, these detectors can easily be turned off with the push of a button. This button also tests the alarm for the reason it went off errantly. There is a signal chirp that will come on when it is time to replace the carbon monoxide detector.

Airbnb Host Impressions

Some Airbnb hosts reported that this product had saved the lives of their guests. It picked up on the presence of carbon monoxide when guests were completely unaware it was leaking into the Airbnb. The fact that the detector saved lives is perhaps the highest compliment it could be paid.

One complaint we do have about this detector is that it had many false alarms in the middle of the night.

We also found that the carbon monoxide detector was already several years old when it was shipped. This meant that we did not get much life out of the product.  

Kidde Nighthawk Plug-in AC/DC Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector with Digital Display: Easiest to Install

The Kidde Nighthawk plugs into the wall, rather than being hardwired. It also comes with a backup battery for protection in the case of a power outage.

An interesting feature of the Kidde Nighthawk is that you can press the “Peak Level Button” and get a report of the highest level of carbon monoxide in your home since the last time the detector was unplugged.

In this way, you can constantly monitor whether carbon monoxide levels are getting higher in your Airbnb or whether you are getting close to reaching dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

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The Kidde Nighthawk also detects the presence of other gases in the Airbnb. It uses a metal oxide sensor to detect natural gas or propane in different areas of the rental.

Airbnb Host Impressions

We enjoyed the effortless installation of this product. Some Airbnb hosts reported that it had detected gas or carbon monoxide in their guests’ sleep and saved their guests’ lives. The feature that gives you the peak reading for carbon monoxide was also popular.

Other Airbnb hosts said that this product did not go off unless there were very large amounts of carbon monoxide in the air. They felt like the Kidde Nighthawk did not provide adequate protection and that it did not sense carbon monoxide in small levels.  

Kidde Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display

This carbon monoxide detector is battery-operated, so it is easy to install, a great feature for Airbnb hosts. It has a digital display and takes a new reading of the carbon monoxide levels in your home every fifteen seconds. This product has a ten-year lifespan.

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It also comes with the “Peak Reading” button. You can check to see how high levels of carbon monoxide have been in your Airbnb since the last time you pressed the button.

There is a protection mechanism that keeps the battery compartment from closing unless the batteries have been properly installed. This ensures that your carbon monoxide detector is working correctly when you install it.

There is an LED light on this Kidde Model. It will remain green as long as there is not a threat. If carbon monoxide levels are high, the light will begin to flash red. This is an added safety feature, designed to get your attention in the event of danger.

Airbnb Host Impressions

Many Airbnb hosts reported that the Kidde KN-Copp-B-LPM was effective at detecting carbon monoxide in their rental. Some said that it had detected carbon monoxide while their guests were sleeping and saved their lives. The “Peak Reading” button was also a feature that users appreciated.

We noticed that this product also did not last long. Airbnb hosts complained that the detectors they received were already several years old when they ordered them. It was not long before they had to replace their carbon monoxide detector.

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We researched the best carbon monoxide detectors for your Airbnb and looked at features such as ease of installation, display options, interconnection ability, voice warning technology, and other safety features.

Our top recommendation, the innovative First Alert BRK SC9120B Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, has the capability to connect to your other BRK devices in the home. When one alarm goes off, it triggers all of the other alarms to go off. Everyone in the house will know when there is a potential danger.

Carbon monoxide detectors will add peace of mind to your Airbnb guests by ensuring that they are protected against the dangers of inhaling carbon monoxide. They provide a huge range of benefits that make them well worth the cost. 

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