Why Dedicated Short-Term Rental Insurance is a Must-Have For Every Host…

Don’t put your home and hard-earned money at risk! Did you know that your regular homeowners or landlord insurance probably does not cover Airbnb, vacation rental & short term rental operations?

Did you know that most homeowner insurance policies have a “business exclusion” clause that prohibits your home being used as a business?

If your insurance company catches wind that you’re operating an Airbnb, they may immediately terminate your policy. That could leave you in a precarious position if you need to file a claim.

The top insurance company related specifically to Airbnb, HomeAway/ VRBO, and other short-term rental situations is Proper Insurance. Proper provides insurance in all 50 states. They will cover your business activities and home concurrently, and provide coverage for part-time hosts, and hosts that are full-time.

Don’t leave your home and income exposed any longer!

✔️Replaces Your Standard Homeowners Policy

✔️ Exclusively Endorsed by HomeAway & VRBO

✔️ Great for Part-Time Hosts that Only Rent Periodically or Full-Time Hosts

✔️ Offered in All 50 States

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