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Proper Insurance vs CBIZ: Choosing the Best Short-Term Rental Insurance

Congratulations on deciding to turn your home into a short-term vacation rental! As you prepare for this exciting venture, it’s important to consider the right insurance to protect your investment. Most standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover rental agreements, leaving you exposed to potential risks. That’s where Proper Insurance and CBIZ come in.

Why Choose Proper Insurance?

Proper Insurance offers customizable coverage options to suit your specific needs, ensuring you’re not paying for coverage you don’t need. Founded by former CBIZ employees, Proper Insurance has a deep understanding of the short-term rental market and the unique needs of hosts.

Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, Proper Insurance provides financial stability and $1 million in personal liability coverage, separate from business liability coverage, ensuring both you and your guests are protected. Proper Insurance also offers enhancement coverage for issues like bedbugs, assault, and invasion of privacy, providing comprehensive protection for your property.

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Why Choose CBIZ?

CBIZ boasts an established reputation as a publicly traded company, offering reliable insurance solutions for hosts. They provide standard coverage options with preset limits, simplifying the insurance selection process. Underwritten by Tudor’s Insurance,

CBIZ offers dependable coverage for short-term rentals. CBIZ also covers income lost due to damages or necessary repairs, providing financial security for hosts during unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, CBIZ allows hosts to provide a small amount of alcohol to guests without it being a liability issue, enhancing the guest experience.

Summary Comparison:

When comparing Proper Insurance and CBIZ, Proper stands out for its customizable coverage options, expert knowledge, and financial stability with Lloyd’s of London underwriting. Proper Insurance’s $1 million in personal liability coverage and enhancement coverage offer a comprehensive solution for hosts seeking maximum protection.

On the other hand, CBIZ provides an established reputation, standard coverage options, and income protection.

While both companies offer unique benefits, Proper Insurance’s specialized focus and tailored approach make it an ideal choice for hosts looking to safeguard their short-term rental properties effectively. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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