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The Best Bulk Shampoo for Airbnb (2024): Luxurious Options for Your Guests

After years of providing individually wrapped soaps and travel-size shampoo bottles, we finally realized how much money we could save by switching to bulk! We have compiled our list of the best bulk shampoo for Airbnb hosts. Here they are:

Best Bulk Shampoo for Airbnb Guests

Why Get Bulk Shampoo for Your Airbnb?

Bulk shampoo options address all criteria considered by hosts and guests alike; they are easy to use, affordable, and extremely functional. Moreover, Buying in bulk saves time, money, and effort for hosts.

According to Airbnb, Guests want shampoo as an amenity: it saves them valuable suitcase space and decreases the likelihood of running out mid-trip. What’s more, these options can be incorporated into a handy dispenser like this one, making them even easier to use. Simply label the available options and you’re good to go!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bulk Shampoo for Your Airbnb

Every Airbnb host aims to provide a luxury experience for guests, so how do you set your property apart? You can give your property an upscale feel by including simple yet luxurious necessities, such as high-quality shampoo, in bulk.


Smell is a powerful sensory experience…one that you should be using to your advantage!

Even the most humble of properties can be elevated by creating a spa-like experience for guests. By choosing shampoos with scents associated with relaxation, cleansing, and rejuvenation, you can help our guests associate these feelings with staying in your property.

Rental Recon Tip: Avoid buying particularly strong, perfumed, or artificial-smelling shampoo to avoid irritating sensitive or allergic guests. Eucalyptus, lemongrass, mint, aloe vera, and green tea are common scents favored by luxury hotels, spas, and highly-rated Airbnb rentals.


One of the benefits of purchasing in bulk is the significant savings. Understandably, the higher quality of the product, the more expensive the purchase. However, there are plenty of value-brand options too.

When determining how much you want to spend, consider how often you’ll need to refill, whether brand recognition matters, and whether you are purchasing in-store, online, or from a wholesaler. Bulk shampoo is an easy way to increase rental value without breaking the bank.


“Quality over quantity,” as the saying goes. However, in the case of bulk shampoo, why not choose both? There are several affordable, high-quality options available for bulk purchase.

You will want to consider the popularity of the brand, whether or not the ingredients are natural, whether the products are cruelty-free or vegan, and the aesthetics of the packaging.

So What is the Best Bulk Shampoo for Airbnb?

Our Top Pick: Ginger Lily Farms Club & Fitness Aloe Vera Moisturizing Bulk Shampoo

Economical – A luxurious yet economical choice, consider the Ginger Lily Farms Club & Fitness Aloe Vera Moisturizing Shampoo.

High Quality – Don’t let the low price fool you: this bulk shampoo for Airbnb is paraben, sulfate, phosphate, gluten and cruelty-free!

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Last update was on: April 21, 2024

100% Vegan – It is also 100% vegan, and Ginger Lily Farms is actually PETA certified.

Vitamin Infused – Great for any and all hair types, this shampoo uses vitamin B5 along with aloe and flaxseed to smooth and revitalize hair.

This shampoo is an especially great one to feature in your home’s manual, as most guests appreciate a conscientious environmental and ethical choice. 

Rental Recon Tip: Be sure to label the available options when using a shampoo dispenser. This will not only allow you to showcase fancy brand names and product attributes to your guests, but it is imperative in case someone has a sensitivity to a certain brand or ingredient. If you don’t want to put labels directly on the dispenser itself, it’s also easy to include a small section of information in your Airbnb house manual

The Runner-Up: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Bulk Shampoo

If you’re in the market for an ultra-high-quality salon brand to impress your guests, look no further than the Paul Mitchel Awapuhi Shampoo. Conveniently available in a gallon bottle, this bulk shampoo works great for all hair types (including color-treated hair).

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Last update was on: April 21, 2024

Made with Hawaiian Awapuhi, it locks in moisture and has special conditioners in its formula to improve the overall texture of hair. While brands of this caliber are certainly an investment on your part, guests will take notice of your dedication to providing quality Airbnb amenities

Eco-Friendly: ShiKai – Natural Everyday Cleansing Bulk Shampoo

A great natural shampoo, the ShiKai Everyday Cleansing Shampoo is plant-based and contains no soaps or detergents, making it the best option for healthy hair. It will also appeal to more eco-friendly guests as its large, 128-ounce container reduces waste and makes it easy to refill your Airbnb shampoo dispenser

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Last update was on: April 21, 2024

Salon Quality: TRESemme 4+4 Deep Cleansing Bulk Shampoo

Another extremely economical option is the TRESemme 4+4 Deep Cleansing Shampoo. This shampoo comes in a large gallon container and is a great multi-purpose shampoo. TRESemme has long been a household name and is known for its salon-quality products.

Last update was on: April 21, 2024

This bulk Airbnb shampoo uses four unique essential vitamins and four distinct humectants to guarantee shine, body, and volume. 

It is safe and works well with all hair types and won’t strip color (even from newly colored hair). Its extra-thick lather feels so luxurious. It even has built-in conditioners and moisturizers so it can be used all on its own. 

Travel-Size vs. Bulk Shampoo

There are two ways to provide shampoo to guests: travel-size and bulk. Some Airbnb hosts provide travel-size shampoo. However, this will mean making more frequent purchases, providing enough products for each guest, making replacements between each guest, and considering the length of the bookings.

Alternatively, some Airbnb hosts buy shampoo by the gallon and utilize refillable bottles or wall-mounted soap and dispensers . In the end, it’s up to the host’s discretion to determine what method will work best for their listing.

Bulk Shampoo Pros & Cons

If you were to purchase travel-size or individual shampoos, you have to consider the number of guests, the number of bathrooms, and the length of the booking. Some hosts who provide travel-size have issues with guests taking more than their share, requiring more frequent purchases, refills, and waste.


To begin with, it is typically less expensive; hosts may purchase gallon-size shampoo and just refill their reusable bottles or dispensers as required.


Unlike hotel guests who can rely on daily room service to provide refills, Airbnb guests will need to rely on what is initially provided to last them the entirety of their vacation. Bulk shampoo prevents the need for refills and will avoid leaving your guests lacking later on in their stay.


As reported by the Airbnb resource center, sustainable tourism is a hot topic. Buying shampoo in bulk and using refillable bottles reduces waste and is healthier for the environment. Bulk shampoo can help you appeal to a new generation of visitors who want to stay in ecologically friendly and sustainable vacation homes.


Some guests may prefer travel-size shampoos because they don’t like the idea of sharing with other vacation rental house visitors. However, as hotels, vacation homes, and rentals move towards environmentally friendly options, this preference will likely be less common.

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