[41 Airbnb Kitchen Essentials] [2021], Supplies, & Checklist for Hosts

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Airbnb Kitchen Essentials Checklist

As Airbnb hosts, we know that part of what draws guests to rent with us over traditional hotels is that we provide a homey experience. Guests really do want the “bed and breakfast” feel. My guess is that you’ve got the “bed” part nailed down, but what about the “breakfast”?

Providing a functional, inviting kitchen to your guests will help elevate their rental experience and earn you that coveted 5-star review. Nowadays, many people prefer the experience of cooking their own food on vacation rather than eating out for every meal. This means that guests expect a well-stocked kitchen with a wide variety of cooking supplies. But is your Airbnb’s kitchen ready to accommodate that? Keep reading to find out.

What are the 41 Airbnb Kitchen Essentials that Every Host Should Have?


Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

Cooking Supplies:

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials


Airbnb Kitchen Essentials
  • Silverware
  • Utility scissors
  • Wine opener
  • Grater
  • Pizza cutter



It’s very likely that if your Airbnb has a kitchen, it already has a fridge. However, if your kitchen does not yet have this all-important appliance, you’ll definitely need to get one ASAP. A mini fridge-freezer combo is a very affordable option to start out with, and works great in a tight space. It’s highly energy efficient and has plenty of space for leftovers and beverages. 

A good quality microwave is our next must-have. Whether it’s reheating leftovers or making popcorn, your guests are sure to need one at some point.

The toaster is where the “breakfast” part of your bed and breakfast can really shine through. Even if guests aren’t in the mood to cook a full-on meal, they can still have a quick early meal.  

Electric kettles are starting to gain some traction here in the US after years of widespread use in other countries. They allow guests to easily enjoy a hot beverage, instant soup, and more, all at the touch of a button. This one by Cosori has an incredibly sleek look and features an LED light indicator and a safety shut-off. It also does not allow itself to be turned on without water inside, saving you and your guests from accidental mishaps.

An electric mixer is what will really elevate your Airbnb’s kitchen experience to the next level. It will allow guests to do their own baking, which is a huge bonus that most don’t expect. Choose a bright red for a pop of color, or the classic stainless steel for a sleek, timeless look. 

Coffee makers are standard in hotel rooms these days, although they’re not typically recognized for their quality. Take your rental’s experience a step up by investing in a high-quality machine. This one, by Breville, makes tasty and elegant espresso on demand. It uses pods, so there’s no messy cleanup. 

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While not technically an appliance, a water filter pitcher is something your guests will certainly use and appreciate multiple times a day. Even if your local tap water is the highest quality, most guests just feel more comfortable knowing their water has been filtered. 

Airbnb Cooking Supplies

You won’t get very far cooking without some nice pots and pans. This set, by T-fal, makes cooking (and cleaning) a pleasure. All nonstick, this set has everything your guests will need to cook the meal of their dreams.

Mixing bowls are another must-have for any guest looking to cook or bake. OXO’s 3-piece set features grip handles and convenient pour spouts for mess-free use. They even have no-skid rubber on the bottom, so there won’t be any frustrating sliding around. Since they nest for convenient storage, space-saving doesn’t have to be a concern. 

A good set of cookware will go a long way in impressing your guests, even those used to fancy kitchens at their own homes. This 23-piece set even includes measuring cups and a can opener! Even better, they are all rubber or plastic coated, meaning that guests won’t be able to ruin your nonstick pans by scratching them.  

No one likes scrambling to use a dishtowel in a hurry to grab something hot out of the oven. Some durable hot pads solve this problem. These are machine washable too, and the black color option won’t show any unfortunate stains that may occur. 

Pasta is always a popular meal to cook amongst Airbnb guests. It only takes a few ingredients and a few dishes to throw together a fantastic meal. I always like to have a few basic options such as spaghetti and macaroni on hand for guests to use. Be sure to provide a colander for a hassle-free dinner. 

A meat thermometer is something a lot of us like to imagine we’ll never use. The reality is that this little tool is indispensable, especially if your rental has a grill. Give your guests the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their meat is cooked to perfection. This very affordable option reads in just 3-5 seconds and even comes with a 3-year warranty. 

Even when guests come expecting to cook, they rarely are able to bring their own supplies. Fresh food can easily be purchased locally, but few guests are going to want to spend money on supplies they won’t use up during their stay. Having a cooking oil set on hand alleviates this issue. Simply fill with oil and vinegar and your guests can do the rest. 

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Another ingredient that can be prohibitively expensive for guests to buy on their own is spices. Most will only use a few teaspoons at a time (if that), so having a well-stocked spice rack at their disposal is easy and convenient.

Knives are arguably the most important cooking tool, and good ones can last a lifetime. For those reasons, it’s worth investing in a high-quality knife block. This block comes with 19 different knives that are all dishwasher safe. 

A salad spinner is a very handy tool that allows guests to quickly and easily pull together a meal. Plus, it can be used for much more than just salads: washing produce, storing veggies, and so much more.

Kitchen Essentials- Utensils

It goes without saying that hosts are expected to provide some silverware. This set has service for 4, which is usually more than enough. Depending on the size of your Airbnb, you may choose to purchase a few sets so your guests will never run out. 

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Utility scissors will make short work of herbs, veggies, meat and more. They even have a built-in bottle opener. I like to keep mine on the counter where they’re easily accessible to anyone who might need them. A lot of knife blocks even have a built-in spot for them. Another option is a small hook on the side of the fridge or cabinet, alongside other useful tools. 

Few things are more frustrating than trying to finagle your way into a bottle of wine after you find yourself without a corkscrew. Save your guests the headache with a wine opener. Restaurant quality, it will stand up to daily use. 

The grater is the unsung hero of the kitchen. You might try a microplane style that gives off delicate, fine shavings of everything from cheese to nutmeg. It has the added bonus of being a lot less bulky than the traditional box graters. 

A simple pizza cutter is easy to forget when stocking your Airbnb’s kitchen, but your guests will certainly notice its omission when they find themselves in need of one!

Kitchen Essentials- Dishware

As a host, you don’t want to be spending time and money constantly replacing broken dishes. Get yourself a set of heavy-duty dishes like these to avoid the hassle. This matching set features plates of two different sizes, mugs, and bowls. It comes in 4 different color striped options to add a pop of interest to your kitchen. I personally love the red, as it reminds me of a diner set. 

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Your Airbnb should be a unique experience for your guests. After all, if they wanted to stay at a boring hotel, they would have. Having some fun mugs in your cabinet can give them an unexpected laugh in the morning. Mix and match until you have an eclectic set. It’s great when each guest can find something fun that matches their personality!

Wine glasses are another fun way to make your rental stand out from the rest. Having a classic set is always a good idea, but I also like to have some that are a little more unique. Stemless glasses are very trendy at the moment, and there are a plethora of shops that offer customized etching so that you can really make an impression on your guests. 

Food storage is less glamorous, but still an absolute necessity. This enormous set has more than enough pieces to store your guests’ leftovers. They stack very nicely in the fridge and cabinets for easy storage. 


A trash can in the kitchen is a no-brainer, but what about recycling? A combo trash and recycling bin gives an attractive, all-in-one solution to your guests. This one comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, so there is one for every kitchen space. 

Attractive countertop food storage serves the two-fold purpose of function and style. I love these containers by OXO. The lid forms an airtight seal with a single, satisfying click. They are also very modular and can be arranged so that they’re very visually appealing. This allows you to store commonly used ingredients like pasta, flour, sugar or coffee in plain sight on the counter. In a way, it almost functions as an art piece itself. 

Airbnb Kitchen Supplies Essentials

Speaking of art, no kitchen is complete without a few stylized pieces on the wall. These botanical herb prints are unobtrusive yet very appropriately themed. They would work well in any kitchen space, and it’s possible to display just two or three at a time instead of the full set of six if your kitchen is short on space. 

Hand towels should always be included in your kitchen, ideally in a few different locations. I like to keep one by the sink, a few on the oven door, and some extras stored away. This set of 4 is enough to get you started and is extremely affordable. Consider purchasing a few so you’ll always have clean ones ready. 

Decorative towels are another way to make your kitchen pop. Try one with a strong motif, and the rest with a subtle pattern. Hanging these on the oven door (especially layered on top of more functional hand towels) helps make your kitchen a focal point. 

A coffee pod organizer is a must-have if your Airbnb features a single-serve coffee maker. Rummaging through a drawer for the flavor you’re craving is not exactly ideal. The K-Cup Carousel takes up very little counter space but still holds 35 pods! I recommend stocking a variety of options: flavored, unflavored, decaf, and tea. 

Coffee syrups are a really special amenity to offer. They allow guests to have their own mini-barista experience without the fancy equipment. However, you do get host bonus points if you offer more than one way to make coffee in your Airbnb! If you currently have a single-serve coffee maker, something else like a French press allows guests more control over their morning brew. 

If you personally check in your guests (or if you have a good idea of when they’ll be arriving) setting up a snack board for them is an amazing touch. Walking in to some meats and cheeses is always a welcome surprise. This board has spots to hold crackers, nuts, and more. It’s also antimicrobial.

Having some sandwich bags on hand allows your guests the flexibility to take a light snack with them on the go. They can also be used for storing certain leftovers, or even personal items if necessary.

Doing the dishes is nobody’s favorite chore, but having the right tools on hand can make it a little more tolerable. A soap dispensing brush makes washing dishes much easier. You can refill it with the dish soap of your choice, and then dispense small amounts by pressing a button.

Using a dish drying rack is so much faster and easier than towel drying all your dishes, pots, and pans. Who wouldn’t want more free time to go out and explore a new city? This one has a relatively small footprint of just over one square foot and features a compartment for silverware as well. 

A plastic bag dispenser is a much better option than the classic “bag full of bags” that most of us have under our sinks. Guests can use these for tons of different purposes: dirty laundry, souvenir bags, extra shopping bags, and more. Just be sure to let them know where it is!

Matches can be very easily overlooked—that is, until you really need them. Whether you have a candle in your rental (which you definitely should), or a pesky gas stove that needs help lighting, don’t forget to always have a box of matches on hand. 

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Am I Allowed to Supply Alcohol for my Guests?

In short, it varies. The main factor to consider is your insurance. Some policies do allow hosts to provide alcohol to guests, while some explicitly forbid it. In these cases, if you did provide the guests with alcohol and an incident occurred, your insurance may not cover it. Always check to be sure. 

If your insurance does allow it, providing a local wine or craft beer is an awesome touch. If not, a guide to local vineyards or breweries shows guests that you care about them having a great time. 

Should I Stock Food for My Guests?

It is typically not expected, but some basic supplies will surely be welcome. Things like cooking oil and spices can be used over many different bookings, whereas something basic but perishable like eggs or milk would obviously need to be replenished more frequently. You can always ask your guests in advance if there is any particular thing they would like you to have on hand. 

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