Airbnb Shopping List Review: A Game-Changer for Airbnb Superhosts Review: A Game-Changer for Airbnb Superhosts is a cutting-edge noise monitoring solution designed specifically for Airbnb hosts. It ensures noise levels are kept in check in real-time, promoting a harmonious neighborhood environment. This technology is not just about maintaining peace; it’s about proactively managing your property to prevent potential issues before they escalate.

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Understanding offers a comprehensive approach to property management, focusing on noise, smoke, and occupancy monitoring. It’s an all-in-one solution that provides hosts with 100% insight into what’s happening in their properties, ensuring compliance with local regulations and Airbnb’s community standards.

Features and Functionality is packed with features that make property management a breeze:

  • Real-time noise level monitoring: Ensures noise levels are always within acceptable limits.
  • Instant alerts: Immediate notifications when noise levels exceed predefined thresholds.
  • User-friendly dashboard: Easy to navigate and manage settings, providing real-time data and historical reports.
  • Occupancy monitoring: Keeps track of the number of people in the property, alerting you to potential unauthorized parties or gatherings.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring: Helps in maintaining optimal conditions in your property and saving on energy costs.

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My Experience as a Superhost

As a Superhost with multiple properties, has been a game-changer. It has helped me effectively manage noise issues and smoking incidents in my properties. For instance, in one of my Airbnb properties in Boise, I was able to catch several guests smoking weed, thanks to This proactive management has significantly reduced noise complaints from neighbors and enhanced guest compliance with house rules.

Impact on Guest Experience

While primarily a tool for hosts, indirectly benefits guests by ensuring a peaceful stay. This leads to better reviews and repeat bookings, enhancing the overall Airbnb experience.

Comparative Analysis

Compared to other noise monitoring services, stands out for its specific features, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, tailored to meet the unique needs of Airbnb hosts.

Compliance with Airbnb Policies and Community Standards aligns perfectly with Airbnb’s policies and community standards. It’s a responsible tool for hosts who want to ensure their properties are well-managed without intruding on guest privacy.

Personal Insights and Observations

In my use of, I’ve also discovered some unexpected benefits. For example, it helped me identify a ventilation issue in one of my properties, which I could promptly address. This kind of insight is invaluable in maintaining the quality and comfort of my Airbnb listings.

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Advanced Monitoring Capabilities’s advanced monitoring capabilities extend beyond just noise control. The system is adept at detecting smoking incidents, a common issue in rental properties. This feature is particularly useful in preventing complaints and bad reviews, ensuring a pleasant environment for all guests.

Occupancy Monitoring for Enhanced Security

The occupancy monitoring feature of is a standout. It alerts you to unexpected gatherings or parties, enabling you to intervene before a small crowd turns into a full-blown party. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your property and ensuring the safety and comfort of neighbors.

Temperature and Humidity Control

An often-overlooked aspect of property management is the control of temperature and humidity.’s monitoring of these elements not only ensures a comfortable environment for guests but also helps in energy conservation and preventing mold risks.

Real-Time Notifications and Dashboard

The real-time notifications system of is a key feature. It allows you to set custom thresholds and receive instant alerts on your mobile, email, or through webhooks and custom API integrations. The user-friendly dashboard provides a comprehensive view of historical data and violation reports, essential for managing guest and credit card disputes. Review

Seamless Integration with Property Management Systems can be integrated with Property Management Systems (PMS), allowing for a seamless operation that incorporates guest data. This integration is vital for hosts who manage multiple properties and need a centralized system to monitor and control various aspects of their rentals.

Customer Testimonials and Recognition has received accolades from various users, including Airbnb Superhosts and hoteliers. Users have praised its effectiveness in party prevention and its role in saving them from numerous smoking incidents. Such testimonials underscore the reliability and efficiency of in real-world scenarios.


In conclusion, is an invaluable tool for Airbnb Superhosts. It effectively balances property management needs with guest privacy and neighborhood harmony. Its features, effectiveness, and alignment with Airbnb standards make it a top recommendation for any Airbnb host looking to enhance their property management strategies.

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