[37 Airbnb Bathroom Essentials, Supplies, & Checklist] [2021]

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Most of us have stayed in a hotel at some point in our lives. We know how nice it can be to be provided with a few creature comforts after a long day away from home. As Airbnb hosts, our job is to go above and beyond the typical impersonal “hotel room” feel and give our guests a rental experience that is a real treat.

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Supplies Checklist

The things that belong in the bathroom of your Airbnb might seem common sense at first, but it’s important to remember that we’re going to need to go above and beyond just the basics in order to provide that Superhost-worthy experience for our guests.

What are the 37 Airbnb Bathroom Essentials that Hosts Should Have?

Shower and Tub:

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

Cosmetics & Extras:

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

Practical Items:

Airbnb Bathroom Essentials


Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

Keep reading to find in-depth explanations of why you should be sure to include these items in your Airbnb!

Shower and Tub Essentials

Plush & Luxurious Towels

Having nice towels can truly make or break a special vacation rental experience. Fortunately, towels are something that you don’t have to spend a fortune on in order to get something high quality. This set could easily be split into two sets so you won’t be caught without fresh linens on hand when your guests need them.

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Offering a hair wrap towel is another thing your guests (especially those with long hair) will really appreciate. You will want to buy ones that have a nice button closure and microfiber material that dries hair quickly without being abrasive, unlike a regular body towel.

Bath Mat

Bath mats are an absolute necessity. Everyone hates stepping out of the shower onto cold tile (or worse, slipping!). This set of two mats is great to get you started with, and you can easily get a few so that you always have a clean one ready. I recommend white ones that can be easily bleached during normal washing.

Corner Splash Guard for Tub

This corner splash guard has been a lifesaver for my rental’s bathroom. Save your money by avoiding an expensive floor repair caused by continual water splashes and invest in one of these ASAP.

Classy Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are an often overlooked but critically important part of a well-functioning and clean rental bathroom. This one is water-resistant and anti-mildew, making it a great option for a heavily used shower or tub.

Non-Slip Shower Mat

Absolutely nobody wants to deal with the consequences of having someone slip in the shower. Protect yourself and your guests with a non-slip shower mat. Its textured surface allows a superior grip for your feet, while its strong suction cups keep the mat itself from slipping around. It’s also latex-free, which is always a must.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are all the rage right now, and if your rental has a tub you should certainly consider including them as an amenity. You can get them for around $1 a piece.

Another iconic piece of relaxation gear is a fancy bathtub tray. This one expands to fit the width of almost any tub and has compartments to hold books, a laptop, candles, phones, and more. A photo of a candlelit tub with a stocked, luxurious-looking tray is sure to generate more bookings for your Airbnb.

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Quality Bulk Shampoo & Body Wash For Your Guests

A soap dispenser isn’t something you’d typically find in most homes, but it makes perfect sense in a functional Airbnb. This one has three compartments that I usually fill with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Fun labels or a small sign in the bathroom can inform guests on the products you’ve included in case anyone has any special allergies or other considerations.

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Speaking of special considerations, it is always your best bet to go with a sensitive, non-irritating option for any shampoos or soaps you’ll be including. This sensitive shampoo looks and feels luxurious all while being a gentle option that everyone will appreciate.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo Gallon Bottle

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Moisturizing body wash is another thing you’ll want to be sure to stock up on. The Ginger-Lily Farms body wash is extra-moisturizing while being sulfate-free and vegan. As a bonus, it smells great and won’t leave yucky residue in your tub!

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Having a tub in your Airbnb can be a big draw to guests looking for the ultimate relaxation experience. Help them really wind down by offering a bottle of bubble bath!

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Cosmetics and Extras for Your Airbnb

Hair Dryer

Hotels always include a hair dryer, so why shouldn’t you? This one is even low-noise, so your guests won’t bother each other, your neighbors, or you! A hair dryer is a large, clunky item to bring in your suitcase. Offering your guest a hair dryer will definitely win you brownie points when it comes time for a good review.


A good lotion is a necessity, especially after showering. Aveeno Body Lotion is great for all skin types and is extra-nourishing and fragrance-free.

Extra Toothbrushes

Individual toothbrushes, another common hotel amenity, are always a good idea to have available to guests. Buy ones that are individually wrapped so your guests will always have one ready in case they forget theirs at home.

Extra Comb or Brush

Everyone hates forgetting that one necessity at home. Having a simple disposable comb at the ready in case a guest needs one is another thing that will make you a 5-star host.

Bar Soap & Hand Soap

Individual soap bars are a good option to include in your Airbnb. Not only are these ECO Amenities Soaps very sanitary, but they also are not animal tested and have no perfumes or harsh chemicals, making them a perfect option for the conscientious host. If you prefer to use refillable hand soap in a bottle, this hand soap is a great option. The hand soap smells amazing and is made from plant-based ingredients.

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You don’t have to spend “5-star hotel” money to provide a 5-star host experience. Items that feel luxurious and that guests don’t typically expect to be included will allow them to have a decadent trip on a budget. Things like cosmetic face masks provide a spa-like vacation at under $1 a pop to you.

Cologne or Perfume

Cologne and perfume are more luxury options that you should really consider including as amenities in your rental. I was pleasantly surprised by a bottle of cologne in a vacation rental I stayed in a few years ago. Since then, I’ve tried to offer fragrances in my rentals as well. You could even offer them as a bonus amenity for guests booking longer stays with you.

Makeup Towels

Fluffy white towels are great and look very classy. That is until they get stained with lipstick and mascara. Save yourself the headache of fighting stains on your good bath towels by getting some designated makeup towels. This particular set is black, which will hide just about any stain or discoloration. The cute embroidery will also lend some charm to your bathroom.

The Little Black Towel Makeup Remover Cloth (4 Pack) Plush Washcloths for Gentle Face Wash & Removing Eye Liner &...

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It’s never fun to have to lean over a bathroom counter in order to get a good look at your shave or your makeup. Save your guests the hassle by having a lighted mirror on your vanity. This one by Conair has two different magnification levels and a soft halo glow light.

Practical Items for Your Bathroom

Hair Collector for Drain

Having to drop what you’re doing to address a plumbing issue at your Airbnb is not ideal. Make things easy on both you and your guests with a simple drain hair collector.

First Aid Kit

Guests always expect things to go smoothly on vacation. As a host, you always cross your fingers for no mishaps as well. For when things don’t go as planned, a first aid kit is a must-have. This first aid kit has everything guests could need and more. It has over 120 items: everything from insect bite relief to absorbent bandages.

Trash Can

A trash can doesn’t necessarily need to feature prominently in your bathroom décor, but it should still be clearly present in a useful location. This one comes in a wide variety of colors, but I usually go with a plain black or stainless steel look.

Toothpaste & Razors

Mini toothpaste also makes perfect sense to offer, especially since you’ll have toothbrushes! You should also consider having a small stack of rinse cups available.

Disposable razors may not be something you’d ever thought of keeping on hand for guests, but they’re another very commonly forgotten item. Providing them at the request of a guest will put you on the fast track to being a top host! This pack by Gillette is very reasonably priced and is a valuable addition to your rental’s bathroom supply stash.

Q-Tips & Cotton Balls

These may not cross your mind upon first glance, but Q-tips and cotton balls can be an important part of a good guest experience.

Air Freshener

I don’t usually leave my air freshener plugged in, as the smell can bother some guests (especially in a smaller space). What I would recommend is having one unplugged on the counter near an outlet, or even tucked away in the medicine cabinet. Or you may offer some aromatic spray in one of your cabinet’s drawers.

Toilet Paper & Storage

Your toilet paper storage should be a little nicer than just the package they come in stuffed under the sink. This sleek organizer holds 3 rolls, which is more than enough for a short Airbnb stay. For longer stays, make sure you’re checking in and restocking everything as needed.

iDesign Kent Plastic Toilet Tissue Roll Reserve Organizer for Bathroom, Vertical Free Standing Compact Organizer, Holds 3 Rolls of Toilet...

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Oh, and don’t overlook toilet paper in general. Forego the single ply. I know the nice stuff is more expensive, and yes….guests will steal it from time to time. But guests expect toilet paper to be robust in nature. And have your cleaner fold those corners to a point!

Enough Clothing and Towel Hooks for All Guests

Guests will need a few places to place their clothing, especially on a longer stay. Many prefer to keep a few things in the bathroom for easy access after showering. I like these hooks on the door in my Airbnb. There is plenty of space to store all kinds of garments and even towels.

Towel Rack

If your bathroom is short on space, as many are, you’ll definitely need a compact towel rack. This towel rack swivels out and then folds back up against the wall when not in use. This makes it really easy to display as many (or as few) towels as you need to.

Clothing Related Items

If your rental features any type of laundry service, or even if it doesn’t, a clothes rack is a welcome inclusion. This one folds up neatly when not in use, and can expand to fit a ton of clothes when needed. Bonus tip: consider having some laundry detergent available if you don’t have laundry in-unit. That way, guests can hand wash things in the sink in a pinch.

Even if they don’t require full laundry service, your guests will probably need some way to freshen up their clothes after traveling. A mini clothes steamer makes quick work of everything from blouses to business suits.


75+ Items that Every Host Should Have in Their Rental

Bathroom Décor

A Nice Smelling Candle

A nice-looking candle goes a long way in creating a warm, relaxing ambiance. This one is scented like fresh linen and burns for an extremely long time. Consider setting it up on your bathtub tray, making a welcoming sight for your guests.

Tasteful Artwork

Including some minimal art in your bathroom can really make it stand out and show that you put a lot of thought into your decorating. These prints are beautiful, and you can mix and match which ones you hang up every stay if you want! You could also consider supporting a local artist by displaying some of their art with a business card. This makes a great conversation piece!

A Handwritten Note from the Host

Lastly, a handwritten sign welcoming your guests should be the finishing touch on your beautiful vacation rental. You can also use it to write some helpful hints. For example, “towels hung up can be reused, and towels on the floor will be laundered”.

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How Else Can I Ensure the Needs of My Guests are Met?

Make sure to always be open and available for guest communication. If your guest forgot something and you’re able to quickly bring it to them, they’ll be sure to leave a great review!

Should I Tailor My Supplies and Décor to Each Guest?

You absolutely can! Of course, it’s not completely necessary, but guests can definitely tell when you’ve put in the extra effort to make the rental special for them. If, for example, you know someone is in town for a local wine festival, providing a list of your recommended vineyards would make them feel extra special.

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